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Hey, Welcome to //\\// Fiction....

Hey Everyone! Welcome to //\\// Fiction. Here u can read fictionnot only written by me but by other authors under the hosted section....There is alot of stuff to read here so go and take a look....

*Just like every other site out there its always under construction or in JC's words... SEXIFIED! lol so just keep that in mind*

Last Updated: August 6th, 2001


1) Added Chapters 35, 36, and 37 up to Summer or a Lifetime... check them out ill post other stuff later tonight but im goin out now...hehe PAYCE!!

2)Moved the Mailing list to Yahoo! Groups so the link thingy is at the bottom so u can join this is going to be easier because i can now put up pictures easly, everyone can write posts in the group for everyone to read! so please join... ive already lost alot of ppl on the mailing list cuz something went on with list-bot and alot of the ppl on the list were not there... urghh! but just join the new one and everything should be good!

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