Chapter 16

"There's my suitcase grab it quick!!" Jess yelled as she pushed Justin to the luggage belt. "Ok Ok I'm not deaf, dumb and blind ya know!" Justin said as he grabbed her suitcase and put it on the trolley. They met up with the guys and Benish. Benish's hair was up in a messy bun and she had dark circles under her eyes. Her clothes were wrinkled and her eyes showed sleep deprivation. Her earphones hug recklessly around her neck with the faint sound of Bush coming out. She aimlessly stared out the window at the departing planes. "You ok? JC said breaking her thoughts. "Oh um yea I'm ok." She said startled. He looked at Jess who shrugged her shoulders. "Something's up." Jess thought. Todd came with his bags and set them on a trolley. He picked up Benish's and did the same. He looked up and saw JC standing next to her staring at her. Todd quickly went and grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her away. She didn't put up a fight. "Hey Jess do you know if something's wrong with Benish? She doesn't seem to be herself" JC asked Jess concerned. "You know what JC? I did notice something's up with her but I'm not sure what it is." She said as she looked after her friend. Todd still had a firm grip on her wrist.


"Justin?" Jess said. "Yea baby?" Justin replied as he unpacked his suitcase. "Did you notice that Benish has been acting strange lately?" she asked as she sat down next to his suitcase. Justin sighed. He put his suitcase down on the floor and sat next to her on the edge of the bed. He faced her and took her hands in his. "I have a feeling Jess and its not a good one." He said quietly. "What do you mean?" Jess said suddenly alert. "Well when we were at the airport I noticed that she was spacing out and she looked awful." "What does that have anything to do with I'm talking about?" Jess said. "Did you see how Todd grabbed her hand? It wasn't like how I grab your hand. He latched on to her wrist so hard it looked like he cut off her circulation!" Justin said. Jess's eyes widened. "You don't think…" she stammered. "I don't know baby, I have no clue what's going on but I know something's definitely wrong with that picture." He said "Ask her what's wrong. Hey maybe I'm wrong maybe she's just stressed." He said with a small smile. "It was just a thought." He added. Jess nodded her head, lay down and remained silent.

KNOCK KNOCK! Benish opened her eyes. "Who is it?" she asked groggily. KNOCK KNOCK! "Who is it?!" she said more agitated. She thought it was Jess. She opened the door without looking to see who it was. As soon as she opened the door she turned away and headed for the bathroom. She heard the door click shut behind her. Then she heard the lock turn. Suddenly her heart was filled with fear. "Oh god" she whispered under her breath. She was filled with panic as her eyes darted around the room looking for a way out. She saw his shadow coming closer and closer. She took in a sharp breath. "Hey you should look through the peep hole before opening the door sweetheart" JC said with a warm smile on his face. Benish let out a huge sigh. She sat down in the armchair with her hand over her chest, her face flushed. "Hey are you ok?" JC said as he kneeled in front of her. "Yea I'm ok I just…got scared." She whispered. "Why?", he asked. "I thought you were…oh nevermind." She muttered. "No. Who did you think I was? Todd? Is there something wrong between you two? I have a really bad feeling about him Benish I really don't.." JC was cut off as she grabbed him and kissed him a deep kiss. She pulled away with tears in her eyes. "Wow…hey what's wrong baby?" he asked "Everything" she whispered. Steady tears streamed down her face. JC picked her up off the chair and hugged her in a warm embrace and kissed her wildly. "Its ok baby I'm here now and I'll make everything ok" he said in between kisses. Her head suddenly pulled away from him. "What's wrong?" he asked. "Did you hear something?" she asked her eyes frantic. "No baby its just the wind." He said as he pulled her closer. She heard the clicking sound again. She heard another sound, one she couldn't identify. There was another shadow skimming up the wall, the shadow of a male. Her eyes widened with fear. "Bebe what's wrong?" JC asked. "There's someone here look." she said pointing the shadow. "JC what are u doing with my woman?!" Todd yelled as he moved towards them. JC moved in front of her and held her behind him. "Your woman? Since when?" JC said in Todd's face. Todd gave him a deathly stare, his cool blue eyes firing with rage. "Baby come here cmon this is crazy. I know he made you do all this its ok." Todd said calmly to her. "No you're crazy Todd." She said from behind JC. "Baby cmon I love you baby this is crazy I forgive you." He said reaching out her. "Get away from her!" JC said defensively "Don't you love me baby?" Todd said ignoring JC. "Love you?!? Are you fucking retarded or something? How could I love you? You raped me!!" Benish said coming out from behind JC with tears of anger streaming down her face. Todd stopped dead in his tracks. JC turned to face the two of them. "He what?" he said stunned. "He raped me, he raped me JC" Benish said crying. Todd just stood there. "You raped her?! You asshole!" JC said jumping on top of Todd, beating him up. "Benish.." Jess said as her and Justin walked into the room. "Justin do something go.." Jess said waving her hands towards Jc and Todd fighting on the floor. Justin grabbed Jc and held him back. "Let me go man!im gonna kill him" Jc said trying to get away from Justin. "No man Jc cmon he's not worth it" Justin said as JC cut him off. "Man he raped her! He raped her!!!" JC yelled. "He what?!" Justin said letting go of JC. Justin stood there stunned for a moment and then realized JC had jumped on top of Todd with his hands around his neck. "Oh no you don't… you're gonna kill him! What the hell is wrong with you?" Justin said as he picked JC up and pushed him up against the wall. "Calm down man, breathe take it easy don't do something you'll regret later on." Justin said calmly to him. "Calm down?! Take it easy!? He raped her! What part of that do you not understand I'm gonna fuckin kill him! Let me go!" JC said as he fought against Justin. Justin's strong arms didn't budge. "I'm gonna let you go JC. You have to calm down. Killing him isn't gonna solve anything. Just cool it, if not for yourself then do it for her. She's scared out of her mind right now and you're making it worse." Justin said to him. JC looked across the room at Benish who was crying in Jess's arms. He relaxed against the wall and took a deep breath in. "Ok alright, I'm ok now." He told Justin. Justin let go of him cautiously to make sure he didn't attack Todd again. Justin turned to look at Todd. He was lying on the ground with his hand to his face. Justin knelt in front of him. "Move your hand Todd." He said sternly. Todd looked him with anger but did as he said. Blood was streaming from a cut on his forehead and his lower lip. Justin picked him up and pushed him on to the armchair. He knelt in front of him. "Now you're gonna tell me exactly what happened. Understand?" Justin said. "I don't have to tell you shit" Todd said with anger. "Oh really? Don't force me to something stupid Todd just tell me everything ok?" Justin said. Todd remained silent. Justin waited. He turned to look at Benish. She was still crying and trying to explain what happened to Jess and JC. JC had her in his arms and was trying to comfort her. "Listen pal, I can get your ass killed faster than you can say "I'm sorry" ok? So just make life easier for all of us and tell me what you did.