Chapter 34

“Were here live from Radio City Music Hall for the 2001 Vma’s” Kurt said standing on the roof looking down at all the people. “Everyone is arriving and were gonna head down stairs with Bryan and gideon as they interviews our guests” he said.

“Why am i so nervous” Jess said in the limo sitting next to Justin. “dont worry baby everything is gonna be fine.” he said giving her a kiss on the cheek. “You look really good baby” JC said kissing benish’s cheek. “ JC stop, im still mad at you” she said pushing hims away. “ Why come on i said i was sorry,what the hell are we gonna do there gonna be camera’s around us all night” JC said. “ Well them ill act like im happily in love with you “ she said. “Your not in love with me” JC asked her. “ I am i love you u know that but im not happy right now, can we please stop talking about this” Benish said crossing her hands over her chest.” Fine” he said sitting back.

The limo stopped and the door opened Joey, Lance and there dates got out then dani and Chris followed by Justin Jess, Benish and JC. They steeped up and everyone took pictures and they waved to the fans. They walked on the red carpet and were meet by a bunch of flashing Camera’s and people asking questions left and right. Jess and Benish walked away from the guys for alittle while to do a interview with Gideon. “You girls look lovely tonight, how long did it take you to get ready?” he asked them. “ Forever” Jess said and they all laughed. “ Girls are up for 4 awards and your performing, how do u feel about that?” “ Well its really cool we never thought wed make it this far and i think were more excited about performing, to show people that we can sing and dance.” Benish said. “ Yeah, we love to perform so its gonna be fun” Jess said. The guys finished one of the interviews and walked over to the girls. “ Ahh look weve got Nysnc here” Gideon said as all the guys stood by them. and the guys all said hello. “ So u guys ready for tonight?” “ Yeah we ready, were excited about performing” Justin said standing next to Jess and holding her hand. “ Well good luck to all of you”.

The show started and the first performance was the Backstreet Boys and they performed More than that. They gave away some of the awards one of them being Best Group Video and that went to Blink 182. The Girls were back stage getting ready for there performance. “Oh Lordie” Jess said cracking her neck as she waited for Benish to finish with her make-up. “Wow im really nervous” Bebe said getting out of her seat and taking off her rob to reveal her olfit. The girls matched. Jess was wearing a baby blue crop top that exposed her chest and stomach at the bottom of the top it was open in the middle which went up to the bottom of her chest, she had White pants with tears all around them but the tears were also baby blue and baby blue sneakers. Bebe has something similar the pants were the same but where hot pink and her sneakers were the same color. Her top was a halter that crossed at the neck and had studs on the bottom. Benish had her hair down and Jess had it in twists in the front and the rest curled

Nsync came out to introduce Envy. “ These next Performers are one of a kind, these girls are amazing singers , dancers and are just hot” Lance said. “ Yeah Hot i mean i see them everyday, and damn they always be looking good” Joey said grinning. “ Joey why u be talking bout our girls like that” Justin said stepping up to Joey followed by JC. “W.... what nah J i was just saying how they were hot” Joey said backing away. “ What do u think were stupid they are our girlfriends” JC said . “ No i was just..” Joey said. Everyone laughed. The 3 of them kept going at it but Chris cut in. “ Well anyway while the boys show u there Jeleous side, heres Envy” Chris said and everyone laughed and applauded. The Curtains came up and the song began the back up Dancers cameout followed by the girls from each side. The girls decided on doing a remix version of This is Me. There was 2 full out Dance Sections and little dance here and there. When they finished there was a loud applause. The girls rushed off the stage. “ Omg that was so good” Jess said hugging be. “ I know i know “ Be said back to her. The award for Best Best Pop Video was going to be given out the girl were rushed to the side of the stage since they were nominated. The nominees were Nsync, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears and Envy. They girls were sure the guys were gonna win. When they read the nominees and when they girls were called the smiled and waved to the camera. “ And the winner is.......” Janet Jackson said opening the envelope. “ EnVy This is Me” she said and everyone applauded. As soon as there name was called the camera was on them and they were both shocked. The girls made there way over and thanked Janet. “Oh my god this is crazy” Jess said and they both laughed. “ Wow well i first wanna thank god and both our families, our management, Jive Records, Clive Davis, my brother Shawn , Nsync those guys helped us alot they should be up here, Justin baby i love you” Jess said and smiled. Justin smiled and winked at her. “We wanna thank MTV, JC u know i love you all the fans this is for u we wouldn’t be here with out u thank you” Benish said and they walked off stage. “ I guess shes not mad anymore” Lance said JC just smiled. The guys performed This i Promise you and won Viewers Choice and they both lost Video of the Year to Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

After the show they went back to the hotel to Change and headed to the After Party. Justin and Jess were sitting in a both of the club that it was out and were talking and Telling jokes with some friends. JC was talking to some people he knew but then excuse himself to look for Benish.

“ You were really good tonight” Nick said to Benish as they slipped away outside. “ Thanks so were you” she said . “I think i should get back inside, JC is probably looking for me” Benish said walking towards the door . Nick grabbed her arm and turned her back around. “Nick let go of me” Benish said trying to get away. “ All i want is a little kiss” said pulling her towards him and grabbing both of her hands now. Benish was scared she wanted to get away but she couldn’t

“ Joey have u seen be?” JC asked joey . “ Yeah she went out there” he said pointing towards the door. “ Thanks” JC said and ran towards the door . He opened it and started looking for Benish.

“ Nick please” she said trying to get away. “ Just one kiss” he said getting closer and closer until his lips finally touched hers. She tried to get him off her but he was to big it was no use.

“ Benish...” JC said looking by a big fountain by the front of the party. “ Be...” he said and stopped short seeing Her kiss nick. JC stopped , he just stood there not knowing what to do our say it like everything around him stopped and all he saw was them kissing. His girlfriend kissing another guy.

Benish finally got nick off her. “ What the hell is your problem” she said wiping her mouth she turned around to see JC turning around and began to run away. “ Shit this is all i need right now” Benish said running after JC. She ran back inside and saw Jess and Justin talking to some people. “ Guys wheres JC” she asked. “ He said he wasn’t feeling to well and went home if u hurry u can catch him outside hes waiting for the limo. “ Thanks ill see u guys back at the hotel” Benish said walking away. She walked to the front and saw JC get in to the limo she ran to catch up to him and got in right behind him. “ What are u doing?” he asked her as she got in. “ What im not aloud to go home with my boyfriend?” she asked fixing her top. “ Your EX boyfriend” he said harshly and looked out the window. “ What?” Benish said. “ I cant believe you actually kissed him!” JC said not being able to hold it in any longer.” JC i didn’t kiss him, he kissed me!” Benish said. “ right whatever its over” he said. “ JC why the hell are u being a dick you dont know what happened, you making this bigger then it is!” she said. “ What, Be you kissed him!” JC said. “ No i didn’t! he kissed me did u not notice me tell him off after he kissed me i told him i wanted to go inside but he grabbed me and kissed me JC” she said as tears fell from her eyes. “ Whatever” JC getting out of the limo as it stopped in front of the hotel.

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