~*Chapter 3*~

The concert just ended. "Wow that was the best concert ever!" said Jess as they were heading out. "Yea I know. How cool was that when they flew over us?!?! Did you see JC waving at us? I can't wait till the party!" said Benish completely out of breath. "Woah calm down girl!" said Jess. They got into the car and headed for Mars 2112 where the party was. They showed their passes and went in to search for the guys.


"I wonder where they are", said JC to himself as he was walking around the nightclub. "I really hope they came", he thought to himself. All during the show all he could think about was Benish. She has a really great smile he thought to himself. I really like her and I barely know her! JC wandered around a little bit more and he ran into Justin. "Hey man… What's goin' on?" said Justin "Man did you have too many beers again?" JC said as he smelt the beer on Justin's breath. "Nah I only had one…I'm just waiting for Jess to come. I've been looking all over the damn place and I still haven't found her…or her friend" said Justin as he gave JC a look. Justin and JC walked around some more when suddenly JC saw an orange tube top disappear into the crowd. "Hey I think I just saw one of them!" yelled JC to Justin over the loud music. Both of them ran through the crowd of dancers and drinkers. JC lead them to outside of the ladies bathroom. "Ok they have to be in there", he said out of breath. "Man I ain't goin in there!" said Justin. "Well duh dumbass! We'll wait out here for them" JC said as he smacked Justin upside the head. They both waited in front of the bathroom and started to fix their hair and checked if they looked ok. The girls walked out… smack right into JC and Justin. "Oh well gee it's about time! You only took 10 hours in the bathroom we thought you escaped from the window!" said Justin in a jittery voice. JC just rolled his eyes. "Well SURRRREEEY!" yelled Jess. "Huh?" said Justin. "Oh forget it, lets go dance." Said Jess. Justin's face suddenly lit up "Sure lets go girl!!!" They left together and he got her a drink. JC looked after them and then looked at Benish. "Eh might as well," she said with a smile and they both headed the dance floor. They danced all night. Later on JC saw Justin at the bar sitting by himself. "Hey your girl ditched you already?" JC said with a chuckle. "Ummmmm NO! She went to the friggin bathroom again! Man I'm starting to think those girls have some secret meetings in the damn bathroom!!!" he said as he ordered another drink. "Well don't pass out before she comes back k?" JC said as he patted Justin on the back. "Don't worry man I'm sure she didn't disappear. Benish went to the bathroom too. I think they're comparing their night so far or something. Who knows who cares?!?! Have fun man!" JC ordered two drinks and sat down next to Justin. "So how are things going with Jess?" JC asked. Justin looked up with his bloodshot eyes; "Yea things are going real good. Man she dances good, especially during the Thong song. Woah man my boner nearly killed me!" After Justin said this JC realized he was flat out drunk. He turned and saw Jess and Benish heading their way. He quickly got up and pulled Jess aside. "Jess, Justin is drunk," he said quietly. " I mean the guy is completely zonked so I just want you to be careful ok?" She looked at him. "Oh JC thanx for looking out for me. Don't worry I'll be fine k?" she assured him. She sat down next to Justin and started talking. She watched JC lead Benish towards the exit of the club. "Hmmmm I wonder what those two are up to" she thought to herself.

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