Chapter 22

Later that night

" Hello?" Benish said picking up her phone " Hey girl its me" Jess said said . " Oh hey whats up?" " Nothing u" Jess said " how you feeling?" " Ehh im okay I guess" " Don't worry bout it, I called the house and no-one was there" " Yeah I knew Justin was gonna call there and show up there so im not staying there" she said. " OH so where are you?" Be asked. " Well Ash and the guys are here for the VMA's so im here with them." She said reffering to the group O-Town. The girls new them for a while when Bebe and Jacob were together. " Oh what hotel are they at?" she said. " Umm the Marriot" Jess said. " Alright are u okay?" be asked. " Yeah im fine ill call you tommorow alright" Jess said. " Yeah ill talk to you later bye"

" Who was that?" Justin asked. " it was Jess" be said sitting back down to finish her pizza. " What she say" Justin asked. " Nothing she said she was gonna call me and she did" Benish said. " Where is she?" he asked. " Are u writing a book or something about her?" Benish asked obnoxiously. Everyone laughed. " Seriously where is she I tried calling your house and I stopped by and she wasn't there" Jusitn said. " Shes staying with friends of ours that are in town" she said. " Oh" he said and finished eating. " Is she still coming tommorow" he asked. " I don't know but im sure she will be there she wouldn't miss something like that, she'll probably meet us there or something" Be said. " Yeah I guess" Justin said.

Next Day

What if she doesn't show up" Justin said as they got in the limo. " Justin shut-up already " Bebe said sitting next to Jc. "Yeah man clam down you cant be like this infront of everyone. When they arrived at the Vma's they got out and took some pictures they were walking over to do an interview Bryan McFadden when Justin turned around when he thought he saw Jess. " Chris that looks like Jess" Justin said. "It is isnt that the dress she picked out." Chris said. " Yeah it is its her" Justin said getting happy. " Guys its Jess" Justin said to the rest of the group. They all turned around and walked closer. They all stopped when they saw her holding hands with Ashley from O-town. "Wow she moved along quickly" Joey said. "Shut up Joey" Justin said. Benish walked over to them. " Hey Jess" Be said tapping Jess on the sholder. " Oh hey" she said giving her friend a hug. " Hey Ashley" she said . " Hey bebe long time no see" he said giving her a hug. " Jess can I talk to you for a sec" be said. " Yeah sure we'll be right back " she said to Ashley and walked with Benish. " What are u doing here with him" Bebe asked. " Well I wasn't gonna come with Justin and he asked me and I said sure I had a dress already. " Oh, Justin's really confused about all this, are you still gonna sit with us?" she asked. " No im gonna sit with Ashley." She said. " What about the seating. " Oh eyah Ashley took care of that" she said. " Oh okay well ill guess ill see you later have fun" Be said and walked away.

" Well what did she say, why is she here with him" Justin asked. " Well maybe he asked her to come with him" be said. " But we were supposed to go together" he said. " Well that was before u screwed up." Bebe said and walked to JC and took his hand.

They entered Radio City Music Hall and went to walk to their seats. When they got there O-Town was sitting in front of them. " Hey Jess" Lance said passing her. " Hey lance" she said to him. Everyone sat down and Justin and Benish ended up behind her. Justin didn't know what to do or say he was so confused Jess should be there with him not another guy. She turned around and smiled at him. And he smiled back. She turned back to face the front.

" Hey JuJu" " Uhh man just what I need" Justin mumbled. He turned to his side. " Hey brit" he said " Looks like were sitting next to each other" she said sitting down. " Yeah guess so" he said and turned back around. "So um its been a while Justy. How are you?" Britney said as she eased closer to him. Justin gave her an uncomfortable smile and glanced ahead at Jess. She was giggling at Ashley, her hand resting on his thigh. "She used to laugh at my jokes the same way." Justin thought closing his eyes. He missed her so much he even felt her touch on his thigh. It was as if she had come back to him taking her rightful place next to him with her gentle hand caressing his thigh. He smiled to himself and opened his eyes. In front of him was Jess with Ashley who was now kissing her cheek. He was confused because he still felt her hand which was now dangerously close to his crotch. He looked down, saw a hand and followed the arm up to see Britney with a wide smile on her face. "Its been way too long baby" she whispered in his ear. Justin jumped out of his seat. "I uh gotta go…" Justin said desperately raking his mind for an excuse to leave. "Where are you going the show's gonna start soon" Britney said. "I uh need to go to the uh…BATHROOM…yes the bathroom that's where I have to go." Justin stammered. "Um ok well hurry up" she said. "Justin fumbled his way through the row and nearly tripping over JC's foot. Finally he made it out into the aisle and made his way to the men's room.

"Ahhhhhhh that was sooooo funny!" Ashley said laughing with tears forming in his eyes. "I know! I was hoping he'd fall" Jess said laughing just as hard. They had both witnessed Justin's quest to find a bathroom and his one and only obstacle: making it past all the people in his row to get to the aisle. "So anyway Jess what exactly happened with you and him?" he said taking her hands into his. "Oh I really don't wanna talk about it. I mean you can't change the past so why dwell in it right? Let's just enjoy tonite k?" she said. "sure anything you want dollface." He said smiling.

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