~*Chapter 5*~

"RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGG". The phone's ringing awaked Benish. "UGH!!! Why do people have call so friggin early?" She picked up the phone. "Hello?" she said in a groggy voice. "Hi is this Benish?" said a male voice. Immediately Benish recognized the voice. She sat up quickly and cleared her voice. "JC? Hi yea its me" she said suddenly wide awake. "Hey what up did I wake you up?" asked JC "Oh no! Ofcourse not my voice is just a lil messed up from last night. You know, screaming and yelling tends to wreck your voice." Said Benish as she laughed "So what up?" "Nothing really. Just wanted to call. You gave me your number so I decided to put it to good use." "Hmm well I never expected that you would call this fast guys usually take a week to call a girl." "Well not me! I have no time to waste. So anyway how's Jess? Is she still mad at Justin?" asked JC "I really don't know possibly she refused to talk about it last night." "Wow really? Justin kept buggin out last night. He kept saying, "I really like oh she probably hates me now I really messed up you know that sorta stuff." Said JC " Well I really don't know I can find out though" said Benish "Eh they'll figure it out on their own! So you wanna hang out today? Maybe you can sing for me again+" said JC "Hey don't push it hehe and I dunno if I can I have rehearsals." "Really for what?" "Oh well me and Jess rehearse everyday cuz well we wanna be famous " said Benish as she laughed. "Hey wait a minute I have a plan you game?" "Yea I'm game," said JC.


"Got introduced to you by a friend you were cute and all that baby u set the trend yes u did oh next thing I know we're down at the cinema we're sitting there u start kissing me what's that about?" sang Jess The girls were in their rehearsal room. It was a room set aside in their apartment where they brush up on their dancing and singing. The room's walls had huge mirrors and the floor was a hardwood floor. The girls were singing and playing their guitars. Ooooooooooooooo na nananananaaa ooooooooooooooooo na anananannananana don't say u love me u don't even know me babaaaaaaaay. Give me time not before I'm ready don't say ur heart's in a hurry its not like we're gonna get married...give me give me." They sang. "I think it'll sound better in this key." Benish said as she strummed some notes on her guitar. "Yea it does sound better. I like that" said Jess as she made some changes on her sheet of music. "Let's start from the top" she said The girls sang the whole song and when they finished they heard loud clapping. JC and Justin walked in clapping. "Well well very impressive" said JC "What the how the hell did you get in?" said Jess when she saw Justin. "Ummmm well the ummm front door was open" Justin managed to say while JC and Benish gave him the "u better say something good" look. "What??!!?! GET OUT right now!" Jess yelled as she started stomping towards Justin. Benish mouthed "do something!" to JC across the room. Jess was so angry she stormed out. JC went into the hallway and stopped her. "Hey wait up Jess." "Why are you guys here? What the fuck is he doing in my house!?!?" Jess yelled "I came to see Benish and he came along I felt really bad for him so I let him tag along." JC said calmly. "Well I don't like this very much! I don't like HIM very much either!" Jess said angrily. Memories of last night flooded back into Jess's mind. She got angrier and angrier. JC noticed her getting mad. "Do you seriously hate him for what he did?" "Well hmmm let me think.YES!!!!" Said Jess. JC thought for a moment. "Do you wanna know how to get back at him?" JC said with a smile.

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