Chapter 37

3 weeks later in Orlando (October 1st)

It was the last week of touring and everyone was in Orlando.1 concert left and they would have a long needed vacation. They had the day off and tomorrow was there last concert. Everyone was hanging out at there house. Jess was upstairs on the phone and Justin was down stairs watching TV. “Are, are u sure?!” Jess said shocked into the phone. “Yes positive, now we need to schedule an appointment for as soon as possible because we need talk and find out your due date, so call my office when u can come in, im looking forward to seeing you good bye” “Bye” Jess said into the receiver and hung up the phone. She feel back onto the bed. “Im pregnant AGAIN” she said to know one im particular. “BABY COME DOWN HERE IM GETTING LONELY!!” Justin yelled from downstairs. “COMING!” she yelled back and got off the bed ad sighed as she walked out the door. She walked down the stairs and into the living room and sat next to Justin and leaned on his shoulders. “Whats wrong baby girl?” he asked her kissing her forehead. “Nothing.. i.. Justin i need to tell u something” she said sitting up straight. “What is are u okay?” he asked getting concerned. “No im fine im perfectly fine, the thing is... im... im” she said. “Your what baby?” he said smiling at her she was so cute when she stammered. “Im... im pregnant Justin” she said looking at him straight in his eyes. His smiled grew wider and the sparkle in his eyes was there more then ever. “Are u sure... how long are u?!” he said getting up.. “Yeah positive i just got the results back... 2 months.” she said as he grabbed her hand so she can stand along with him. “Were gonna have a baby!” he sad getting excited and picked Jess up and spun her around. “Justin stop put me down i think im gonna throw up” she said giggling. He put her down gently and gave her a huge hug. “I love you so much baby girl, and this time its gonna work out i know it is” he said kissing her. “I love you too” she said smiling. “Ive gotta call everyone and tell them im so excited” he said grabbing the phone and sitting back down. Jess sat down and cuddled up next to him and listened to him dial the phone. She looked up at him and smiled and he winked at her. He put his hand on her stomach and she put hers on top of his. “Mom... i have good news Jess is pregnant again” he said.

Next night

“You were great out there “ Justin said as the Jess changed in her dressing room. “Thanks im so tired” she said yawning. “Aww poor baby, u can go home if u want....” he said moving some hair out of her face and gently putting it behind her ear. “ No i wanna stay” she said kissing him sweetly. “Im gonna tell everyone tonight” he said. “Your what?!” Jess said shocked. “i wanna tell everyone tonight that were gonna have a baby” he said walking up behind her and holding her. “Your kidding right?!” she said. “No i want everyone to know” he said. “J i dont think thats such a good idea... tom and my brother dont even know yet and they will flip out.. i just dont think its time to say anything... soon though” she said kissing him. “Alright” he said smiling.

JC’s house a week later

“Where are they” JC asked to no one in particular. Everyone was sitting in JC’s back yard and they planned on having a bbq but Jess and Justin were 2 hours late and they haven’t called.. “Maybe they forgot” Joey said eating chips. “Hey guys!” Justin said as they walked in the back with Jess. “Where were u guys we already ate” Be said . “Sorry we had to do something. “ Jess said sitting down as Justin pulled a chair out for her and kissed her in the cheek then sitting down next to her and held her hand. Everyone looked at them. They knew something was up. Jess and Justin were always touchy feelly, happy but it was something different. They were both glowing, something that they lost when they Jess had lost the baby. “Alright whats up with you two your acting strange” Joey said putting his drink down. “What do u mean where acting strange” Justin said smiling at Jess . “See right there.... “ Joey said again. “Im pregnant again” Jess said smiling and Justin kissed her sweetly on the forehead. Everyone froze they didn’t know what to do or say they were all speechless. Chris spit out the soda he was drinking. “Your what?!” he said. “Pregnant , you know as in having a baby” Justin said and everyone laughed. “Congratulations” Be said running over to Jess and Giving her a hug. “When are u due?” Dani said hugging Jess. “June 19th” Justin said .

4 months later (February )

The girls decided in moving in with there boyfriends. They sold there apartment in New York and Be was living with JC and Jess was with Justin. Jess was now almost 6 months pregnant. The worst was over for the first 3 months Jess needed to be careful and relax cuz stress was what made her lose her first baby. It was good that they were on Vacation just doing award shows and photo shoots. Both EnVy and Nsync were working on New albums so it kept the busy. The Release date for both albums were set for June and July. Envy at the End of July and Nsync at the end of June. Justin was iffy about that Since the baby was due the 19th of June and with the new album came touring. EnVy decided they were going to tour for the new album right away probably in the winter they thought. But with Nsyncs new celebrity album coming out and at there status asking them not to tour was crazy. But it was only January During the Holiday season Jess and Justin let the public know that they were going to have a baby. They got alot of mixed emotions about that. People thought it was wrong cuz the idea of having pre-marital sex was wrong to them and there was even a huge article about the whole thing in USA today stating that bringing up a child in that kind of relationship and having parents that are so big in the Music Business would be very hard and probably wouldn’t work but Jessica and Justin didn’t listen. They knew they were in love and all they needed was each other and everything would be fine. Jess was starting to show more and more day by day. Of course with pregnancy came the moodiness and the cravings. It was Valentines Day and Justin had to be in the studio , finish up something so Jess wasn’t to happy with that but there was nothing she could do about it. Jess was sitting in the living room watching t.v and eating some carrot sticks. “Its 8 o’clock on Valentines and im sitting here watching t.v and eating stupid carrot sticks by my self!” Jess said angrily she put the plate down and got up and looked at the mirror across the room. “Look at me im HUGE” she said. “No your not your beautiful” Justin said putting his keys on the counter. “OH look who walked in” she said and rolled her eyes at the dozen roses he was holding and walked past him into the kitchen.. “Whats wrong baby girl” Justin said as he walked into the kitchen. “Everything” she said plopping her self on a chair. He walked up to her and handed her the roses and gave her a kiss. “Thank you” she said smiling. “Theres more...” he said walking out of the kitchen and then back in with a bag. “Happy Valentines baby girl, i got my gift this morning and now its time for yours” he said placing the bag in front of her. She pulled out the card and read it silently to her self. On the right side was the usual card stuff. Happy Valentines Day, I love you and ect. but on the left side Justin wrote something to her.

