~*Chapter 9*~

The limo pulled up at the door of Saks fifth avenue. JC got out of the limo and Justin and Jess followed. Benish got out last and she walked quietly into the store as JC held the door. Jess headed straight for the swim wear section. Justin followed her and turned and smirked at JC. JC rolled his eyes. He stopped and turned around to see where Benish was. He scanned the store and saw her at the evening gown section looking some dresses. He JC walked towards her and snuck up behind her. "That's a really nice dress. It would look great on you." He whispered in her ear. Benish jumped and turned around to find JC smiling. "You scared me! Don't do that you almost gave me a heart attack!" she said as she put her hand on her chest to regain her breath. JC and Benish's eyes met. He started moving closer and she started to as well but then Jenny came back to her mind. She quickly stepped back and asked where Jess and Justin went. "Probably in a dressing room making out what's the matter? Don't you want me to ki..." JC started to say. Benish cut him off and started walking towards the swim wear section where she spotted Justin's curly blonde hair. She sped up when JC tried to catch up with her. "Hey Benish hey wait up! Damn it! Wait!" JC yelled after her. She finally met up with Justin and gave him a "save me" look. "Hey guys what up?" he said "Ummm where's Jess?" Benish asked. "She's trying on some bathing suits oh yea " he said as he rubbed her hands together and had a smirk on his face. JC rolled his eyes. He reached for Benish's arm. "Hey can I talk to you please?" he said "How does this look?" Jess said as she came out from the dressing room. Benish quickly got out of JC's grasp and went towards Jess thanking her silently for coming out when she did. Benish wasn't in the mood to confront JC about her feelings about Jenny. She was still confused about it. Jess came out in a baby blue string bikini. It had silver strings that tied in the back and at her hips. She spun around twice and posed in it. "What a ham." Benish said "Shut it! Do you like it?" she said as she spun again. "I sure do!" said Justin eagerly. Everyone turned and looked him. "I mean its ok " he said quietly. Jess started to blush. "So do you like it B?" she said. "Yea yea its great , get it." Benish stammered. "Ok I will!" Jess said as she ran back to the dressing room to change. Jess got out and headed for the cash register. Justin grabbed the bikini and took out his credit card and put them both on the counter. "What are you doing?" Jess said as she took his card and gave it back. "Ummm I'm buying it" Justin said. "Ummm I don't think so!" she said as she put her card on the counter. "Dammit woman let me pay for it!" Justin said as he put his card down. "Ugh! Justin!" she said "What?" he said as he smiled sweetly. "You're so UGH!!" she said "Whatever you say sweetheart" he said as he leaned in and gave her a little kiss on the cheek. "Are we ready?" said the sales clerk with an annoyed look on her face. "Oh yea definitely ready." Justin said as he looked into Jess's face. "Oh god cut the crap and let's go already!" Benish said as she grabbed Jess. "Damn what the hell is up wit you?" Jess said annoyed that Benish interuptted her and Justin. "Please let's go." She said with a stern look. Jess took the hint. "We'll be in the limo guys." Jess said. "Ok we'll be out in a sec." Said Justin. The girls got into the limo and Jess sat next to Benish. "What's the matter?" Jess asked. "I dunno I something doesn't feel right." Benish said "What? With JC? What happened? Does this have to do with Jenny?" Jess asked. "Yea I guess so. I just have a bad feeling." She said quietly. "Oh cmon! Just relax. Nothing is wrong. Just relax. You're upsetting JC." She said "Am I really?" Benish said. "A DURCH! Cmon you've been avoiding him the whole day. He's upset." Jess said as she looked out the window. "Look they're coming. I'll stay next to you for now but when we go for lunch you are sitting with him and you are not gonna avoid him ok? Look you're breaking his lil heart!" Jess said with a fake sad face. "Ok Ok I get the point." Benish said as the girls started to laugh hysterically. The door opened and the guys got in. "What's so funny?" Justin said "Umm nuthin " Jess said with a smile. JC sat in the corner and said nothing as he looked out the window. Jess looked at him and smacked Benish on the arm. "See? Look at his