* Chapter 1*

Cast of The Mystery of Love

Amaya (Jessica Craig)

Age~ 21

Brithdate~ 10/30/1979

Brithplace~ Paris, France

Other facts~ Father is the French ambassador to the united states. Her Mom was born in Puerto Rico.


Veronica (Rita Young)

Age~ 21

Brithdate~ 12/14/1979

Brithplace~ Marietta, GA

Other facts~ Amaya's long lost cousin, her dad is Amaya's father brother. Her mother died when she was four


Janet (Tamika King)

Age~ 24

Brithdate~ 10/3/1976

Brithplace~ Phoenix, AZ

Other Facts~ She grew up on the Indian Reservation seven years of her life.


Mystery of Love

"Ladies our presidential suite," the bellhop said opening the door to the girls. The room was two stories with spiraling staircase entering in to the living room. Above was glass sky roof that could be transform into a regular roof. "You have three bedrooms and all include bathrooms. People like Julia Roberts to Mariah Carey has repose in this room. Any question? Well, then have a marvelous stay at the Marriott of New York." The bellhop left the room. "Can you believe this?" Amaya screamed. "Boss out did his self this time." "Well, this job is going to big trust me." Veronica said. "That's right Veronica," the t.v turned on and a man came on. "God, boss you scared us." Janet said sitting down on to the couch. "So what do you have for us?" "Well, you guys are going to an *NSYNC concert tonight." "Cool is that a treat?" Amaya asked. "No, it's part of the job. Someone is defrauding the band. For this mission Amaya you are Jessica Craig, age 21 the niece of Johnny Wright the manager. Veronica you are Rita Young, age 22 the new dance instructor. And Janet you are Tamika King, age 23 sorry but you are a stagehand. Johnny the manager is the only person who knows about this. Don't let anyone know about even *NSYNC! When you get to the concert you would meet Johnny by the side parking lot. You would need all access passes for that are they should be on the table. He will inform you with the rest of the things. So your just staying in this room for tonight and check out is at 11:00. I will check in with you tomorrow and expect a good report. Goodnight ladies." The television turned off. "A stagehand!" Yelled Janet! "Oh my God you guys get a good covers and I'm a stagehand! "Calm down Janet," Amaya said. " Boss pick you for that job because you strong. And he need to blend it in with everyone." "You're not making me feel any better." "Just think we'll be around *NSYNC everyday." ~*~ "Hello ladies," Johnny said giving each one of them handshakes. "Hi," each of them said. "Well, your boss gave me all the information. If you would follow me Tamika I would lead you where need to be." He took her to where she saw a bunch of equipment. "This is going to be your area." "What actually am I going to do?" she asked. "Well, you going to tell everyone where to put the stuff." "Oh okay that will be easy." "Here is the layout of the stage. Let me get back to the others." Then he hurried off. "This shouldn't be hard." ~*~ "Sorry I took to long," he said coming back. "Jessica you must be my niece, so you will be in the tour bus with the guys. And Rita you are on the tour bus with boys too. Sorry but we had to cut down on something and it was the busses." "Hey it doesn't bother me uncle." Jessica said. "I haven't been called uncle in the longest." "Well, you better get use to it." "Yeah I know." "Um, I have a question?" Rita asked. "What do I do?" "Well, you help the guys improve the dance steps every day. You'll be at sound check helping them out." He told her. "What about me?" Jessica asked. "You just chill and investigate. Any wired behavior you tell me." "OK." "Let me go and introduce you to the band."

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