Chapter 14

“JC, JC are you okay?” Lance said. “You guys he’s not waking up!” Joey said. “Chris go call 911!” Jess yelled. The ambulance came and took JC to the hospital. The guys and Jess went to the hospital and waited in the waiting room. “Um guys whatever happened to Benish and Todd?!” Joey asked. “Wow I thought for sure when she saw JC fall and that she was coming down.” Justin said. “Yeah I’m gonna call her” Jess said. She left the waiting room and went outside. *Ring*Ring* *Ring*Ring* “Hmmm I wonder why nobody’s answering.” Jess said and walked back inside. “Hey guys nobody’s picking up.” Jess said coming back and sitting next to Justin. “She’s probably with Todd” Chris said. “Yeah” Lance said. “Yah know what I really don’t like him I dunno there is just something about him I dunno” Jess said. “Yeah I know what you mean,” Justin said. “Excuse me…. Are u friends of Mr. Chasez?” The doctor said. “Yeah “ they all said. “How’s he doing?” Justin asked. “Well he was pretty drunk but nothing serious just a couple of cuts but he’ll be fine,” the doctor said. “But you can go in and see him now” “All right thank you doctor.” Justin said. They all walked into JC’s room. “Hey guys.” JC said as he sat up. “Hey man how are you doin?” Justin asked while looking at JC to see if he was hurt. “I’m ok, I’m just so ashamed I acted like such an asshole.” JC said. “Yea tell me about it.” Jess said. “Jess please don’t be mad at me.” JC pleaded. “Don’t be mad at you?!? JC, you hurt my best friend!” Jess yelled. “Yes I know and I’m an asshole for doing that but I’m gonna try to make it up to her I promise.” JC said. “Its not me you have to win over, its Benish.” Jess said. “Yea I know speaking of which where is she?” JC said as he looked around the room. “Well I really don’t know, she never came down after you fell and I tried calling her but nobody’s picking up.” Jess said. “ I swear if he ever touches her again OMG.” He said as he balled his fist up. “Well you can go home now Mr. Chasez.” The doctor said. “Alright thank you doctor.” He said as he got off the bed. They went back to the hotel and everyone went to their rooms. “Jess do you wanna come back in my room?” he asked with a smirk. “Um yea sure.” She said without paying attention. She was looking at Benish’s door. She had called her several times but no one answered. “Jess you comin in?” Justin said standing by the door. “Yea yea I’m coming.” Jess said walking slowly in to the room but not letting her eye off of Benish’s door. Justin closed the door and locked it. “Cmon Jess don’t worry she’s probably just sleeping.” Justin said kissing her neck. “I know I know but I just have this feeling that something happened.” She said “Cmon baby loosen up.” He said rubbing her shoulders. “Okay...” she said as she closed her eyes. “Now…” Justin said as she turned her around and kissed her. She kissed him back. Justin’s hand traveled to her back and he started to massage her back as Jess ran her hands through his hair. He took off her shirt and lay her on the bed and she unbuttoned his shirt. All of sudden she stopped. “Justin I think we should stop I’m really not ready for this. “Jess said hoping he’d understand. “Oh Jess I’m sorry.” He said quietly. “No its ok I just don’t wanna rush things ok? She said. “I understand and I totally agree with you.” He said kissing her forehead. The two changed into comfortable clothes and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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