Chapter 1

"Bennie!" Jenni yelled running into their apartment. She ran into Benni'e room and jumped on her bed, "Get up!"

"What?" she growled.

"We got it! We're opening for *NSYNC!"

"Ah!" she squealed sitting up wide awake. She wrapped her arms around Jenni and held her tightly. "Oh my gosh! This is so cool! Did you tell Anna and Christine?"


"When do we leave?"


"Ah! I'm so excited!"

"Me too!"

(Just for a little backround information, Jenni and Bennie were in a group with their two best friends Christine and Anna. Their name was S.F.A. (Sent From Above). They had been trying for a few years to get their big break and it finally happened.)

JC hopped onto the bus and plopped down on the couch next to Chris, "The girls should be here any minute."

"I hope they're cute," Chris joked.

"Remember ya'll, Johnny won't allow any flings with fellow employees," Lance reminded. Chris and JC groaned at the rememberance of the strict rule thier manager had made.

"They're here!" Joey yelled into the bus. The guys stood up and slowly walked out to greet the girls. First, two girls stepped out of the car holding the hands of two well built men. Two beautiful girls followed. The four girls (and two guys) walked up to meet *NSYNC.

"Hi, I'm Anna and thi sis my guy Shane," she smiled and extended her hand to the guys.

"I'm Christine and this is Ryan," she said poiting to the guy next to her, "Nice to meet ya'll!"

"Ya'll? Yes! You guys can't bug me any more!" Lance declared.

"Hey, we bug Justin, too," Joey laughed.

"Anyways..." Joey stated wanting to be introduced to the rest of the girls.

"I'm Bennie," she smiled at Joey, who had been looking her over for the past minutes.

"Hey guys, I'm Jenni." she shook their hands and then gave them a puzzling look, "Where's Justin?"

"Saying bye to the witch," JC said.

"The witch?" Anna asked confused.

"His girlfriend Tracy. She's a real @#%$," the guys shuttered at the sound of her name.

"Oh," Jenni sighed somewhat disappointed at the realization that Justin had a girlfriend.

"Well, now that we are all introduced, why don't we take a tour of our wonderful home," Chris said pointing to the bus.

"We all have to live in that?" Christine asked.

"Cozy, huh?" he laughed, "Actually, we only have to share it for the time being. They are going to be bringing in the other buses at a later date."

"Good," she sighed with relief. Christine and Anna said good-bye to their boyfriends and then followed the rest of the group onto the bus for the tour.

Everyone stepped on the bus and let the guys lead the tour. 9 people on a bus was not going to be fun. They were already a bit crammed trying to get through the aisles.

"And these are the bunks," JC said.

" There's only 5," Bennie pointed.

"Yea...about that. Since you guys are only going to be on here for four days, they didn't build anymore bunks," JC explained.

" So where are we supposed to sleep?" Anna asked.

" Ah, glad you asked. Follow me ladies," Lance said leading them to the back of the bus.

"This is the entertainment room. And where you'll be sleeping."

The girls stepped into the room and looked around. They nodded in approval. The guys smiled. As they headed back out, Justin stepped onto the bus. He looked upset. Bennie and Jenni took a seat in the booth and waited for the guys to introduce them.

" Hey J!" These are the girls. Christine, Anna, Bennie, and Jenni, this is Justin. Justin the girls," Joey stated.

Justin smiled a half smiled and worked his way over. He started with Anna extending his hand.

"Nice to meet you," he said. He went down the line and stopped at Jenni. She looked up eyes twinkling. He paused and just looked inot her eyes. Chris cleared his throat to break Justin out of his silence.

"'s nice to meet you, " he said.

"Like wise," Jenni whispered. Justin looked up at everyone else.

"Um...excuse me for a second. I have to..." he stopped and walked off the bus.

"What's wrong with him?" Christine asked.

"I don't know," JC said.

Everyone got off the bus and gathered around the girls' bags. The girls got their backpacks while the guys got their heavy suitcases.

"Did you see that look her gave you?" Bennie asked Jenni.

"What look?"

"What look? You saw him! It was like he was searching for something in your eyes. ..intense."

