Chapter 17

The next morning Benish woke to bright sunlight and loud snores. She looked next to her to find JC with nothing but black boxer briefs on snoring away. She smiled and sank back onto her pillow. She suddenly sat up. JC woke up. "Hey morning sunshine. What's wrong?" he said sitting up. "Where am I?" she said looking around. "Uh in my room." He said slowly. "How did I get here?" she said "Um I brought you here cuz you were really upset last night" he said quietly. "Ohhh" was all she managed to say. She lay back down. "Come here." JC said as he pulled her towards him. "Listen I was wondering if we could start fresh ok? Forget everything and just be….together." he said. "I'd really like that JC" she whispered. He meerly smiled and held her. They both fell asleep.


"Who wants my world famous waffles with strawberries and whip cream!" Chris yelled out. "OoOo me me!" Joey yelled. "Nice apron darling." JC said with a snicker as he walked into the bus's kitchen. Chris's apron had on a frilly apron with flowers. On it in pink script it said, "Kiss the chef". "Hey shut up! I tell you I get no respect around here. I cook and clean till my arms fall off and I still get no love!" Chris said in a female voice. Everyone around the table laughed. Justin was munching on a small green apple while reading the sports section of the newspaper. Lance was watching the morning news on tv and sipping a mug of coffee. Benish walked in her pajamas and her hair up in a messy bun. Jess followed right behind her in her pajamas as well. Both looked very sleepy. "Well finally if it isn't the sleeping beauties. Good morning ladies. How was the beauty sleep?" Chris said sarcastically. "Shut up Chris." They both said at the same time. Jess grabbed a mug and poured some coffee in it. She got a glass and filled it with orange juice and handed it to Benish. "Thanks." She mumbled. "I can't believe you guys made us get up at 4 in the morning to get on the bus. Look at me! I have bags under my eyes. I look dead!" Jess yelled. "Well sorry baby but we had to drive to the next venue." Justin said putting his arm around her. Benish got her waffles and sat down next to JC. "Good morning baby." He said kissing her on the cheek. "Morning" she said with a small smile. He put his arm around her waist and turned to watch the news. "What'd I miss? Do I see a Loooove connection here?" Chris said. JC chucked a piece of toast at his head. Benish just rolled her eyes. She was flipping through ELLE magazine while eating. "Hey what are you reading?" Jess asked trying to see the magazine. "Oh nothing just looking at the new fall collection." She said. She flipped aimlessly through the pages when something caught her eye. She put down her glass of juice and pulled the magazine to her face. She read while muttering the article out loud. "Well this interesting." She said quietly. "What? Did they come up some new way to please your lover? Haha I can't stand those dumb articles. Why are do you read these things baby?" JC said. Benish ignored his comment. "Check this out." She said standing up and clearing her throat. "Britney dishes on her love life to ELLE. I love having somebody to talk to. J understands me and what I'm going through. He's just an amazing guy and I'm so happy. I'm happy to be in love and have someone like Justin love me for who I am. He knows the real me. At the end of the day I just wanna hold him and never let go" Benish read. As she continued to read the article Jess's eyebrow slowly arched. She turned to look at Justin. His eyes were wide with surprise. "Though Spears is open with her relationship with the 19 year old heartthrob, her man isn't willing to share about their relationship. "We're just friends" he says about his relationship with Spears. When we told her of his answer she simply smiled. Justin's a very private person. He doesn't like to broadcast his personal life to anyone. I respect that. That's one of the things I love about him. If seeing is believing, there are many pictures of the couple together well these are interesting pictures." Benish said looking at the magazine. "Let me see" Jess said snatching the magazine out of her hands. She carefully looked at the pictures of Justin and Britney holding hands, kissing and hugging. She suddenly threw the magazine at Justin. "What the hell are those! Do you even wanna try to explain them! I can't wait to see what creative bullshit answer you'll give me!" Jess yelled. Justin sat in his chair shocked for a few moments. "Listen baby this is ridiculous WE'RE going out not me and Brit. Cmon baby think about it." He managed to say. "I'm still waiting for a GOOD answer." Jess said sternly. "Baby we Britney and I we had a thing. It was a long time ago. She's just not over it that's all baby honest." He said. "Uh I just why I don't AHHHH!" Jess yelled with frustration. "Baby it's all over. It ended a long time ago." Justin said just as his phone started to ring. Everyone was staring at the Nokia phone ringing on the tabletop. Finally JC picked up the phone. "Hello? No this is JC who's this? Oh um hey what's up? Yea I'm good thanx. Yea he's here hold on a sec." JC said. "Its umm Britney." He said quietly. "Spears?!?" Jess yelled. "Um yup that's the one." JC said handing the phone to Justin. "All over huh? Then why the hell is she still calling you?!" Jess yelled again. "I don't know why she" Justin said as he was cut off by Jess. "You know exactly why she's calling. I can't fuckin believe you!" she said as she stormed out of the room. "Jess....uhh...uhhh hello?! Hi Britney. Um nothing listen right now isn't a great time. Yea I'll be there. Ok I'll see you there. K bye." Justin said in to the phone. Benish had gotten up and followed Jess to the back. Justin headed back there too when Benish came back. "Listen if you were planning on getting back there and making it back alive you can forget about it. She is pissed and she's getting more pissed by the second." She warned him. "But…" Justin began to say. "No ifs, ands or buts about it Justin. Leave her alone for now." She said cutting him off. "Fine." He said pouting. Justin sat down across from JC. "When are we going to the VMA's? I'm so excited about that!" Benish said sitting on JC's lap. "Well baby we have a concert in 3 days in Nassau Coliseum so that means that the awards are in 5 days…speaking of which we need to pick out outfits. Call Gina, Lance." JC said. "Who's Gina? Oh my god! I need sumthin to wear! What am I gonna wear?" Benish said. "Gina is our stylist for award shows and other public crap and don't worry sweetie I'll have her find sumthin nice for you and Jess." He said giving her a kiss on the cheek. "Baby where exactly are we going right now?" Benish asked. "Well we're driving to Nashville where the set is gonna have any repairs it needs. From there we're gonna take a flight to New York and stay there for about a week." He replied. "Oh ok I'll go get ready then." She said as she got up from his lap. JC smiled as he watched her walk away. He sighed contently and turned to Justin. "Hey J what happened to Todd?" JC asked. "Let's just say he'll be outta work for a long time. Don't worry about I took care of it." He said "But how" JC said "Man I said don't worry I took care of it." Justin said waving his hand. "You didn't like have him killed right? Cuz if u did I'm afraid I'm gonnna have to testify against you." JC said "Oh gee thanx. No I didn't have him killed I'm not stupid! Just don't worry he's been taken care of." Justin said. "Fine whatever you say." JC said as he got up. Justin remained seated. "What the hell am I gonna do about Britney Jess is getting way too suspicious. What am I gonna do? You're in too deep Timberlake. You better think of something good and fast." Justin muttered to himself.