Chapter 22

"I don't know what to do with him anymore Wade. Everything's just getting way out of hand." JC said into the phone quietly. "Well I don't know what to say man I understand what you're saying. I really don't know what to say." Answered Wade. Wade was a long time friend and choreographer for the guys. JC and Wade grew to be good friends and he felt he could talk to him and get good insight from Wade. "God I'm shocked I'm not dead from the stress." JC whispered. "Hey don't talk like that! Why are you whispering?" Wade asked. "I don't want Justin or anyone else for that matter to hear me. Everyone's sleeping but still." He answered. "Oh alright. I don't understand it though. This Jess seems like an awesome girl so why'd he still have something with Brit?" Wade asked. "I really don't know man he's been fucked up in the head lately. He thinks he's god and get away with anything and its starting to piss me off!" JC whispered fiercely. "Hey now calm down. Relax. Just go to sleep for now and we'll talk in the morning k? I gotta go I need some sleep too I have a meeting with some dancers tomorrow so I'll talk to ya later k?" Wade said. "Yea sure man no problem. Thanx a lot." JC said. "Anytime. Nite." Wade said. JC hung up and yawned and stretched. He sighed, got up and turned the light off in the living room and headed for his room.

(next morning)

Justin awoke to the smell of breakfast. He sat up in his bed and took a deep breath of the sweet smell of food in the air. He turned to look at the clock on his night table. 8:30. He groaned. "I hate the morning" he muttered to himself. As he got out of bed he heard the muffled voice of a girl. His eyes darted to the door. He quickly jumped out of bed and followed the voice. He opened his door and looked out. "Could it be her?" he thought to himself. He stepped out slowly and looked around. This time he heard laughter. He walked quickly to the kitchen of the suite the guys were staying in. He peeked inside. He saw BeBe in the kitchen, standing by the counter. JC was next to her trying to operate the coffee maker. She watched him mutter curses at the machine and then proceeded to push him out of the way. She simply pressed a button and it came to life. She gave him a look and smiled to herself. JC picked her up and propped her up on the counter as she laughed. "Don't mock me Miss Know it all!" he said as he tickled her. "Ok….Oh god stop….ahhhhhhh…please…oh god…JC!! Stop!!" she said as she tried to breathe. He stopped and they laughed together and kissed. Justin sighed. He turned away from the kitchen and leaned against the wall. He thought the voice he heard was Jess's. He thought she might have came back…and forgave him. He closed his eyes and the events of last night came flooding back. "I'm in such a mess." He muttered to himself. "Ya damn straight you are!" he heard someone say. His eyes flew up. "You're in a BIG mess…but standing here won't do you any good." BeBe said. "You know?' Justin said in a little voice. "No I don't…duh! Ofcourse I know! She's only my best friend don't you think she told me?!" BeBe said. He sighed and leaned his head back. He banged his head on the wall. "Owwww" he said in a dull voice as he rubbed his head. "Ugh go get washed up for breakfast." BeBe said as she gently pushed him. Justin shuffled to the bathroom. BeBe simply stood there looking in the direction that Justin went in. She silently shook her head.

(At the table)

