~*Chapter 1*~

"Oh my god!" yelled Jessica. "Calm down girl! I'm excited too!", said Benish. "Ok okay. I'm okay just breathe", said Jess. Benish and Jess were on their way to meet 'N Sync their most favorite group in the whole world. Benish won backstage passes for the meet and greet 'N Sync has before each show. She knew that as soon as she got them she had to take her best friend, Jessica. The girls got ready to look their best for the guys. Jessica slid into a pair of cutoff blue jeans and put on a baby blue tank top, for her fave member, Justin. Benish put on a pair of black Capri's and put on a light orange tube top for JC. As they both started to do their hair and apply their make-up the girls looked at each other and started to giggle and gave each other assuring looks. Jess did a little twirl and Benish nodded approvingly. "How do I look?" asked Benish. "Oh you look soooo cute! I love that tube top can I borrow it sometime?" Jess said with a sly smile. Benish rolled her eyes and smiled and motioned for Jess to hurry up and go. They took last looks in the mirror, took a deep breath and left Benish's room. ********* In the car the girls were singing along to the 'N Sync CD. They couldn't wait to meet the guys. They've been waiting for it for such a long time and now finally they were gonna meet 'N Sync. "I'm sooooooo nervous, Jess", said Benish "Don't worry about it they are just normal guys I'm nervous too" added Jess. "Do you have your pass?" asked Benish " Check in my bag" "Yea its here" Jess was so excited she could barely keep her eyes on the road. "Jess don't get me killed I wanna meet 'N Sync BEFORE I die k?" said Benish "Shut It" giggled Jess. Benish stuck her tongue out at her. As they got to the venue they saw the long line of teenybopper girls in their cars with 'N Sync written across their faces with marker. "What a bunch of losers" said Jess " Yea tell me about it!" said Benish Jess found a parking spot and glanced in her mirror to make sure she looked ok. "Jess you look fine. Umm how do I look?" said Benish "You look fine, are you ready?" asked Jess. "Oh hell yea I'm ready! Let's go knock the socks off those guys!" she yelled.

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