~* Chapter 4*~

JC grabbed Benish's hand and led her towards the exit. She went along with him even though she didn't want to. She saw Justin's bloodshot eyes and knew he was drunk. She didn't feel comfortable leaving Jess with him. "Oh well she'll manage besides he won't do anything" she thought to herself. JC took her outside into the warm spring air. He looked around and spotted a bench and pulled her to it. They both sat down and Benish wondered what this was all about. JC turned and looked at her. He took her hands and held them in his. "So tell me all about you tell me everything there is to know about Benish by the way that's a really cool name what does it mean? JC asked. "Well that's a lot hehe well my name means wise in Persian. What do u wanna know about lil old me?" she asked with a smile. "I dunno anything you feel I should know you know stuff like hobbies favorite colorstuff like that." He said as he laughed. " Hmmm well as far as hobbies go I love to sing. I love music in general. That's my only hobby actually." She said. "Wow really? I would love to hear you sing will you sing for me?" he asked quietly." Oh I don't know I really don't want to oh I couldn't I don't wanna embarrass myself in front of you. You're so talented and everything I just couldn't" she stammered. "Oh don't be crazy hey I won't force you but if you don't sing for me, but if you don't I'll be really disappointed." He said with a puppy face. "Oh don't do that!!! You know nobody can refuse a face like that!" "Yea I know" JC said with a slick smile "oh what the heck what would you like me to sing? How about some Christina Aguilera?" she asked " Oh if you must even though I don't really like her" he said " hey do you want me to sing or not?" said Benish "Sing!" said JC "Well then shut up and listen!" Benish started singing "I turn to you". "Wait!!!!!!! DO NOT throw up on me!! This is a DESIGNER outfit ok? We're outside hey hey watch the Steve Madden shoes these damn things cost me a friggin fortune!!!" yelled a girl. Benish stopped and looked to see who was yelling. Jess was holding Justin who looked like he was ready to pass out and throw up. " Well so much for a good first impression eh?" JC said amusingly. "Oh god Jess is he ok??" asked Benish "Is HE ok? Am I ok that's the question you should be asking!!!! Damn it Justin!! " Jess said as she stomped her feet on the ground. "I can't believe you're like this. Is that how you impress girls, by becoming drunk?!?! Ugh seriously Justin I can't believe you! So much for my night with 'N Sync!! C'mon Benish we are so leaving!" Jess said angrily and whining. "C'mon we are leaving!! Please let's go!!" she whined some more. "But Jess" "NO! WE are getting in my car right now and WE are going home!" she said as she headed towards the parking lot. Benish looked at JC and shrugged and started to get up. "I'm sorry JC but I think we need to leave now." JC got up and started running after Jess. "Wait Jess he's not ALWAYS like this!!" "Oh well now I feel real special he gets drunk for me?!?!?! Oh yea real nice!" Meanwhile Justin is lying down on the sidewalk with his head leaning over the curb throwing up into a gutter. Benish walked over to him and asked if he was all right. "Justin you ok?" He sat up. "Yea I think I feel better now is Jess really mad at me?" he asked as he turned to look at Jess yelling at JC and having a fit. " She seems really pissed...oh man I really screwed myself this time" he said. " Well you seem pretty aware of things considering you're drunk" Benish said Justin gave her a look " Help me up" Benish helped Justin up and led him to Jess. He put his hand on her shoulder and said "Jess can I talk to you please I'm really sorry" he said with a small smile. Jess smacked his hand away " Ewwwww don't touch me!! Ugh you ruined my night! I thought you were better than that Justin! Get away from me!!!Benish get me away from this this thing!" she said disgustedly. "But Jess" stammered Justin " No buts you hear me?!?" She said as she grabbed Benish's hand. "Hey let go! You go to the car I'll be right there!" Benish took a piece of paper out and wrote something. She ripped it in two pieces. She handed one to JC and one to Justin. "Here that's my number and that's Jess's number call her in a day or two maybe she won't be mad. Call me k?" she said to JC. "Well thanx a lot Benish, I'll call her." Justin said and gave her a small kiss on the cheek and a hug. "Sorry our night had to end like this ... I was hoping I could take you back to my hotel room" JC said Benish smacked him hard on the arm "Owwww just a joke... just a joke I only take girls back after the second date consider yourself warned!" "Very funny. Call me! Bye!" Benish leaned in to kiss him goodbye but she heard a loud scream "Benish hurry the fuck up damn it!!!" yelled Jess "Ugh damn bitch" Benish