* Chapter 19


“ Babe what time does the concert start?” Benish asked as they were sitting in there game room. “ Umm in about 4 hours” JC said looking at his watch. “Alright, do u guys mind if we go home and then come back..its not that far and we really wanna see our parents” Benish asked. “Sure no prob” JC said. “I have my phone” Jess said before they left. “Guys i cant take this anymore!” Justin yelled and slammed his fist on the couch. “Cant take what?” Joey asked not taking his eyes away from the t.v. “Not being with her, not being able to hold her kiss her....”Justin said before getting cut off bye Joey. “No, you mean not being able to sleep with her” Joey said with a smile. Chris smaked him in the back of the head . “What man” Joey asked. “Joey its not like that, we haven’t even done anything yet...” Justin started. “ So since u haven’t been getting any u go and decided to get it from britney?!” JC asked getting a little upset he knew what Justin was doing with Britney behind Jess’s back. “ Www what are u talking about JC?” Justin asked. “Justin im not blind , i see the way Brit is all over you, ive heard the conversations and that time Jess and Benish went home for the weekend Britney just happened to be where we were, and the whole magazine article with pictures! “ JC said. “JC u don’t know what your talking about” Justin said getting up and leaving the room. “Whatever man” JC said and focused his attention back on the t.v screen. “JC what was that about” Lance asked. “Long story man” JC said and laughed. How could JC know about that? Justin asked himself as he walked towards his dressing room. He got stopped for an Autograph and then entered his dressing room. “Hey Justy...” A female voice said. “Hey...im glad your here” Justin said and closed the door.

(Jess and Benish’s Apartment)

“ Jess are u okay “ Benish asked as she looked in the fridge of there apartment and it was empty. “Yeah i guess i just overreacted, i know he wouldn’t do anything to hurt me it just really upset me to see him with her ugh i don’t even wanna think about it” Jess said sitting down. “ Yeah i understand...you can tell he misses you Jess his face when you walked out of that dressing room...” Benish said. “Yeah i know im gonna talk to him when we get back” Jess started. “Good cause all that boy had been doing is moping around” Benish said and looked at her watch. “Well we better get going “ Benish said. “ Okay lets go” Jess said and they left.


The Girls arrived at the arena at around 6’clock. The Limo parked in the special area and the girls walked to the area where all the VIP were supposed to be let in to go in the arena. There were about 30 girls waiting by the ramp which led to the down stairs of the arena. All of them with signs , face painted, singing Nsync songs and looked to be having alot of fun and probably waiting for Nsync. “ God look at all these girls with out man’s names on there faces” Benish said to Jess and they both just laughed. they walked up closer to the ramp and where there were 3 guards standing made sure nobody got inside. “Shhhiiiiittt....Benish we didn’t get the passes from the guys before we left” Jess said and looked at Benish. “Ugh-oh” Benish said.. “Those guys are not gonna believe us” Benish said. “Umm excuse me aren’t u Jessica and Benish?” a girl asked from behind. “ Umm yeah and you are?” Jess said as they both turned around. “ Amy, hi u don’t know me im a fan of the guys” She said with a bunch of girls surrounded by her. “ Oh hi..do u mind me asking how u know or names or what we even look like?” Benish asked. “Well from the pictures of you guys with Justin and JC...and pictures of u on the Internet” the girl said. “ Internet?!?” Jess said. “ Yeah there alot of pictures of u girls, shopping, walking around, hotels, with the guys. “ “Ohh” Benish said. “Yeah so are the guys here already?!” another girl asked. “Yeah there here..Benish call JC’s cell and tell him about our little problem. “ Jess said . “Okay..but why cant u call Justin?!” Benish asked. Jess shot her a glare. “ Cuzwerenotonspeakingtermsremember?!” Jess said behind her smile. “ Ohhhh yeah duh!” Benish said and pulled out her phone and called JC. “ She’s such a blond sometimes...girls please don’t scream while we talk to them” Jess said. The girls all nodded in agreement. “ Hey hun” Benish said into her phone. “ Hey were are u girls?” He asked. “ Well were out here u guys didn’t give us passes so we cant get in “ Benish said and smiled. “ Yeah well we went back to the apartment...chilled yah know ...Uh-huh...got something to eat..umm pizza....no sorry....yeah...haha....Uh-huh..” Benish said . Jess rolled her eyes and grabbed the phone from Benish. “ JC its Jess just get your little scrawny out here NOW thanks bye” and hung up the phone. Everyone just laughed. The girls were talking with the back facing the entrance to the ramp where u enter the backstage area. “ Alright i called them like 10 hours ago” Benish said . “ So are the guys really nice in person?” a girl asked. “ Yeah there all sweethearts” Jess said and rolled her eyes and her and Benish laughed the other girls just looked confused. “ There all gonna get there asses kicked if they don’t get out her now!” Jess said. Just as she said that JC and Joey snack up behind them and all the girls started to scream. “ GOOD GOD...u guys scared me!” Jess yelled she was kinnda disappointed Justin didn’t come with JC but she figured she would find him later. “ Well thats a way to greet us” Joey said. “Come on guys were probably already in trouble for coming out her already “ JC said and the walked down the ramp towards the backstage area.

(Game Room)

All the guys were there except for Justin. The girls talked with the for a little while. “ Joey wheres Justin?!” Jess asked. “You can check in his dressing room” Joey said. “Thanks” Jess said and left the game room.

Jess walked down the hall to Justin’s room. She looked at the door and turner the knob and opened the door.

Chapter 20