Chapter 35

Everyone else got to hotel and went up to there rooms. “ Baby you gonna stay with me tonight?” Justin asked as they got out of the elevator. “ Yeah let me get my stuff ill be right there” she said giving him a kiss and walking to her room. “ Justin , how is she doing?” Lance said walking up to him. “I dunno she says shes fine but i know shes still taking it hard every night shell tell me shes sorry and i tell her its not her fault sometimes i can here her crying at night im trying to help her through this but she says shes fine” Justin said to his friend. “ She’ll be fine, but how are u “ Lance asked. “ I dunno, its just hard yah know” he said. “Yeah, well you guys will be okay, good night!” Lance said going to his room.

Jess walked out of her room and walked to Justin’s in a pair of his boxers and a small little gray top. “Hey” he said coming out of the bathroom in a towel fresh from a shower. “ Hey there” she said walking over to him. She looked him up and down. “Like what u see” he said winking at her. “ Oh of course!” she said standing on her tip toes to kiss him gently on the lips. “ Hmm” he said smiling. He walked over to the bed and crawled under the blankets. He changed and got in next to her. “I love you” he said as she cuddled up against him. “ I love you too” she said said.

Benish was in her room and decided she would go to find JC again. She left and walked to his room and knocked on the door twice he came to the door only wearing a pair of boxers. “ What?” he said looking at her. “ We need to talk” she said pleading him with her eyes it was evident she had been crying. “I really dont feel like talking to you right now” he said about to close the door on her. “JC your gonna listen to me” she yelled back at him opening the door back up. “Dont yell at me u have not right to be mad u cheated on me!” he said back to her. “Get your head out of your ass! please JC u know i would never cheat on you i love you” she yelled back at him. By this time everyone was outside looking at the couple screaming. They were lucky that Nsync and Envy had the whole floor to themselves. Jess and Justin were looking out there door and couldn’t believe what they heard. “Well what the hell do u call kissing Nick?!” he said to her. “ He kissed me! “ she said. “You were there when he was hitting on me earlier at rehearsal i cant believe you dont believe me!” she said as she was on the verge of tears. “ Don’t make excuses..” he started. “ JC STOP! u know i wouldn’t do that to u” she said wiping tears that escaped her eye. “ OH yeah and how do i know that?” he said. “ Because i fucking love you” she said and stormed off. JC stood there and shook she never yelled at him like she did. “What is everyone looking at shows over” JC said closing the door. Jess walked back in her room followed by Justin closing the door. “ Maybe i should call be?” she said. “No let her cool off” he said. “Alright” she said just standing there. He climbed back into bed. Come on we have to wake up early we have to head out tomorrow. She nodded and crawled back into bed.

Justin looked over at Jess and saw she was sleeping it was 4 in the morning and they had to be up by 5. He wanted to wake her up cause he wanted her really bad. She looked so sexy sleeping there in his boxers and a tight little shirt. He moved over and turned to face her and kissed her sweetly on her forehead. She stirred a little but remained sleeping. He smiled and crept his hands to her stomach and rubbed in gently. She smiled but her eyes remained closed. That was his little way of letting her know that he wanted her. “ Justin its like 4 in the morning” she said opening her eyes to see his shiny blue ones staring at her she couldn’t help but giggle. “ So...” he said moving his hand down lower to reach the tip of the boxers she was wearing. “Justin” she said looking at him. sternly “ Yeah.. he said moving the elastic aside and moving farther down. “FINE!” she said kissing him. “Yay” he said then kissed her back.

5 a.m

“ Justin” Jess said to him but his eyes were closed and arms wrapped around her bare body. She kissed him gently on the lips. “Wake up sleepy head we have to get ready and stuff were leaving in like 30 minutes” she said. “ Uh-uh i wanna stay right here” he said cuddling closer to her. She giggled. “Come on im gonna take a shower” she said trying to get out of his grip but he wouldn’t let her go. “Just...” she wined. “Fine,fine” he said letting go of her she grabbed her shirt and bowers that were on the floor and slipped them on and walked over to Justin’s side. “Justin” she said. “yeah?” he asked her looking up at her. “I want you to come..” she said motioning to the bathroom. “I already did” he said with a sly smile on his face. “Ugh, Justin im not talking about that i mean i want u to come in the shower with me..” she said walking over to him. “Ohhhh. okay sorry that u were talking about something else” he said getting up and hugging her.

