~*Chapter 6~*

"I can't believe you're making me drive you! You are a grown girl you can drive by yourself you know?" said Benish. "Look I'm nervous ok? Just shut it and drive!!" said Jess "I am I am calm down!" said Benish. Benish was driving Jess to Chez Pierre for her blind date. "So JC set you up on this date?" asked Benish "Yup it's a sure fire way to get back at Justin. Plus this guy is supposed to be really hot" said Jess with a smile. "Oh I see well we're here have fun." "Isn't JC supposed to meet you here?" asked Jess. "Yea there he is I think he dropped his friend off here too. Have fun Jess" "Ok thanx B I'll see ya later!" said Jess as she got out of the car. JC walked over to the car and helped Jess out. He gave her a small kiss on the cheek and told her to have fun. Jess waved Bye and walked into the restraunt. "I really hope your idea works" said Benish quietly. "Don't worry it will" said JC with a smile.

"OHHHH I really hope that this guy is hot.", thought Jess. She was wearing a short strapless black dress and had a black shawl wrapped around her shoulders. "This is the perfect way to get back at Justin once he finds out I went out on a date with the guy he hates he'll regret what he did to me that night." Jess got to her table to find that her date wasn't there yet. "Maybe he's on his way. I'll just go to the bathroom." Said Jess to herself. She took out a piece of paper from her pocketbook and wrote a note to her date telling him she was there and that she was in the bathroom. "Randall hmmm that's a cute name. I hope he's really hot." Jess walked away and went to the bathroom. A few minutes later she came out and saw a guy sitting at her table. "OoOoOo that must be him! He looks really cute from behind. He's got curly hair just like Justin. Hey stop thinking about that jerk Jess! Breathe calm down Jess. You can handle this." Jess took a deep breath and walked calmly to the table. "Hey I'm Jess you must be Randall." Said Jess when she got behind the man. "Hey Jess I believe we've met before" said the guy as he turned around. "I don't think we ha...what the hell are you doing here!?!?!? How dare you follow me to my date Justin!" yelled Jess as Justin got up from his seat. "Jess look I thought we could talk things out" said Justin calmly with a small smile. "Talk things out?!?! There is nothing to talk about Justin!!! Please go I don't want you to ruin my date with Randall." Said Jess "Ummm Jess I think you should know that I am your date Randall my middle name ?”said Justin quitely. "What?!?! You mean that JC and Benish Oh no they did not!!!!" Jess said furiously as she stormed out of the restaurant. "Jess wait up!" said Justin running after her. "Jess walked out and saw Benish and JC in the car laughing hysterically. "Oh you think its funny? You think its fuckin funny?!?! I'll show you funny!!" said Jess in anger "Jess calm down!" said Justin "Calm down? Your next after I'm through with those two!" yelled Jess "Just shut up!" said Justin as he got closer to Jess "Any closer and I'll kick u so stay away!" yelled Jess as she struggled to get the car door open. Justin grabbed Jess by the arms and pulled her close. "Jess I mean it stop yelling.!" He said in a quite voice "How dare u I thought I told u to " Jess was cut off when Justin pulled her closer and started to kiss her. He finally pulled away and gave Jess a smile. "Am I forgiven now?" he asked with a cute smile. Jess was still in shock from the kiss that she couldn't say a word. "Maybe this will help you make up your mind" said Justin as he leaned in for another kiss. "Now am I forgiven? I really am sorry" said Justin with a puppy face. Jess suddenly realized how much she liked him. In fact she's liked him all along. "You are completely forgiven only if I get another kiss." Said Jess and they started to make out. "Ewwwwww get a room!" yelled out JC "Hey JC I forgot to thank you!" said Jess as she made her way towards his window. "Oh shit you two love birds have we're leaving! Drive hurry get me hell outta here before she kills me!!! Cmon Benish get the damn car started!!" yelled JC "Oh leaving so soon? I don't think so!" said Jess as she started to get closer to the car. Benish finally got the car started in time before JC got his face punched in by Jess. "Have fun!!!" yelled jc as they drove off. "What a bunch of nuts." Said Justin "Yea tell me about it they're perfect for each other two crazy nuts " said Jess as she watched them drive off. "So how about we go for a walk for that talk." Said Justin. "Ok sounds good to me" said Jess.

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