Chapter 4

“Wow im tired” Justin said as he ploped him self on the couch. “Yeah me too” Jc said. Benish sat next to him. Jess was walking by justin when he grabed her by the waist and sat her down on his lap. “And were do u think u were going” Justin said. They both just chuckled. Jc got up and lead Benish into the back room of the bus. “I wonder were those two are going” Jess said. “Who knows and whos cares” Justin said wiht a sly smile. JC and Benish sat in the backroom. “ Hey Benish i have somehting to tell u” “Shoot” “well i wanted to tell u well i havent known u very long but i really liek u” Jc said and all Benish could do is smile and blush. “And i just wanted to tell u that i think ur great”. “Wow JC i dunno what to say..but ill say this i really like u too” SHe said wiht a big smile. As soon as Jc heard those words come out of her mouth he knew it was okay to kiss her. He leaned in and gave her a kiss. Whes his lips met hers she shivered. They broke apart and looked at each other in the eyes. They both wanted more. THey both leaned in and they started to really really make out. Mean while on the front of the bus jess was on justins lap. and they were just talking. Jusitn grabed her waist tighter and just stared at her . “Whats wrong Justin” “Nothing” he said but he kept staring “Then why are u staring at me” “Because im deciding on wether or not i should o this.....” he said as he leaned down and kissed her. They broke apart . He looked at her and she still had her eyes closed he that showed him that she was alright wiht him kissing her. They looked into each others eyes and he leaned in for another kiss . And this time it was a much longer kiss. At this time he was laying on top of her and they were making out. “Oh man Justin if Shawn sees this hes so gonna go off on u!!” Chris said wiht a snicker. Jusint got up and gave chris the evil eye. He helped Jess up and said. “ G-d Chris dont u have better things to do” “Nope” . Jess got up and told justin she was gonna go check on benish. Jess walked past the bunks and found the door to the back was slightly open she thought if they were doing any thing they would of closed the door or something. Jess looked in slighlty and saw Jc her friend Benish making out on the couch. And then she saw benish hands feeling around a little. Jess closed the door. “And she said im moving to fast geeeezzz” She walked back to the front of the bus to see Jusitn, Chris, Lance, and Joey sitting and talking. “So what are they up too” Joey asked. “You dont want to know” Jess said as she took out a bottle of water and then she sat next to Justin. “Alright were gona leave soon” ” There bus driver said. “Alright dont u think we should enform the two who are sucking faces in the back” Joey asked. “Nah its alright thell figure it out sooner or later”. Lance said. Jess and Jusitn were just cuddling on the couch not really paying attention. she leaned against him wiht his arm around her. “We all ready” Shawn said as he got on the bus. When Shawn saw the two he just looked away. He really didnt want Jess to get in a relationship wiht one of the guys cause he knew she would get hurt and he didnt want that to happen to his little sister. “Well guys im gonna be riding on the other bus so if u need me just call my cell phone” he said. “Alright” they all said. “Jess u be careful alright” “yeah okay ill be fine.” she said as she gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “yeahshawn dont worry ill take care of her”. Shawn turned away..and wispered to himself “yeah thats what im afraid of” as he walke doff the bus. . “Alright were leaving”the driver said. The bus started and then u all heard a big thump. The guys were hysterical. “Omg what the hell was that.” They all turned to the door and Benish and Jc were standing there rubing there heads. “Thanx for warning us guys”JC said. “Oh sure no problem...any time” Justin said. “Well i think im gonna get ready for bed”Lance said. “Yeah we wont be at the hotel till morning so ill hit the sack”Joey said. “Ditto”said Chris as he followed the rest of the guys out of the room. “Well im gonna change”Jess said. “yeah me too” Benish said. “Alright well wait for u” Justin said making himself comfertable. The girls changed at sat next to the guys and just started to talk. After a while Benish decided she wanted to go to sleep she said good night to her friend and Justin. JC also decided to hit the hay. They walked to the bunks.... “Good night JC”. She said as she was getting ready to get up on her bunk. “Hey wait were are u going”he said as he grabbed her arm and brought her into him. “Um..its called sleep....i thought u would know of it cuz its liek all u do” she said and they both laughed. “I just wanted to talk to u for a sec before u go to sleep” “alright talk” “Well i was just wondering if u wanted a boyfriend......i know that we just met but i really like u” he looked at her hoping she would say yes she was just totally shocked like she had know idea what just happened. “Well i understand if dont......”he said traling off. “NO oOoO no yes i would love to be ur girlfriend”she said happily. “i was hoping u would say that”he said as he grabed her and kissed her. “Well ill see u in the morning” she said “Goodnight babe” he said as he kissed her on the forhead. “Goodnight Jc” .

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