Everyone were on there buses waiting to leave and Justin decided to go with the girls. Jess and Justin walked to the back of the bus seeing Benish sitting there watching t.v. Jess sat down next to her. “ You okay?” she asked her friend. “No! JC is being and idiot!” she said. “Ill leave u too alone” Justin said giving Jess and quick kiss and walking towards the front. “JC what are u doing here?” Justin asked seeing JC board the bus. “All my stuff is on here” he said. “JC were leaving now either u forget your stuff and go on your bus or just stay here” Robert the girls bus driver told them. “Fine ill stay here im going to bed” he said and walked to and empty bunk.

“I don’t understand him he know i love him and that i wouldn’t do anything to hurt him” Benish said in tears. “I know he’s just being a guy, he’ll come to his senses” Jess said confronting her friend. “Thanks Jess but if u dont mind i would really like to be by myself right now” Bebe said wiping the tears from her eyes. “Alright ill be in the front with Justin” Jess said leaving the room. Jess walked to the front. “Is she okay?” Justin said as Jess sat next to him. “I dunno, but when we stop im gonna have a talk with JC” Jess said putting her head on his shoulders. “Well u wont have to wait till we stop he’s on the bus” Justin said kissing her forehead . “Good” she said cuddling up to Justin. “Im tired” she yawn.

They stopped at gas station and be and Justin went out to get some snacks. “JC can i talk to u?” Jess said stopping him before he climbed into a bunk. “Jess if its about be please i don’t wanna hear it..” he said turning around. “Well your gonna hear it!, are u thick headed our something, u know Benish would never cheat on you, she loves you too much to ever do that to you” Jess said. “I.. i know.. but” JC said. “ But what u know your wrong she doesn’t like nick she LOVES you” Jess said. “ Besides shes not that kind of person, shes not a slut” Jess said. “Well look who’s talking” JC said and looked up instantly regretting what he said. “Excuse me?!” she said looking at him. “ I.. i..” he said. “ You know what save it JC i dont wanna hear your shit” Jess said getting mad. “Im sorry i didn’t mean it like that...” he said trying to apologize. “JC, im warning you, you better fix this and get your head out of your ass or ill personally beat u senseless and thats a promise” Jess said storming out of the room.

“Whats wrong” Benish asked as her and Justin put the bags of chips and stuff down. “ Nothing “ Jess said getting off the bus. “What the hell was that about?” Justin asked walking towards the back.. “What happened with Jess” Justin said to JC. “ Nothing i said something i shouldn’t of have i didn’t mean it man im sorry” JC said to him. Benish walked in. “ JC what the hell did u say to her?” Justin said getting mad. “ i kinnda called her a slut” JC said not looking up. “ What?” Justin said in shock he new how Jess felt about people calling that after all she smacked him when he said it. “I called her a slut i didn’t mean it i apologized but she said she didn’t want to hear and walked away mad” JC said. “ugh” Justin said walking to get Jess. Benish stood there looking at JC she truly did miss him she missed his hugs his kisses him whispering sweet little things in her ear. “ Be can i talk to u?” JC asked. “Yeah i guess” she said. “Listen baby im really sorry i was being a jerk and i know thats not an excuse but seeing u kiss him really hurt me. “ JC said . Bebe walked over to JC and sat on his lap and cuddled up against him. “I know im sorry too u know i would never do anything to hurt you i love you” she said. “I know i love u too” he said kissing her sweetly. “ I know me too” he said. “Ive got an idea” she said smiling. “And what may that be?” he said grinning. “Lets make up for lost time “ she said kissing his neck.. “Sounds like a deal” he said

“Jess are u okay?” Justin asked as she walked back on the bus with a bag of popcorn in hand. “Yeah im fine now” se said sitting down. “ Are u sure?” he said unsure. “Yeah whatever i dont care i know he didn’t mean it its all good” Jess said smiling. “Where are they” she asked. “I left them talking” Justin said. “ Well i guess everything is fine cause i dont hear yelling” Jess said. “Yeah “ Justin said laughing.

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