Chapter 36

3*00 they arrived at the venue in north Carolina

“Were going shopping i have my cell” Jess said leaning over the back of the couch to kiss Justin who was laying down. “bye JC” Benish said kissing him quickly then looked over to see everyone staring at Jess and Justin. Jess was leaning over and kissing Justin and Justin quickly pulled Jess over the couch and on top of him. Everyone laughed. “ Alright Alright enough enough lets go” Benish said puling on Jess. “ Bye baby” Jess said getting off of Justin and winking at him as she left the room. “ Man J u too are to much” Joey said. Justin laughed.

The girls were in the mall with 2 of there body guards they stopped a few times to take pictures and sign stuff but everything was going fine. “ Ohh sale at Victoria secrets” Benish said as the 2 of them walked in. “ I need bras” Jess said looking through some to see what she liked. “Yeah me too” Be said looking at some.

“PST Emily look i think those are the girls from that group envy” a girl said to her friend as they walked passes the girls. “Yeah Carol just like u say kevin from the Backstreet boys in macy’s” Emily said looking at some bras. “No em im serious look” Carol said pointing to Jess and Be. “Umm how can u tell the one on the right is wearing sunglasses and a hat, and the other on is wearing a baseball hat.” Emily said. “Yeah the one in the hat is Jess, thats Justin Timberlakes hat ive seen it in pictures before and i saw her playing with her tongue ring before and Jessica from envy has a tongue ring and is going out with Justin Timberlake. “ Carol said. “Carol, stop your being ridiculous!” Emily said looking at her friend like she was crazy. “No im not look Benish is the one in the baseball hat and shes talking to that big guy which is probably her bodyguard” Carol said . “Alright will you stop if we go over there.. well see if she says anything we know what her voice sounds like” Emily said as she walked over to wear Jess was looking through some stuff. “Shh now just act like your looking for bras and panties” Emily said. Jess looked over and the girls and smiled and they smiled back. “Its her i know it is!” Carol whispered. “Shut up!” Emily said and turned around to see Jess staring at them like they were insane and the girls just smiled and Jess looked back to what she was looking at. *Ring*Ring*Ring. “Hello?” Jess said into here phone as she walked away from the girls a little so look at something else and the girls followed . “Did u hear that its here its her voice omg!” Carol said quietly. “Shhh” Emily said walking by Jess. “Hey baby” Justin said in to the phone he was at the venue. “Oh hey just” Jess said smiling. Carol nudged Emily . “Do u happen to know where my hat is?” he asked her. “Oh umm your tan one? Jess said giggling. “Yes my tan one” he said. “Why darling i have no clue where it could be” Jess said touching the hat on her head. “Yeah yeah i know u have it” jusitn said laughing. “Yeah i do and i think im gonna keep it i like the way it looks on me “Jess said laughing. “Well im gonna go pay and then were coming back so ill see you soon” Jess said walking to the register a“ Alright i love you” Justin said. “Love you too justin” she said hanging up the phone.

“See i told you “ Carol said. “Alright shut-up i have my camera maybe we should ask for a picture or soemthing.” Emily said taking her camera out of her bag “No i wouldn’t know what to say just take pictures when shes leaving she wont notice.” Carol said. “Fine” Emily said handing her the Camera.

“Ready” Benish said as Jess joined her and Larry and mike. “Yeah lets go” *Click*click* “Ohh Jess i think you should get this, im sure Justin would love u in it” Be said holding up a piece of sexy langerie. Jess took it and put it up against her. *click*click* “It is cute but sorry i dont need that skimpy little thing to please my man i do very fine with nothing on!” Jess said and put it back and both girls left the store laughing.

“Lets see what else can we buy” Jess said as they walked through the mall. The too girls walked together and there bodyguards close behind. “Ohh baby clothes how cute” Benish said as they stopped infront of a cute small shop. “I know there so tiny and so adorable.... lets go in” Jess said walking into the store with Bebe. “Why its not like we can buy anything in here” Be said looking around. “Yes we can , Eve from the tour she just had a baby girl, her name is Marie...remember the pictures she sent.” Jess said looking at little dresses. “OH yeah.. aww lets get her a few things” Be said as she looked with Jess.

“Emily why are u following them, they probably left” Carol said. “No way there still here... are u kidding did u hear what Jess said her and Justin obviously have a sex life... who knows what else she will say.... im gonna sell this story and pictures to a newspaper..” Emily said. “Ohhh good idea... look there in that little shop” Carol said and the girls walked by.

