~*Chapter 2*~

The girls headed towards the meet and greet area. They showed their passes and got in. Little girls stood as far as the eye can see. "Damn look at all the little kids here." Said Jess "Yea I know, I'll bet that the guys'll be glad to finally met some older girls eh?" said Benish. They stood in line to get the guys' autographs. The line inched forward at a slow pace. "Oh hurry it up. How long does it take to sign a friggin name?!?!" complained Jess "Oh quit whining will you? We'll take our dear sweet time when we get to them k?" said Benish Jess gave her a look but calmed down. So many thoughts were running through her mind. What should I say when I finally meet him? Oh I hope he likes me. Benish quickly checked herself in her compact mirror. She brushed off her clothes and fixed her hair. I hope JC likes me, she thought. She couldn't believe she was finally meeting them. She had a nervous jittery feeling that got worse as the line moved forward and she glanced at Jess who gave her the "yea I feel it too" look. Jess gave her a confidant, happy and wide smile. It's so nice to finally see her smile again. It seemed like ages since she last saw her friend smile so genuinely. Ever since her boyfriend Matt cheated on her and left her she's been down and so sad. I hope she doesn't get her hopes up too high about Justin. She's such a sweet and wonderful person and I'd hate to see her hurt again, thought Benish. "Hey Benish c'mon!" yelled Jess "Huh? What? Oh I'm coming." Benish had gotten so lost in thought she didn't move up. All of a sudden Jess gave her a shove and suddenly she was standing in front of JC. "Jess" growled Benish "Your welcome" smiled Jess sweetly. Benish looked up and found herself staring straight into JC's face. "Oh ummm hi" she stammered. "Here you dropped this" JC said as he handed her make-up to her. "Oh umm thanx" she mumbled. Jess smacked her in the arm and gave her a stern look. She looked at JC. He had a wide smile and his blue eyes were sparkling. He had on a tight orange wifebeater and khaki cargo pants. Wow he is so hot in person thought Benish. "Well don't you have anything for me to sign?" asked JC with a chuckle. "Oh yea oops hehe here" said Benish as she handed him a poster. JC signed it and as he handed it to her asked, "So where are your seats?" "Well the radio station gave us ok seats I guess, I mean we're just happy to be here regardless of where we're sitting 6th row" she added with a smile. "Oh really? Well that sucks how about I make you an offer? Come here" he motioned her to come closer. As she leaned in he said "How about I give you and your friend front row seats and passes for you to join us at our after party?" JC grinned. "Wow umm sure! Thanx" she said She looked at Jess and Jess gave her a "ooooh you scored!' look. " Hey keep this favor on the dl k? It's a thing between you and me k?" JC smiled "Yea sure no problem see you later!" she whispered to him. She moved along to other guys and when she looked back she noticed JC staring at her. She smiled back shyly at him. She turned and looked at Jess talking to Justin at the end of the table. She was blushing and smiling. She noticed how Justin was looking at her best friend with his intent blue eyes. Wow Justin really seems to be diggin her thought Benish happily. She finally got to the end of the table and handed her poster to Justin. He had on a baby blue FuBu T-shirt and blue jeans with a North Carolina baby blue hat pulled low over his face. Benish cleared her throat. Justin looked up suddenly. "Oh hey What's up?" he said sleepily. "Nothing much do u mind signing this?" she asked politely. "So I saw you talking to my friend Jess." She said slyly "Oh so you're her friend eh? Said Justin suddenly interested. "Yes I am." "Well, well, well whattya know. She's really cool." Justin looked down suddenly and started to blush.


Jess saw Benish talking to Justin. She had a slick smile. "Uh-oh I wonder what she's saying to him." Thought Jess. She saw Justin staring at the poster and noticed he was red. She immediately figured what was going on. She rushed over and said, "Are you done yet?" She gave Benish a "I'm so gonna kill you" look. "Ummm yea I'm almost done" Benish said with a guilty smile. Jess walked away and felt her cheeks heat up. She turned and saw Benish say a few last things to Justin and she walked away with a slick smile. "What the hell was that all about?" Jess said as she smacked Benish hard on her arm "Owwww! Nothing I was just talking to him!" "Yea about me I'm sureā€¦ Oh what am I gonna do with you?!?!" she said but started to smile. The girls headed into the venue to get to their seats.


Justin watched the girls walk away. He turned and saw JC headed his way. He handed him a can of Pepsi and sat down next to him. "So I saw you talking to that girl Justin. What were you two talking about?" asked JC. "Who the girl in orange? Oh nothing really just talking about her friend" Justin said in a daze. "Hey man you ok you seem a lil weird anyway I saw you with her friend you like her or something?" JC asked with a smile. "Hells yea! I mean she's pretty cool." Stammered Justin. "Hey what's up with all the questioning? I saw you with her friend. Could you be any more obvious JC?" "What do you mean? I made nothing obvious, I just autographed her poster." JC said nervously as he was put on the spot. "Yea and you gave her front row seats and passes to our after party. Not obvious my ass!" said Justin "Oh shut up!" said JC and he got up and walked away quickly. Justin laughed; he loved to make JC go nuts like that. He turned and looked in the direction where the girls had left. "See you at the party girls." He said quietly to himself with a small smile.

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