Chapter 8

When they arived at the mall the girls wanted to go to armani exchange. “OoO look at this” Jess said holding up this little navy blue halter top. “OoO i like!” Benish said. “Yeah me too” Justin said. “What was that justin” jess said “ Oh nothing o nothing” “yeah yeah” they all laughed. The girls really didnt like anything in there so they went to XOXO. Jess went crazy in that store she must of grabbed everthing in there and tried it on. She finally decided on a baby blue tub top wiht a triangular bottom and a short baby blue skirt. Benish got a black strappless dress. After the girls were satisfied with what they got they left the mall. When they all arrived at the hotel the decided to go on there seprate ways to get ready for that dinner. “So whats up between you and Justin” Benish asked. “You wanna know the truth?” “yeah” “well i have no clue!!” “What do u mean u have no clue” benish asked. “i mean i have no clue whats going on between us” Jess said towel drying her hair. “Jess u have to know whats going on between u too” Benish said brushing her hair. “B im serious i dunno whats going on at all i lke him alot but i dunno if he likes me the same way?” she said “Jess are u kidding me do u see the way he lookes at u” benish said. “He totally has a thing for u girl!” “Do u think he does” Jess asked smiling. “Yes i do why dont u tell him how u feel” benish asked “ALright maybe i will tonite at dinner” she said. “Thats a girl” Benish said and they both just laughed. About an hour later the guys left there hotel room. “Wow i cant wait to see how the girls look” Jc said. “Yeah i know”Jusitn said. Chris just rolled his eyes. “Ill see is there ready “Shawn said knocking on the door. “Jess u girls ready” he said. “Um yeah hold on were coming” Jess said putting the finishing touches on her makeup. “Well hurry we cant be late” he said. “Alright Alright im coming” The guys waited outside. “Oh Lordie were are my shoes” Jess screamed. THe guys heard her form outside and they just laughed. “Hey jess u need help in there” Justin asked. “NO im okay” she said. “OWWWW OHHH” Jess screamed. “Jess are u alright in there” “OWW i sttubbed my toe oohh” ” she said sweetly. “Oh babe are u alright open the door”Jusitn said. “Yeah yeah im fine ill be right out” she said. Just then the door flew open and there she stood she looke great he thought. “Hey guys okay were ready “ she said as benish joined her out the door. “WOW” Jc said. Benish blushed and took Jc’s hand. “JESSICA u better walk right back in that room and put some clothes on!!” Shawn said pointing to the room. “What r u talking about im wearing clothes” she said “Yeah like hardly n e thing “ he said motining her back in the room. “Well too bad u have to deal...cuz this is what im wearing and thats final ur not daddy ur my brother and i dont have to change if i dont want too!! so haha” she said walking past him. “Shawn dude clam down she looks great just leave her alone” Jusitn said catching up to Jess. “I sware if he touches her hes so dead” Shawn said. “Well thats a little too late.” Chris said. “WHAT” shawn said. “Its a little too late they already hooked up” he said. “Are u kidding me” shawn asked. “No im not after the club! i sware to u” chris said. “Oh man hes so dead!” shawn said catching up to the rest of the group. “Now go easy on him shawn” lance said “Go easy Go easy??? are u kidding me hes making moves on my little sister!!!!” Shawn said “Shawn Jess is not a little girl any more shes 18 i think she can make decisions for her self alright just calm down” Joey said. “Alright i guess your right but i still dont liek this” shawn said. “U look beautiful” Justin wispered is jess’s ear. That sended chills down jess’s back. “Thank u look great too” she said to justin. They both look over at benish and Jc and they were making out on couch in the lobby. They both just laughed. “Um Jess do u think i can talk to u outside” Justin asked. “Yeah sure” she said. They walked outside and sat on a bench outside. Justin sighed Alright justin u have to do this he told him self. “Yeah so what u wanna talk to me about” she said. “Well Jess um....what i wanted to tell is” he stammered . “Justin just say it already” she said. “Will u got out with me?” he said. A smile formed on her face . She didnt say nothing she leaned in and kissed him. They broke apart. “Does that answer ur question” Jess asked “Um i dont think is did” justin said smiling “Alright maybe this will help” she said kissing him again. The kissed turned into a more passonite kiss.

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