muttered. "Sorry maybe next time?" "Yea guess so, see ya" JC said. He watched Benish running and yelling "I'm coming I'm coming hold up!" He watched Jess drive down the street towards them. Justin lifted his hand and waved good bye and Jess looked at him and gave him a look and blasted the radio, the Backstreet boys were on. She gave him a "what do you think of this huh?" Look. They drove off with "Don't want you back" blaring out of the car. "Wow that's gotta hurt. You were dissed and dismissed. She got you bad G!" JC said as he laughed. "Man you ain't funny aight? C'mon lets go home. Get the other guys" Later on in the car JC told the guys the story "Man he got played!! heheh hahaha!" said JC "OoOoOo got played on the first date. Well I think that's a new record for you Justin!" said Joey "Dude you threw up in front of a chick. That's just wrong!" said Chris whose face was beet red from laughing so hard "Man I said it ain't funny!" Said Justin "I'm sorry Justin. Are you ok buuuudie?" said Lance. "Hey man shut the fuck up ok?" yelled Justin "I'm I'm sorry I just wanted to help." Justin threw him a look. The car stopped in front of their hotel and Lance got out quietly. "Man why you gotta be mean to Lance?" asked JC "Oh c'mon I'm just a little stressed here ok? He'll live", said Justin. "Hey Lance buddy sorry about going off on you. I'm just a lil stressed out k?" "Hey man no problem. See ya later." Lance said as he walked off to his room. Justin and JC headed towards their room. "Hey good night guys, hey JC watch out man he just might throw up on your DESIGNER clothes!" Joey said as he cracked up "Hey man you think that's funny? I'll show you funny! My foot up your ass now that's funny!" yelled Justin as he headed towards Joey. "Hey hey cool it man!" JC said as he grabbed Justin. JC was laughing as he said goodnight to that rest of the guys. Once inside Justin started talking to JC about Jess. "Man I really messed up. I didn't mean to drink so much." Said Justin as he took his shirt off. "Man don't worry about it call her in a day or two and I'm sure she'll except your apology." Said JC as he took off his jeans and slipped into his bed wearing his boxers. "I really hope you're right. I mean I really like her a lot man. And I mean A LOT. I feel really comfortable around her. When I was talking to her at the bar I felt like I've known her forever it was really weird and I felt really uncomfortable." "Maybe that's why you kept ordering drink after drink after drink" "Yea yea I get the point." "Good night " "Good night JC" JC turned over and switched his light off and Justin did the same. "Hey JC" whispered Justin "Yea?" "Do think she'll talk to me?" "Oh god Justin Yes I think she will, Goodnight!" said JC sleepily. "Ok Goodnight JC". (30 seconds later) "Hey JC" "What Justin" said JC in a tired voice "I really like her you know?" said Justin "Hey Justin, can't this wait till tomorrow I really want to sleep" said JC "Oh sorry Goodnight" "Goodnight" (1 minute later) "Hey JC" whispered Justin "Damn it Justin! Shut up and let me go to sleep!" said JC "Ok ok I'm sorry!' said Justin. Finally Justin fell asleep wondering about Jess.


During their drive home Jess had a stern and angry look on her face. "Look Jess I think you were too hard on him" said Benish "Are you kidding me? The boy was drinking like there was no tomorrow! I mean seriously! I hated it!" yelled Jess. "OK I get it." Said Benish "Now can we please not talk about this?" asked Jess. "Sure no prob." The rest of the ride they remained silent. The girls went into the apartment they both shared. After they got into their pajamas they sat on the couch and Jess had two bowls filled with ice cream waiting for them. "OoOoOo ice cream my fave thanx" said Benish "No prob. well we all know how my night was but how was yours you seemed to have a lot of fun" said Jess. "Yea I had a really good time. JC is so awesome. We danced and drank a little and danced some more" "Yea I know that part what I wanna know is what were you doing outside hmm?" said Jess with a sly smile. "Oh nothing like what your thinking no we did not have sex on the bench hehe he wanted to know more about me. I told him I sing and he made me sing for him. As I started to sing you and Justin came bursting out and well that's how my night ended" said Benish "I'm sorry if I ruined your time with JC" said Jess quietly "Oh don't be silly you didn't! In fact you saved me I really didn't want to sing in front of him." Said Benish with a smile. "Glad to know I could help" Jess said as she laughed. Benish didn't wanna bring up the whole Justin thing again. After all it would only upset Jess again. Instead she decided to go to sleep because she was tired from her long night. Both girls said goodnight and headed to each of their rooms and went to sleep thinking of their night with 'N Sync.