~*Chapter 8*~

"I'm soooo happy school is finally over!!" said Jess as she walked into the kitchen. "I heard the phone ringin when I was in the shower who was it?" asked Benish. "Um it was Justin and we are hangin out today so get ready." She said "Oh thanx for telling me...geez its gonna take forever to get ready." She said. The girls were getting ready and they heard the door. "Did you hear sumthin?" asked Benish. "Oh yea I left the door open so the guys can get in." said Jess. "Oh good idea Jess anyone can just walk in!" said Benish. "Damn why are you in a bad mood? Does it have to do with someone named Jenny?" asked Jess. "What?? No go see who just walked in please " said Benish. Jess walked out into the living room. She had on khaki shorts and a fitted Abercrombie navy blue tank top. "Hey guys" she said. "Hey what up sexy?" said Justin as he gave her a kiss. "Hey JC can I talk to u?" she said "What you don't wanna talk to me baby?" said Justin "No not really just kidding come here JC." She said "Hey you care to tell me who Jenny is?" she whispered. 'How'd u know" he said "I heard her muttering that name yesterday so I figured it had to do with you. Who is she? Girlfriend?" she said. "No just some girl I used to like in Florida." JC said quietly. "Weren't you guys in Florida 2 weeks ago? You still don't have a thing for her do you?" Jess asked. "No NO I like Benish a lot I wouldn't be with her if I still liked Jenny I'm completely over her." He said "Ok I trust you but if your lying and you hurt Benish I'm afraid I'm gonna have to hurt you!" she said as she laughed. "Don't worry about it." JC said as he walked away. They both walked back into the living room to find Justin and Benish laughing hysterically. "What's so funny?" asked Jess. When Justin saw Jess he laughed even harder. "Hey Benish what did you tell him bout me?" said Jess with her hands on her hips. "Oh nothing forget it let's go." Benish said laughing. Justin took Jess's hand and walked out with her. "Hey" said JC "Hey what were you and Jess talkin about?" Benish asked "Oh nothing she just asked me sumthin bout ummm Justin." JC said quietly. He walked out silently and waited for her in the hallway. Benish grabbed her bag and caught up with JC. They left the apartment and found Jess and Justin making out by the elevator. Benish coughed and the two looked up and just laughed. They all decided to go shopping. The guys and girls piled into a waiting limo. First Justin and Jess went in and sat together. Then JC and Benish went in. JC sat down and moved over for Benish to sit down next to him. Benish didn't even look at him and she went over to the opposite side of the limo and sat down and looked out the window with her hand on her cheek. JC sat there with a look of confusion on his face. "Why didn't she sit with me?" he asked himself. The rest of the ride JC and Benish didn't say one word while Justin and Jess did not stop making out.

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