~*Chapter 7~*

Justin took Jess's hand and started leading her towards Central Park. As they got to the park Jess got nervous. "Are you sure you wanna go in there at night? There are crazy ass people in there at night. I don't wanna get attacked ya know!" said Jess. "Awwww come on Jess I'll protect you" said Justin as he put his arm around Jess's shoulders. It was the break he was waiting for. "U are soo slick Justin" he thought to himself. They continued walking and suddenly Justin stopped short. "What's wrong?" asked Jess. "Nothing really I just wanted to make sure your cool with all this." "Of course I am are you still worried that I'm mad at you? I'm so over that! Cmon let's go this place is starting to freak me out " Jess said with a chuckle. Justin took a breath of relif and walked out of the park with Jess. He hailed a cab and went to the apartment that Jess and Benish share. "Hmmm nice place" said Justin. "You wanna come inside?" asked Jess "OoOo for a lil sumthin sumthin?" asked Justin with a slick look on his face. "No I just wanna show you around I don't think you got good look this morning you know considering the situation " "Ohhh yea this morning I remember " said Justin. "Shut up and cmon." Said Jess. As Justin and Jess approached the door they heard someone inside. "Oh I guess Benish is home why is she home so early? She was supposed to be out with JC." said Jess as she opened the door. She and Justin walked into the dim apartment. "Maybe she went to sleep." Whispered Justin. "Let's go and check." They quietly tiptoed around the apartment. Justin tapped Jess on her shoulder. He pointed to a dark object on the chair. Jess picked it up and saw that it was JC's jacket. "Isn't this " she began to say "Yea it is Shhhh cmon follow me." said Justin as he lead the way to Benish's room. From behind the closed door a faint light could be seen. They slowly opened the door and peeked in. There were Benish and JC sprawled on her bed watching a movie. Justin could see that JC wasn't watching the movie he was watching Benish. Jess could see that Benish obviously not paying attention to the movie either. She could see her friend squirming under JC'c intent stare. JC started to lean in to kiss her and Jess started to back off, feeling guilty for spying in on her friend like that. As she moved back she stumbled over a wire and grabbed Justin to break her fall. As they fell, the door flew wide open and JC and Benish jumped off her bed. "Who's there?" yelled JC as Benish hid behind him. Justin and Jess got up slowly. "Ummmmm hey guys we didn't know you were here I saw the lights out so I thought you were ummmm still out." Stammered Jess. "Uhh yea and she fell over the wire." Added Justin. Jess smacked him to shut him up. "You didn't hear the tv?" asked JC suspiciously "Ummm not really we weren't ummmm paying attention." Said Jess. "And you guys fell here? Jess's room isn't even on this side of the apartment! Obviously you were spying on us! Damn it what the fuck Justin!" Yelled JC "I wasn't spying on you!" said Justin defensively. "You know Justin honestly! What the fuck I can never get to know a girl without you stickin your goddamn nose in my business! Damn it Justin every single fuckin time I meet a new girl that I like you just can't resist yourself can you? You just can't stand to see me with a girl can you? Fuck you!" yelled JC as he grabbed his jacket and stormed out. "Ummm what the fuck was that all about?" asked Benish confused "I have no clue let me go after him and see what the hell is up with him." Said Justin. He gave Jess a kiss and left. "Umm ok that was just a lil weird" said Benish "Yea tell me about it." Said Jess. "So anyway let them sort it out tell me about ur date!" said Benish "Ok lets go to my room and I'll tell you all about it." Said Jess.


"JC open the damn door!" yelled Justin as he knocked on JC's hotel room. "JC can you please opne the door and stop acting like a friggin baby?" said Justin. JC opened the door. "What the fuck do you want?" he said angrily. "Can I come in?" asked Justin as he pushed himself in. "Sure why the fuck not?" said JC "Man you need to cool it. What's wrong? Why'd you go off on me like that? Is it cuz I kissed that girl, what was her name?" said Justin. "Jenny" said JC with a grim face. "Oh yea Jenny. Anyway it was just one girl JC I didn't even know you liked her when I kissed her. I mean I was drunk." Said Justin as he sat down "That's not the point you know I liked her! You saw how much I liked her! Just one girl?!? its one girl too many Justin!" said JC "Look man if you think that I'm gonna steal your girl from you ur wrong! In fact I'm happy that you have her. It was just one girl JC don't let that ruin our friendship and trust ok?" said Justin as he stuck his hand out "Friends?" he said quietly JC thought for a moment and shook Justin's hand "Fine friends." He agreed

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