* Chapter 20 *

“JESS....ummm hi” Justin said as he saw her standing there with a look of disbelief on her face. There was Britney Spears sitting on Justin’s lap and smiling ever so happily. “What the hell is going on here!” Jess said trying not to get angry. “Its not what it looks like...britney please get off of me...NOW!” Justin said. Britney did as told and sat back down on the couch. “Well to me it looks like that little skank whore was sitting on ur lap...oh no Jess im not going out with her , what we had was in the past i love you and only you” Jess said trying to imitate Justin. “Jess...” Justin started. “I cant believe you would do this Justin...i came here to apologize for jumping to conclusions and overacting and then i find u to together....god Justin i though u were much better then that” Jess yelled. “ Please let me talk to u Jess...” Justin pleaded he didn’t want to lose her , yes he had made mistakes in the relationship but he really truly loved her and he didn’t wanna throw that away. “Well i think i shall be going” Britney said walking past Justin and giving him a kiss on the cheek he just rolled his eyes and wiped it off his cheek. “ Nice meeting you Jess” Britney said as she walked out the door. “Bitch” Jess said. “Jess baby listen to me...” Justin said leading her to sit on the couch. “ Justin u want me to listen to ur petty excuses i think not!...Justin i cant believe you!...i really don’t understand” Jess said getting really upset. “Jess please let me explain everything!” Justin said taking her had but she snatched it away. “ Explain what the fact that your cheating on me with that...that ugh! thing! Justin what is it is she prettier then me...what is it about her that u want and i don’t have! go ahead and tell me!....wait let me guess!?.... umm Are my boobs not big enough excuse me FAKE enough... is it that fact that im not ready to have sex right now in my life?!” Jess yelled standing up form the couch to look directly at him. As soon and her last sentence came out he looked away. “ Oh my god.....don’t tell me!” Jess said covering her mouth. “ Jess please listen” Justin said getting up to go hug her. “Don’t touch me Justin!....i cant believe you slept with her! if u loved me you would of understand why i want to wait! you couldn’t wait so you went to her to get ass! GOD!” Jess said. She couldn’t understand , she didn’t want to understand. Just the though of them together made her cringe the thought of britney touching Justin, kissing him, sleeping with he made her wanna throw up. “ Jess it isn’t like that” Justin said. “ What do u mean it isn’t like that...im sorry but it is” Jess said as her eyes started to get watery. This toar him apart he hated to see her cry he knew he messed up big time. “ Jess it was one time im sorry i should have told you but i didn’t its my fault i know sorry isn’t gonna make up for all i did ...” Justin started. “I dont wanna hear it Justin!” Jess said as she started to cry. “ Jess baby please dont cry” he said . “Don’t cry....Justin i cant...i...” Jess said crying. “Baby i love you with all my heart” Justin said giving her a hug. “Justin please....ive got get out of here” Jess said walking towards the door. “ Jess i know you mad at me and i can understand that ..please think about this Jess, i love you with all my heart i would never do anything to hurt you im so so sorry baby....u cant leave me i don’t know what i would do if u left me Jess , i love you with out you im not whole please Jessica whatever you do don’t leave me” Justin pleaded as tears started to form in his eyes. “I love you too Justin, but you really hurt me and i need to do alot of thinking and i want you to respect that” Jess said looking at Justin seriously. She was fuming inside she wanted to go off and rant and rave but she couldn’t she loved him to much and once she heard what he said and saw the tears she couldn’t she just needed time to think... what she need was to get out of that room or else she give in and she couldn’t. “I understand, just remember what i said , please Jessica” Justin said wiping the tears from his face. “I will, i will” Jess said walking out the door.

(Game Room)

“ I hope those two make-up...Justin has been driving me crazy talking about Jess” Lance said. “ Believe me i know same with Jess” Benish said and they all laughed. The door opened and everyone looked to see who it was. “Jess whats wrong?!” JC asked noticing her teary eyes. “Nothing JC, don’t worry” Jess said closing the door. “Benish i just came in to tell you that im going home” Jess said getting her bag. “ Why whats wrong?” Benish asked concerned. “I don’t want to talk about it right now....you don’t have to come with me you can stay if you want” Jess said walking towards the door. “Im sorry guys i just really need to go home and think about some thing, good luck tonight and ill see you guys back at the house” Jess said. “Jess wait im coming with you!” Benish said getting her stuff. “Im sorry babe but something’s wrong and she needs me ill see you back at the apartment, good luck” she said as she kissed JC. “ Bye Guys” Benish said walking out the door with Jess. “ Bye” they all replied as the door shut. “ What just happened there?” Chris asked sitting down on the couch. “I dunno but obviously something big” Joey said. Just then Justin walked in. “ Hey guys” he said sadly. “Hey” they all said. “Were’s Bebe?” Justin asked noticing she wasn’t in the room. “ She went home with Jess, do u mind telling us why she was all upset?” JC said getting all defensive. “She found out” Justin said. “Found out what?” Lance asked. “About everything!” Justin said. “ Care to explain?” Chris said. Justin told them everything and they were all very suprised at him. They didn’t think he was like that. “Justin you cant blame her for being upset” Chris said. “Im not its just i don’t wanna lose her” Justin said. “ Well you shouldn’t of done anything with Britney then!” JC said. “Listen man chill , why are u getting all mad at me?” Justin asked. “Well because what u did i think was messed up and stupid!” JC raising his voice. “Whatever man!” Justin said . “Justin do u see me going out to sleep with random girls?” JC said. “JC i don’t wanna here it from you” Justin said getting angrier. “Well you have to hear it form someone!” JC said. “Shut the hell up JC its none of you business anyway” Justin said leaving the room.

* Chapter 22 *