Chapter 13

"Jess I'm tired we have a plane to catch in the morning so can we go now?" Justin said "Sure baby no problem? wait where are we going?" she asked. "Umm Florida. Orlando I think." He said, "You don't even know where you're going?" Jess said "I'm lucky if I know where I am half the time." He replied with a chuckle. "Cmon let's go." He said. He got the rest of the guys and they went to the limo. "Hey where's JC?" Joey asked. "I thought he was out here." Justin said. He looked at Jess who shrugged her shoulders. "Maybe he went back to the hotel." Lance said. "Probably." Chris said. "Heyyyyy where's Benish and Todd? Hmmm?" Chris said. "They left a long time ago." Jess said. "Really? Hmmm? To get it on?" Chris said he laughed. "No stupid! She and JC got into a fight." Justin said. "Huh? When'd this happen?" Chris said with confusion. "Cmon I'll tell you in the limo." Justin said as he got in. "Oh wow JC really messed up!" Joey said in the limo. "Yea no shit." Justin said. "I just called the hotel? JC's not there." Chris said. "Hmm that's strange. Maybe he went to Benish to apologize." Justin said. "Ok let me try her." Chris said. He picked up the phone and dialed her number. He waited for her to answer. "Hello? Todd?" Chris said as his eyes widened. "Oh I see? was JC there by any chance? No? Ok thanx Todd bye." Chris said as he hung up the phone. "Todd was there?" Justin said as he arched an eyebrow. "Yup? he said she fell asleep in the cab so he took her upstairs and put her to bed. He said he's gonna stay there till she wakes up." Chris said. Justin shifted around in his seat. Jess had fallen asleep. He wrapped his arms around her and lay her head on his shoulder. "Now I'm worried about JC." Lance said. "Me too." Joey agreed. The car was in the back of the hotel now. The driver drove to the back because their rooms were nearby. Joey looked out the window. "Hey is that him?!?" Joey said. "Where?" Justin said as he jumped up and rushed to the window. Jess looked around groggily. "What's going on guys?" she said as she rubbed her eyes. "Oh my god that is JC!" Chris yelled as he pointed his finger out the window. "Huh? What's going on?" Jess said drowsily. Justin told the driver to stop the car. They all jumped out of the car. There was JC drunk as can be. His shirt was unbuttoned and he was a mess. His hair was messy and stuck out in every which way. He had a bottle of vodka in his hand and he was swaying around. "I wanna know what turns you onnnnnnnn? .so I can be all that and more? I'd like to know what makes you cry? so I can always be the one to makkkkkkkkeeee you smilllleeee." JC sang. "I wish I can take a journey through your mind?" JC paused to take a drink. "Tell me what I gotta do to please you. Baby anything you say I'll do? from the bottom of my heart its truuuuuueeeeeeee? ." He sang. "Oh my god!" Jess said as she watched JC singing. He swayed back and forth and looked like he was gonna pass out. "Bebe? oh Bebe!!! Come out come out wherever you are!!!" JC yelled to her window. He took another long sip of vodka and resumed his yelling. "Beeeeebeeeee! YoooooHooooo!!" he yelled. He started laughing hysterically. "Hey I'm here!!! I'm right here!" JC yelled. He repeated that over and over until he mumbled it to himself. He drank some more again. All the guys just stood there they didn't know what to do. They watched as JC drank and sang and yelled. "Hey Bebe!! What do you want from me huh?" he yelled. "Do you want me to take my shirt off? Ok that can be arranged." He said as he ripped his shirt off. Joey shook his head as he watched JC ripping his shirt off, drinking and puffing on a cigarette. Justin looked up and saw that the light in her room was off. "Jess call her." He said. "Ok. She shuffled around her bag and took out her cell phone. "Hello? Todd? Wake her up please. Hey you might wanna go on your balcony and look down here." Jess said. The light in her room went on and Jess saw the door open. Benish came out still in her dress, her hair put up in a messy bun. "Oh my god you have to be kidding me!" she yelled in the phone. "I can't goooooo on I just wanna be with that your gone..(gulp)I just wanna beeee with you!" JC sang. "What on earth is he doing?!" she asked Jess. "He's umm singing." "No shit! Is he drunk?" she said. "A durch! Just look at him." Jess replied. "Bebe darling how nice of you to join us!" JC yelled. He still hadn't noticed the guys and Jess. "JC are you smoking?!?" she yelled down at him. "Huh? Oh yea I am!" Jc yelled back. He almost fell. "Oopsie! I almost fell!" he giggled. "I can't believe you're drunk!" she yelled at him. "Me? I'm not (hiccup) drunk! What makes (hiccup) you think that me, Joshua Scott (hiccup) Chasez am drunk!!?" JC said. He looked around him, at several empty bottles that lay near him. "I just had a lil sumthin to drink that's all." "Hey where's Todd? Where's that shit head?" JC yelled. Todd came out in his boxers. "Oh you fucker! You have some fucking nerve you ass! What the hell are you doin in her room? I'm gonna KILL you jerk-off! I swear I'm gonna kill you!" JC yelled. He took one last sip to empty the bottle and he took one more puff of smoke and he tossed both on the floor. The glass bottle crashed on the floor. He ran towards the building. He jumped up and got hold of a metal ladder. He tried to pull himself up. Justin ran towards JC. "Fight like a man you dick!" JC yelled. "Jc!! Get down! You're gonna hurt yourself! Jc!" Justin yelled up at JC. JC looked down at him. "Let me handle my problems ok? I fucked this up now I'm gonna fix it!" he yelled. JC lost his balance and he slipped. He tried to hold on but the bar was too slippery and he fell to the ground. "Oh my god!" Jess yelled. They all crowded around him. "Is he ok?" Benish yelled. Benish couldn't see JC because everyone was around him. She ran from the balcony into her room. She got to the door to find Todd standing in way. "Todd move! please she yelled trying to move him away from the door. " You’re not going anywhere hunny,” Todd said throwing her on top of the bed. Slowly he walked towards her. “Todd what are u doing? Todd!!!” she yelled. “ Shhhh oh is this gonna be fun…” Todd said and turned off the lights.

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