~* Chapter 18 *~

"Oh I love that! Can I try it on?" Benish said to Gina. "Of course darlin. Here ya go." Gina said in her heavy southern accent. Benish ran off to the dressing room with an outfit. Jess glanced at her watch. She saw Justin out of the corner of her eye. He was staring at her. She rolled her eyes and sighed. "This is gonna be a long day." She thought to herself. Benish poked her head out of the curtained dressing room. "Hey did you put it on baby?" JC asked. "Yes." She answered. "Ok so come out then." Joey said as he was looking through a rack of shirts. Benish took a deep breath and walked out slowly. JC took in a sharp breath. "Oh baby…you look…perfect!" he whispered "Really?" she said as she slightly blushed. "Oh my god sweetheart that thing was made for you!" Gina said. Benish stepped in front of the mirror to see what the outfit looked like on her. The dress was orange it was a hater top and went down diagonally towards the right above her belly-button then back diagonally to the left right by the hips then went straight down to her feet. “hmm i like it i really do..Jess what do u think?!” Benish asked. “ Jess” Benish called again. “Oh sorry..wow it looks really good i like it for the after parties” Jess said. “ Well then i guess im getting this one” Benish said and went back into the dressing room. Jess went looking threw the clothes. “ Bebe what did u have n mind for arrivals” Jess asked. “Umm nothing to much just something simple...i was thinking black” Benish yelled from the dressing room. “ Here this one on” Jess said walking past the JC and handed it to Benish. “ Okay” she said. “ Jessica sweety i know something that would look great on you here hun” Gina said handing Jess a hanger with a plastic bag around it. “What does it look like?!” Jess asked. “ Just go in and try it on and come out and let me see” Gina said ushering her into another dressing room. “Fine” Jess said giving in. “ Gina why wouldn’t u tell her what it looked like” Justin asked. “You’ll see” Gina said with a smile. “ Benish hun are u okay in there” Gina asked. “ Yeah im coming out now...” she said and stepped out. “Wow i really like that” Gina said. “Yeah me too its simple yet hot” Benish said. “ You look hot baby” JC said walking up to her and giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “ Thanks babe” She smiled. “ Alright well im gonna get this one and the orange one.” Benish said. “ Umm Gina im not coming out there with this umm thing on” Jess said from the dressing room. “Honey come on out its not that bad” Gina said. “Umm yeah if ur Britney Spears” Jess said poking her head out of the dressing room. Everyone laughed. “Well then we know Justin wont have a problem with it “ Benish said under her breath. And Jess laughed. “ What did you say be?” Justin asked. “ Oh nothing, nothing” Benish said. “ Jess come out” Justin asked. “Fine but not because you asked me to its because i wanted too” Jess said. She always had to be stubborn Justin thought and laughed at himself. “Jessica get you ass out here” Benish yelled. “Coming, coming “ Jess said and walked out. “GIRLL u look AWSOME!” Benish said. “ Jess looked at the guys for approval. She was wearing a pink tube top the bottom was on a angle the settled right before her bellybutton it had little beads on the bottom. The skirt was also pink and went down on an angle and had beads on the bottom. “ Jess you like great” Gina said tugging on the top a little. “ Girl don’t be afraid to show cleavage” Gina said and Everyone laughed. “ Jess you look really good “ JC said. “Thanks JC” . “Yeah Jess u look awsome” All the others chimed in accept Justin” Thanks guys. “ Jess really didn’t care what they thought she wanted to know what Justin thought. Yeah sure was mad at him but she still loved him with all her heart its just she needed time. And he obviously new that cuz he hadn’t pushed her. Justin couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. He walked over to her. She stood there nervously as he walked over to her. He looked her over and placed a hand on the small of her back he pulled her towards him and looked her in the eyes. “ Baby you look amazing” he said keeping eye contact and then looking at her lips he wanted to kiss her so bad but he didn’t know if he should. “Thank you” She said getting nervous she didn’t want to give into him just yet. He couldn’t take it anymore he wanted to kiss her so bad, he needed to kiss her. He leaned down to capture her lips a first she gave into the kiss but then relized what she was doing and stopped it. “Justin, im sorry i cant, you just need to give me time” she said. “Okay ill wait..” he said as she turned around and walked into the dressing room to change. “ Everyone was silent “ Well i guess i should get changed.” Benish said . “ Yeah thats a good idea” JC said and stood-up. “ Girls are you done here now” JC asked. “Yeah im gonna get this one and the other blue one i saw before” Jess said. “ Alright well be in the limo waiting” JC said. “ Okay well be out in a few” Benish said. “ Good bye Gina thanks alot” Chris said. “No problem guys” She said giving them each a hug. “Justin come here” Gina called over. “I dunno whats going on between u too but just give Jess sometime if you really love her and want to be with her you have to give her time she seems like a really sweet girl, don’t lose her Justin” Gina said and gave him a hug and he just smiled. “ Thanks Gina” he said and ran off with the others.


“ Hello guys” Benish said entering the Limo and siting next to JC. “ Hey girls ready?!” Lance said. “ Yup “Jess said and sat down and closed the door. Justin was sitting next to her and just smiled. “ Alright now off to do another concert” Chris said. They drove to the Arena and got out there were many fans there but the guys were in a tight schedule and needed to get in to do sound check.

~* Chapter 19 *~