Jenni shrugged her shoulders and stepped back onto the bus. She made her way to the entertainment room and set her things on the chair.

Johnny Wright stepped onto the bus and gave a huge lecture about the tour and the rules. No one seemed to be paying attention to him. Jenni put her headphones on.

A while later, she felt the bus start up and go. She leaned her head on Bennie's shoulder.

"What's wrong?" Bennie asked.

"He has a girlfriend."

"Oh...but look at him. He's a wreck. It won't last." she replied unsurely.

"Are you sure?"

"Oh yea."

Jenni put her music back on and closed her eyes slowly.

Justin stood in the doorway and looked at Jenni.

"She's special man," he thought. He turned around and joined the rest of the guys who were listening to Joey talk about Bennie.

" Man, she's hot!" Joey said with a smile.

"So when do we eat?" Christine asked Lance.

"Whenever you're hungry."

"Oh okay," she said and walked over to the refridgerator and pulled out an apple. She smiled at Lance and then went to the back room where Jenni, Anna, and Bennie were.

"And you know it," Anna laughed.

"Know what?" Christine asked falling onto the couch and taking a bite of her apple.

"Joey's been checking Bennie out since we arrived," Jenni teased.

"No he hasn't!" Bennie said firmly, "Why the hell would he be doing that? I mean, I know his passion for girls, but me?" No way! You guys are crazy."

"Bennie, come on," Christine said. "You know it's true."

"I can tell I am not going to win this arguement," as she finished, Joey walked in.

"Hey," he smiled at Bennie and sat down next to her. Christine, Jenni, and Anna bursted out in laughter. Bennie sat with her arms folded not amused.

"What?" Joey asked confused.

"Nothing, all I have to say is I told ya so," Jenni laughed. Bennie gave her a mean look and threw a pillow at her face.

"Well, I can tell I'm not wanted," she smiled and walked out to the front of the bus. "Where's JC?"

"Where else?" Chris asked and pointed to JC's bunk.

"Oh I see, I see," she laughed. She sat down on the couch next to Chris. across from Lance and Justin. Justin was staring out the window and seemed to be thinking deeply.

Jenni looked over at him and could tell he was hurting. She wished she could do something for him, but she knew nothing could heal that loneliness.

Chris pulled out a cell phone from his pocket and handed it to Justin, "Call her."

Justin smiled weakly and dialed Tracy's number.

" too...hopefully real soon...oh," he said with disappointment, "Call me when you get back...sure...I love you...bye." he hung up the phone and passed it back to Chris. "She's going out with Sondra."

"Oh, well I am going to go call Dani," Chris said standing up. He climbed into his bunk and shut the curtain.

Lance looked towards the back of the bus, "What is going on back there?" he said standing up. He slowly walked to see what all the commotion was about.

"Dog pile!" Anna yelled as all the girls jumped on top of Joey.

"Not fair," came a muffled voice from underneath the heap of girls.

"Looks plenty fair to me," Lance said in the doorway smiling. The three girls looked up at lance, then at each other, and then back at Lance.

"Uh oh," he said worried about the looks he was being given. Five seconds later, the girls were off of Joey and tackling Lance to the ground.

"Are your friends always this loud?" Justin asked Jenni not taking his eyes from the window.

"Let me just say, you'd better get used to it," she warned.


"Come on Justin, cheer up. You can't sulk around the whole tour."

"Why not?" he asked looking over at her, but not into her eyes.

"Well first of all, it'll just ruin the tour for you. Second, the fans won't like it. Third, you won't be able to put in complete effort. And fourth, if I have to put up with it for two more minutes, I'm going ot hope off of this bus and leave."

"Why do you care anyways?" he grumbled and looked back out the window.

"Because I don't like seeing you like this."

"You've never seen me not like this so it wouldn't matter," he snapped.

"Whoa! Sorry. I was just trying to help," she said standing up, "I'll try and stay away from you next time," she said and walked tot he back of the bus to join the fun.

"I'm sorry," he whispered to himself. He pressed his forehead against the cool glass and shut his eyes.

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