face! He's sad! You made JC sad!" Jess whispered. "Shhh calm your ass! I told you I'll take care of it." Benish whispered. "So what are we gonna eat?" Justin said."Ummm I'm just gonna have a salad." Jess said. "Are you kidding me?" Justin said "How do you only eat salad! Damn eat real food girl!" he said. "How about we all go to the new rain forest caf? they opened up in Times Square?" Benish suggested. "OoOo they opened one here too?" Jess said. "Sounds good to me+what is it?" Justin asked "It's a restraunt that looks like a rain forest+don't worry you'll like it!" Benish said. "Is that ok wit you JC?" Jess said "Yea fine" he said quietly. Jess looked at Justin and he shrugged. Benish gave the driver directions to the restraunt. They went into the cool restraunt and got a table in a dark corner. "Damn this place is off da hook!" Justin said "Ugh" Jess said "What?" he said "Nothing forget it" she said. Justin and Jess squeezed into one side of the booth and Benish and JC sat on the other side. JC was surprised that she sat next to him. JC decided he was just gonna stay quiet. He really didn't have much to say. He wondered what caused her to avoid him the way she did. The waiter came and took their orders. "Hey look! They have parrots!!!" Justin said with delight. "Oh lordie." Jess groaned. "Cmon you're coming with me." He said as he took her hand and led her to the birds. "I'm soo tired" Benish said as she put her head on the table. JC took a chance and he put his arm around her waist and pulled her to him. She sat up and leaned against him, burying her face in his neck. "I have a huge headache." She said as she put her arm around JC's waist. JC didn't say a word,. He wondered what brought on the change. It didn't matter to him as long as she wasn't mad at him. Suddenly it hit JC. She was upset about Jenny. He tightened his grip around her to silently reassure her about his feelings for her and that he was over Jenny. He knew she got the message because she relaxed against him and didn't seem tense anymore. JC turned his head and saw Justin with Jess looking at the parrots. They were laughing and Justin was attempting to talk to the birds. He turned back and looked at Benish. "I can't believe you tried to talk to a bird!!" Jess said as she sat down "What?!?! I thought he'd talk back. You'd expect a place like this to have smart birds not stupid ones!" He said. Justin looked and noticed that Benish wasn't mad at JC anymore. He smiled at him and looked for the waiter. "Dammit I want my food" he said "Calm down. Its coming. Sheesh patience Justin patience!" she said. With that Benish woke up. "So how were the parrots Justin?" she asked "Fine how was JC's neck Benish?" asked Justin with a chuckle. Jess pinched his leg. "Owww!" Justin said as he jumped and started to rub his leg. "Shut your mouth Justin." Jess said. "Damn woman " he said "Stop calling me woman. I have a name you know!" Jess said annoyed. "I have to go to the bathroom." Jess sais as she got up. "Damn bathroom again. Is she like PMS-ing?" Justin said "I dunno" said Benish . Jess came back and sat down. "OoOo our food's here finally" she said as she spotted the waiter heading their way. "It's about time!" Justin said. They started to eat. "So what are you guys doing this summer?" Justin said. "I have no idea." Benish said. "Yea nothing why?" Jess asked. "Oh just curious by the way how would you guys like to come on tour with us .for the whole summer?" Justin said casually. JC looked up suddenly and Jess choked on her chicken. "Oh my god!! Are you serious?" Benish said. "Yea " Justin said "Oh my god! Yes!!" She said. JC was still in shock. He didn't know that Justin was gonna do that. Justin saw the look of surprise on JC's face. Justin hadn't planned it. The thought just came to him. He couldn't think of going on tour without the girls. He felt so close to them especially Jess. He couldn't imagine being without them. Jess finally stopped coughing and gave Justin a hug. "Oh my god!! Justin! This is so awesome!" she said Justin simply smiled to himself and continued to eat. "Hey I saw this really hot jacket with rainbow rinestones on it I want to get it should I?" he said "No!" Benish, JC and Jess said at the same time. They finished their food and got back into the limo and the guys dropped the girls home and told them they'd pick them up at eight to board the bus.

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