Chapter 7

They got of the bus to see hundreds of fans screaming. The guys made there way of the bus said hi to some fans and signed some autographs. Then they finaly go into the hotel and Shawn handed out there keys to there rooms. “Here yah go Lance, Joey,Chris,Benish,Jc,Justin,and Jess. Alright there u go guys.” he said “Dont forget we have that dinner at 9 he said. “Oh yeah”Chris said and left. Benish and Jc walked off to there rooms. “ALright Jess letsgo” Justin said grabing her hand. “WAIT”Shawn said grabing jess’s other hand. “I need to talk to u” “Okay”she said. “Justin ill meet u up stairs” “Alright” he said and gave her a kiss in the cheek. “Alright Shawn im all urs” he leaded her to the lobby and sat her on the couch. “So whats up bro?.....can we make this quick i really want to get back to justin and everybody.” she said “That is what i want to talk about. I really dont think its a good idea for u to get involved wiht Justin” he said. “WHAT....WHY” she screamed. “Jess calm down......i just dint think its a good idea to i know his kind and hell just end up hurting u and i cant stand to see that happen to you thats all i just wanted to warn you” he said calming his sister down by holding her hand. she immedetly snattched it away form him. “Shawn i cant belive u Justin is not like that!” she said getting up. “Jess dont be mad i just dont want u to get hurt.” he said. “Its alright im not mad. ... its just i would really like u to act liek my brother and not daddy while im here k? im a big girl i can watch out for myself” she said getting up and giving him a kiss on the cheek. Jess headed towards the elevator and towards her room. When she got there she noticed that her door was slightly open. She walked in and saw Justin watching TV. “Justin..Omg u scared me how did u.....” she trailed off and saw Justin rasie the keys. “I had them” he said and laughed. “oh yeah.... hehe i knew that” lol. Justin walked up to Jess and said. “Sure u did” “Oh Shut it” she said and playfully pushed him. “OoOoO u did not just do that!” he said. “Hmmmm let me think ....hmm...hmm... yeah i did that ” she said and was gonna get ready to run but Justin grabed her arm and swung her by the arm around to him. “And where do u think ur going”. “Um no were.” she said. He let go of her anf they both just laughed. “Well benish and Jc called and there heading to the pool do u wanna go?” he asked. “Um yeah sure let me go and change.” Jess ran to her suit case and got her bathing suit and went into the bathroom. Justin waited when finally he heard the bathroom door open and he looked up. There Jess stood with a pink string bikini it tied around her neck. And she had a wrap around the bottom. “WOW” he said and Jess blushed. “Well u ready?he said. “Yeah lets go” she said as he got up and opened the door. They walked down the hall and on to the elevator. When they got there Benish and JC were already in the pool. “Hey guys” Jc said as he was splashing his new girlfriend. “Hey” Jess said as she slowly went into the pool. But after a while JC just pulled her in. “UGH.. JJJJCCCC” “Hahaha” they all just laughed. “So B i never got a chance to ask u before..yah know bout u and Jc” Jess said swimming up to her. “Well what about us?” “ugh comon girl ur going out wiht him!!” jes said. “Hehehe yeah i know!! im so excited i like him so much!” she said. “Well im happy for u”Jess said as she hugged her friend. The guys came over. “So what are u to lovley ladies talking about” Jc said as he put his arm around benish’s waist and kissed her. “WOW....WOW..wait a minute...u too are together” justin said. “Yeah man duh” Jc said. “OoO wow thats really kool” he said looking at jess. He really did want to ask her out but he really didnt know how she felt. Yeah they did kinnda hook-up last night but she just could of wanted a hook-up and thats it. He was so confused. “Justin..Justin”Jess said. “um yeah” he said . Comon were getting out were going shopping me and benish want to find something to were to the dinner tonite” she said getting out the pool. “Um alright” he said. They changed and hopped in a limo .

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