~*Chapter 10*~

The girls stood outside their apartment with their luggage. "I'll be right back" Jess said. "Jess they're gonna be here any minute." Benish said. "Calm down I'll be back in a sec." She said Jess went back into the apartment and came back with her phone book. "What do you need that for?" said Benish "Hey you guys" Jess said. "Hey what up?" Justin said as he walked with JC down the hall towards the girls. "I'm so excited" Jess said "Well wait till you see what we did to the bus. We actually cleaned it up!" JC said The guys helped the girls with their luggage and they boarded the bus. "Hey you guys long time no see" said Joey as he took a bag from Benish. "Hey Joe where are the rest of the guys?" she asked. "Oh they're in the back. HEY YOU GUYS COME OUT!!!" Joey yelled. Lance and Chris came out from the back room. "Hey wazzzzzup?" Chris yelled "Oh god" Jess muttered "What was that?" Chris said "Nuthin forget it." She said "Hey leave my girl alone." Justin said as he put his arm around Jess. "OoOo your girl eh?" he said. Justin rolled his eyes and showed Jess to her bunk. "Well this is your bunk you'll be sleeping here." Justin said "No really? I thought these were just here to look pretty!" Jess said sarcastically as she put her bags down. Justin playfully smacked Jess on the arm and she smacked him back missing his face and hitting his chest instead. Justin grabbed Jess by the arms and pulled her close so that she wouldn't smack him. They stopped moving and looked into each other's eyes. "Should I ask her out?" Justin asked himself. "Hey what's going on?" Lance said with a smirk. Justin immediately let go of Jess and tried to play it off. "I ummm fell and Justin umm caught me." Jess stammered. "Yea she uh fell" Justin added. "Yea sure and I'm Elvis back from the dead." He said Justin just rolled his eyes and left. Lance followed him. Jess was by herself. "Hey why are you soo quiet?" Benish asked "Oh nothin.." Jess muttered "Oh come on!! I tell when your sumthin too ya know!" Benish said "Sit down and tell me what happened" she said Jess told Benish what happened between her and Justin. "But Jess you guys were makin out this morning didn't that mean anything?" she said "It just happened I mean I it wasn't a big deal. This this was different." Jess said. "Well I dunno what to say Jess, if you like him so much then just tell him. I think he likes you too" she said as put her arm around her friend "Don't worry it'll all work out." "Well hello ladies" Justin said as he walked in and handed the girls drinks. "Thanx well I'm going to go check out the rest of the bus." Benish said as she winked at Jess. "K later" Justin said as he sat down next to Jess. "Justin I need to talk to you." She said "I need to talk to you too." He said "Well you first" Jess said. "No..u.." Justin began to say. All of a sudden a cell phone started to ring. "My butt's ringing" Justin said as he reached under himself to take out a phone. "Well its not mine can I answer it?" he asked Jess. "Sure" she said. "Hello?" he said. "Umm hello is this Jessica's phone?" a male voice said "Yea who is this?" Justin asked. "Wait a minute is this Justin?" the guy said. Justin could tell who ever this guy was he was getting really pissed. "Yea this Justin who's this?" he said. "What the hell are you doin with my girlfriend's phone?" the guy yelled "Your girlfriend?!?" Justin yelled into the phone. He looked at Jess with a puzzled, confused and angry face. "Give me the phone Justin" She said "Hello? Matt?" she said "Yes no! So what if I am!?! It's none of your business! Your not my boyfriend anymore Matt! But I.. will you just listen to me!" she stammered. Justin could see the tears welling up in her eyes. He grabbed the phone from Jess. "Don't ever call back here. I don't care who you are! Yea? Just try and touch her and I'll kill you!" Justin yelled. He hung up the phone. "Jess who was that?" he asked "Was that your ex boyfriend? Don't worry he won't do shit. Shhh its ok clam down Jess. Its ok sweetie I'm here I won't let anything happen to you ok?" Justin said he comforted Jess. He held her tightly in his arms and tried to calm her down. "Jess its ok..Shh Jess stop crying please. I can't stand it when girls cry!" he said. Jess's crying subsided and she sat down wiping her face. Justin got a box of tissues and took one out. He gently wiped away Jess's tears and smiled at her. "There that's better. I hate it when girls cry. I makes me wanna cry!" he said with a silly face. Jess laughed and took a tissue and cleaned her face up. Justin took Jess by the hand and led her to him. Without a word hee pulled her down next to him ad looked her dead in the eye. He began to open his mouth to say something. "Yes Justin" Jess replied. She had a strong feeling that she knew exactly what Justin was going to say. He smiled and leaned in and kissed her. Jess had a feeling someone was watching her and Justin but she didn't care. Nothing was going to ruin this moment with Justin. Jess heard someone closing the door quietly. Justin didn't seem to notice.


Benish closed the door as quietly as she could. She heard Justin yelling and went to check out what was happening. She saw Jess crying and Justin threw her cell phone onto the couch and he held her as she cried. "Oh god it was Matt." Benish thought to herself. She saw how Justin pulled Jess to him and kissed her. "He really does like her." She thought to herself with a smile. She closed the door so they can have some privacy. She sighed contently to herself and turned to walk away. "Well hello there miss." JC said. "Oh hey JC" she replied. "Do I even wanna know what's going on in there?" he said as he motioned to the closed door. Benish simply laughed and took JC by the hand and led him away from the door.

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