Baby Girl,

Im sorry that i was at the studio all day, but u know that i love you your my heart and soul and i cant live with out u! im so happy that were going to have a baby cuz thats only gonna bring us closer together, i love you so much words can not explain... ill love you always and forever,


“That was so sweet” she said smiling. “I try” he said winking and she just shook her head and looked back in the bag. She pulled out a box of chocolates and her smile went to a look of disgust. “I cant believe u would do something like this” she said looking at Justin. “W..what are u talking about its a box of chocolate” he said confused. “It might be a box of chocolate but to me its a way of saying here get fatter then u already ARE!” she yelled and stormed out of the kitchen and up the stairs. Justin sighed and ran his fingers through his hair and looked at the box of chocolates. “There is something in the may be chocolate but thats not the only thing” he said. He grabbed the box and walked upstairs to his room to look for Jess but she wasn’t in there. The next place he went to look was where the babies Nursery was going to be there wasn’t anything in it yet but a rocking chair that Lynn bought for the two as soon as they found out. Jess was rocking on the chair looking out the window up at the stars. “Im sorry Justin i didn’t mean to yell at you like that” she said looking over at him. “No i understand the moodiness comes with the pregnancy” he said grinning. He walked up to her and handed her the box again. “U didn’t open this down stairs” he said sitting down on the foot stool in front of her. She smiled and took the heart shaped box from his hands. She took off the wrapping and took the cover off slowly while looking at Justin who looked to be very excited which meant he was up to something. She took the cover off and looked down at the box and gasped when she was what was in the middle surround by chocolate. She looked up at him and notice that he was on one knee. He took the ring out of the box and held her left hand in his hand. “Jessica from the moment i set eyes on u i knew you were someone special. I knew that you were going to be someone important in my life and i was right. Do u believe in Love at first sight cuss i know i do. When u first came in with Lonnie and dre holding u something hit me and i couldn’t explain what it was but i came to learn it was love. Weve been through so much together good and bad but that only made us stronger as a couple. Everyday i thank god for bringing you into my life for blessing me with u and for now blessing us with this baby, beacause i honestly dont deserve you or any of this. You are so perfect in every way, and ull always be my baby girl. I want to be with you always and forever , i want u to be my always and forever, thats why now i ask you Jessica , baby girl will you do the honor of making me the happiest man on earth?” he said. From the moment she saw the ring she couldn’t help but cry. So by now she lost it. She nodded frantically through the tears. He smiled and slipped the ring onto her finger and helped her up and hugged her. “I love you so much Justin” she said wiping her tears out of her eyes. “I love you too baby girl” he said leaning down to capture her lips. She looked at the ring and smiled. “You like it?” he asked her. “God yes its beautiful Justin” she said smiling. The ring was white gold cause thats all Jess wore with a huge princess diamond in the middle and two smaller ones to the side. Very simple but elegant. “Good i took me a while to pick it out” he said holding her in his arms. “I have something else for u” Jess said. “OH really and what may that be, you already got me what i wanted, which was you, the baby and the clothes u gave me this morning.” he said smiling. “I know but when u left this morning i wrote something for u hold on ill go get it” she said leaving the room and a few seconds later coming back with a piece of paper. Justin was sitting on the floor his back against the wall. Jess sat on his lap and he held her. “Alright its kind of Corny but hey i tired” she said laughing. “No, please read it i wanna hear” he said kissing her neck Jess cleared her throat and began to read the poem she wrote for him. “

*~I wanna be the face you see when you close your eyes

I wanna be the touch you need every single night

I wanna be your fantasy

And be your reality

And everything between

I want you to need me

Like the air you breathe

I want you to feel me

In everything

I want you to see me

In your every dream

I want you to need me

Like I need you

I wanna be the eyes that look deep into your soul

I wanna be the world to you I just want it all

I wanna be your deepest kiss

The answer to your every wish

And all you ever need

I need you more than you could know

I need you to never never let me go

I need you to be deep inside your heart

I just want to be everywhere you are

I wanna be the face you see when you close your eyes

I wanna be the touch you need every single night

I wanna be your fantasy

And be your reality

And everything between”~*~

She finished what she wrote and folded it in half and sat there waiting for his response. “I... i.. i dont know what to say, that was the sweetest most wonderful thing anyone has ever did for me and what makes it so great was the fact that it all came from you from my wife to be , i love you “ he said kissing her deeply. “your very welcome” she said smiling.

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