Chapter 6

The next morning Benish was the first one up. She sat on one of the couches looking outside the window drinking her coffee when she heard the door open. Jess walked in “Hey good morning sleepy head” benish said. “Oh Shut it” she said. “Well well someone is in a bad mood this to tell me whats wrong”. “WEll me and justin got in a fight last night” she said as she sat next to benish with her coffee. “u did i thought u guys were hiting it off?” “yeah he accused me of being a big flirt.” she said. “Well were u flirting?” “No ...comon please it was joey” they both just laughed. When JC walked in the room. “Hello ladies” he said as he walked over to benish who was pouring some more coffee and he wraped his arms around her waist and kissed her on the cheek. “Good morning” “Hold up wait a minute back it up!!!...are u too liek together or something?” Jess asked “Yeah “benish said. “Danm were the hell was I?” jess said. “Um fighting wiht Jusitn. “ benish said. “U guys got in a fight? Jc asked. “Well yeah kinnda.... he accused me of flirting” “OoOoO” JC said. “ And what do u mean be that” jess asked. “Oh nothing.....its just thats the vibe u give off...being a big flirt.” Benish smacked JC in the arm. “What was that for” he asked. “Shut up and drink your coffee” benish said. “What the hell is it pick on Jess week???” “ No dont mind him jess ur not a big flirt” Benish said. “Um yeah she is” Justin said walking in the room. “Ugh No im not for the 1000 time!!” “What we talking bout” Joey said as he waked in the room wiht the rest of the guys. “Oh just how jess is a big flirt” JC said. “ugghh!!” Jess said. “Yes u are jess...Just admit it” justin said. “No im not going to cause its not true!” “ i cant help it if guys come up and talk to me what can i say im irresistable” she said wiht a a smirk. “WOW and i thought justin had a big ego” Chris said. “Oh shut up man” Justin said getting really mad. “ Damn man what the hell crawled up ur ass”. Chris said. “She did” Justin said. “OMG what the hell is your problem justin?!?!ugh!!!” she said and stormed out the room. “WOW man what happened between u two” Lance asked “Long story” he said and followed Jess. Jusitn looked in her bunk and she wasnt there she must be in the back room he thought to himself. He walked towards the back room and heard jess crying. “Jess are u okay?” he asked. “Yeah im fine” she said as she wiped the tears off her face. “No ur not your crying...listen im sorry if i hurt u”he said as he sat next to her. “im fine what are u talking about im not crying.” she said. “Jess dont lie to me “he said as he looked at her with his big blue eyes. “Nothing im fine” she said as she was getting up but stopped and sat back down hysterical crying. Justin pulled her to him and held her in his arms and just let her cry. After she calmed down she backed away from justin and wiped her eyes. “ugh look at me im acting like a baby” she said. “No ur not ...listen jess im really sorry for calling u a big flirt and stuff. “ he said “its okay”.she said. “Comon lets get back to the rest of the group” she said as she got up and walked out the door. she turned around and said Hey Justin” “Yea” he said as he cought up wiht her. “Thanx alot” she said as she gave him a kiss on the cheek with that she left. “Score” he wispered to him self and walked to the front of the bus wiht a huge grin on his face. There he found everyone sitting and talking. “And why are we smiling Mr . Timberlake??” Chris asked. “Nothing oh nothing” he said as he sat next to jess. “Whatever” Chris said as he rolled his eyes. They talked for a while when all of a sudden the bus stopped and Shawn borded the bus. “Alright u guys were in North Carolina... at the hotel so.........” he suddenly stopped at the sight of Jessica laying on justin’s lap. “SO......”Joey said. Shawn looked at them and just turned his head. “So....that means u guys can get off the bus and go in the hotel.” “Allright comon guys” Lance said. They all wen to there bunks and gathered there stuff.

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