Chapter 5

Meanwhile in the front of the bus......... Jess was watching “Cruel Intentions” with Justin. Justin was playing with her hair. “Justin what are you doin?” she asked “Ummm i’m playin wit your hair Jess...cuz i just can’t help myself.” he said “Ummm wit my hair alll you want...why aren’t you watchin the movie?” Jess asked “Uhh..ummm” justin muttered “OoOo its the part when she’s sittin in ryan phillippe’s lap and she’s like rubbin down on him...” said Jess as she sat up. “Yea i know that’s my favorite part.” said Justin quietly. “Uh jess..”justin started to say. “Hey what are you two doin hmmm?” said Joey. “OoOo cruel intentions huh? hey justin did YOU pick that movie out??” asked Joey “Shut up Joey go away...don’t you have other things to do?” said Justin motioning him to leave. “Nope not fact i think i’ll just sit down right here and watch the moivie with you two.”joey said with a smile. “So a girl?” said Jess. “Umm no...but you can change that if you want.” Said Joey. Jess got up and went across the room and sat down next to Joey, completely disregarding justin. “Hey what does your shirt say?” joey said as he squinted and stared at jess’s shirt. “Umm Joey its a butterfly it doesn’t say anything...”said Jess with a chuckle. “Hehe i knew that..”said Joey as he turned red. “I’m sure you did” muttered Justin. “What did yah say” asked jess. “Ummm nothing i was talking about the movie” he said. “Well i really am tired so im gonna be going to bed now” joey said. “Alright see yah in the morning” jess said. “alright are u sure u dont wanna come with me “he said. “No thats alright maybe some other time” she said wiht a sly smile. “Good night joey....bastard” justin said. “ What was that curly? joey asked. “Oh nothing good night.” “So justin.... what yah wanna do now” she asked. “Um i dunno do u wanna wake up the rest of the guys so u can flirt with them too? he asked. “Ewww that was so shady” she said “Well its only true. “ . “No its not justin...ugh i was not firting wiht him...please me flirt wiht joey...hahaha now thats funny”she said. “Well it sure did look that way” “Riiiiiiight cuz u just might know everthing”. she said giving him a dirty look. “Whatever ewww im not staying here any more im going to bed” wiht that she stormed out of the room. “Ugh Timberlake your so stupid!!” he said. and wiht that he decided to go to bed too.

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