"Morning" Justin mumbled as he shuffled into the kitchen. He was greeted by a quiet chorus of "hey" and "Morning". He pulled out his chair and sat down. He grabbed a plate and took pancakes and poured syrup on them. "Hey Joe can you pass the juice please?" Justin asked Joey. Joey silently passed the pitcher of orange juice to him. "Hmm someone's quiet today." Justin thought to himself. "So anyway as I was saying…I think its time I got a new puppy. Maybe I'll name it…" Chris said. "No more dogs Chris! Jesus! Enough already!" JC yelled. "Our bus is starting to smell like a shithole cuz of your stupid fuckin dogs! That's it! Those dogs leave or we do!" JC yelled "Dammit stop being an asshole JC its just dogs!" Chris yelled. "Yea and those stupid dogs are making my life miserable! Its bad enough I have to put up with your FILTH now I have to deal with your damn dogs?! No way!" JC yelled getting up. Chris got up and stood right in front of JC. "Yea? What are YOU gonna do about it huh?" Chris said in a deep voice. "You wanna see what I'm gonna do about it? Yea I'll show you EXACTLY what I'll do you little fucker!" JC yelled. They both started pushing and shoving each other as the rest of the guys started to yell and cheer. "Hey! Guys stop! Guys! HEY STOP IT YOU STUPID FUCKS!" Bebe yelled. They all stopped and stared at her. "Jesus you people are such stupid pricks. God, you can't handle anything without acting like babies. Now sit down, shut up and finish your damn breakfast. I don't wanna hear another peep out of either of you two. One more word and I'LL show you what I'll do! Understand?!" she said as she sat back down and proceeded to eat her breakfast. JC and Chris looked at each other. Bebe gave them a stern look. "Sorry man" JC said. "Yea I'm sorry you're right no more dogs they are starting to dirty the bus up." Chris said shaking JC's hand. "Nah I was too harsh sorry." He said. "I deserved it man its alright. I shouldn't have brought it up." Chris said. "I really am sor…" "WE GET THE DAMN POINT NOW SIT!!!" Bebe yelled cutting JC off. They both sat quickly and Chris almost fell off his chair. Lance stifled his laughter. She shot him a look across the table. Lance cleared his throat and looked down at his plate avoiding eye contact with her. The remainder of their breakfast went by quietly, the room filled only with the sound of the tv.

(in JC's room)

"Hey what was up with you at breakfast?" JC asked. "What do u mean? I was fine." Bebe replied flipping channels on the tv. JC grabbed the remote from her hand and shut the tv off. "Why'd u do that?! I was wacthing something!" she yelled. "Why are u in a pissy mood?" he asked. 'Nothing sheesh u guys were acting like idiots at breakfast and frankly I wasn't in the mood to put up with it in the morning. Now can I have my remote back?' she asked. JC threw the remote next to her and walked out of his room.

"What did she say" Chris asked. " Nothing" JC said and sat down on the couch. "God where is she" Justin said out of nowhere. "Where's who?" Joey asked. " Jess u idiot" Justin said getting up "Dude don't worry she'll call eventually, she needs time " Joey said. " I wouldn't give you anytime" Jc mumbled. " Fuck Jc what the hell is your problem, I know I made a mistake don't rub it in anymore" Justin said to Jc. " Well you shouldn't of done it in the first place " he said back. Benish came out of the room her and Jc shared and heared the guys yelling. " Both of you shut-up arguing about it isnt gonna make her come back" benish said.

"Umm well it did" Jc said. They all turned around and saw Jess enter there hotel suite . " Hey" she said shly and walked past everyone into her and Justin's room. They all followed her to see what she was doing. " Jess what are u doing" Bebe asked her. Jess walked over to her suite case and put it on the bed. " Im packing some stuff" she said and went over to the draw she put her close in and started packing. "Where are u going" Justin asked walking closer to Jess. " Im going home" she said packing the rest of her stuff. " Oh okay" Jusitn said. He turned around and looked the everyone and they all nodded and left him alone to talk to Jess. Jess turned when she heared the door close. He walked over to her and put his hands on her face. " Jess listen to me" he said and she looked up. " I miss you, I know I made a mistake and that its gonna take you a while to get over but I need you in my life I cant go on knowing your not here with me" he said. She looked down and looked back up smiling and then started giggling. " Ummm NO" she said and backed away from justin and closed her suitecase. " Jess come on its not a time to joke" he said looking at her. " I know" she said and took the bag off the bed and started walking out the room. "Justin please move from the door" she said. " Can I call you later?" he asked her. " Ill call you when im ready to talk but right now im not" she said and reached behind him and opened the door. She walked out the door and passed everyone to the front door of there suite. " Be ill call you later" she said giving her friend a hug. " Are you okay?" Bebe asked her. Jess nodded her head no. " Do u want me to come with you?" she said. " No its alright ill call you later" she said and walked to the door. " bye guys" she said to everyone else. " bye" they all sai dand with that she was out the door. Justin emerged from the room. " What she say?" Chris asked. " Nothing I don't wanna talk about it" Justin said and sat down.

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