“Aww this is too cute... ooo i want a baby” Jess said holding up a tiny light pink summer dress. Be laughed a little and looked at her friend sympathetically. It must be so hard going through a miscarriage... she could see her friend was still hurting. She saw a tear slip her eye. “Jess are u okay?!” Be said walking towards her friend. Jess wiped the tears away. “Yeah im fine... lets just get what we have and get out of here please” Jess said walking towards the register. They paid for everything and left the mall.

After the concert everyone was in the elevator going to there rooms. “Why are u so happy?” Joey asked Jess. “Because ive never stayed in a presidential sweet in my life!” Jess said. “Ohhhh” he said smiling. “didn’t u stay in one before?” Lance asked. “No, cuz me and Justin never shared rooms and now we are and its a presidential sweet and this is gonna be so cool!” she said practically running out of the elevator when it stopped. “Jess calm down i have the key” Justin said following her. He got to the door and she was waiting smiling for him to open the door. “Hurry already” she said . HE smiled and opened the door. She walked in quietly and took in all her surrounding. The huge king size bed. The 2 glass door with a balcony, the living room area the bar, the kitchen she walked into the bathroom. “This is so cool i feel like a kid in a toy store” she said walking out to see Justin sitting on the bed laughing at her. “Shut-up” she said playfully hitting him. “Im tired lets go to bed” he said standing up to change. “Okay” she said going over to her bags to change. “Love you” she said giving him a kiss before as she settled down on bed. “Love you too he said as she cuddled up next to him.

2 days later

Everyone was leaving the hotel to go to the arena . They stopped at a deli and Jess and Joey and lance got out to get everyone something. As joey and lance were paying for everything Jess walked over to grab a paper. she grabbed it quickly and didn’t even look at it but went over to give the guys 50 cents she took her coffee from joey and they started walking out Jess looked at the paper and stopped as soon as she saw what was on the cover and dropped her coffee. “Jess are u okay” Lance said turning around. She just stood there looking at the paper. “Justin saw what happened form in the limo. “Jess whats wrong” Justin said coming over to her.. “Umm nothing nothing go i to the limo ill show u in there” she said ushering him inside the limo.

“Whats wrong?” Benish asked as the shut the door. “Well remember when we went shopping yesterday and we were in Victoria secrets?!” Jess said and couldn’t help but laugh. “Yeah...” Be said still confused. “Well when remember when u pointed out that skimpy piece of langerie?!” i said. “Haha omg are u serious let me see!” Benish said taking the paper. “Jessica from envy obviously knows how to please her long time boyfriend Justin Timberlake form Nsync. Here she shops in Victoria secrets and says that she doesn’t need a piece of langerie to please her man she does a fine job wearing nothing....” Benish read. By this time Everyone was laughing. “Omg i didn’t think anyone heard that” Jess said giggling. “That was very interesting baby” Justin said kissing her neck. Benish continued reading the rest of the article. “The two were next spotted in a small shop that sold baby clothes. Sources say that Jessica said she wanted a baby while looking at a little dress and some say they saw her crying a little but then both paid for some items and left the store.....” . Everyone got quiet and Benish spoke up when she saw the hurt on Justin and Jess’s face. “Im sorry...”she started. “Nah its nothing its not your fault be”Justin said. Jess remained quiet and cuddled up to Justin and sighlenty cried. Justin held her tighter and then she was on his lap . in his arms and he couldn’t hold it back anymore. As he held Jess tears escaped his eyes. They arrived at the arena and everyone got out of the limo and left the Jess and Justin to have time to themselves. <>“I feel so bad” Be said as they walked in . “I know, me too” Jc said putting his arm around her waist as the walked . “Where’s Jess and Justin i need to talk to her about this artical?” Tom asked holding up the paper. “There in the limo... but leave them i guess losing the baby really finally hit them” Lance said. “Ooo” was all tom could say.

“Im sorry baby, i know how happy you were when we found out and i let you down. “Jess said in his arms as they cried. “Dont be sorry, this isn’t your fault, obviously god didn’t think it was time for us to be parents yet, dont worry some day baby girl” he said kissing her sweetly. “I love you Justin” she said looking in his eyes. “I love you too Jessica, no matter what , ill always love you” he said hugging her.

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