Chapter 15

Jess woke up to bright light of the sun. She rubbed her eyes, stretched out and looked next to her. The spot next to her was empty. She heard a rustling sound and sat up. “Owww!” she heard Justin yell. “Dammit! Stupid hanger!” he yelled as he got out of the closet rubbing the top of his head. Jess giggled. “Hey look sleeping beauty’s up. Its about time you woke princess.” Justin said as he sat down on the bed next to her. “Oh my god we have a flight!” Jess said as she jumped out of bed. “Very good Jess you forgot we had a flight. Well have no fear I took the liberty of packing your suitcase. You just need to get dressed.” He said. “Oh Justy what would I do without you?” she said as she kissed him on the cheek. Jess showered and put on her FuBu baby blue t-shirt and cutoff shorts. “Ok our stuff is in the car.” Justin said as he walked in. “Ok I’m coming.” She said as she tied her shoelaces. “Ok let’s go sweetie.” She said as she grabbed his hand. She looked at him. He seemed to be acting normal. She was hoping that what she said to himlast night wouldn’t hurt him. “Hey Jess go see if Benish is still in her room.” Justin said. “Um ok sure.” She said. She knocked on the door and waited. She knocked again only louder this time. She leaned against the door. “I don’t hear anyone inside. I guess she’s downstairs.” She said. “Ok then let’s go hun.” He said. “Hey guys.” JC said as he got out of his room. “Ready to go?’ Justin said. JC and Jess said yes. They took the elevator downstairs. When they arrived down stairs everyone was waiting for them in lobby. “Finally we have been waiting for you” Chris said. “Well were here now” Justin said turning to Jess but she wasn’t there he looked over and she was talking to Benish. “Hey are u okay?” Jess asked her. “Yeah im okay” Benish said “Are u sure I tried calling u last night and nobody picked up” Jess said . “Yeah I was with Todd” she said quitley. “Oh okay how are things with u too u guys seemed to hit it off pretty well” jess said “Yeah hey listen I have to tell u something but please don’t say any thing okay?” Benish said. “Sure” jess said. “Well last night……….” Benish said before Jc cut her off with his hand on her sholder. “Can I talk to u ?” he asked. “Ummm” was all she managed to say. “I’ll you two alone “ Jess said walking over to Justin. “Benish listen to me im really sorry about last night” he said. “Its okay Jc really it is” she said. “Okay so are we cool?” he asked. “Yeah” she said and got up . They walked over to the rest of the group. “Alright were all here so lets go” Joey said. They all left and got into there limo and drove to the airport. As soon as the plane took off everyone fell asleep.

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