Chapter 33

He arrived at Jc’s house and got out of his car and ran to the front door her didnt even bother ringing the doorbell he walked right in. He saw Benish trying to comfort Jess who was crying on the couch with Jc sitting across from the girls. “ Jess whats wrong?” Justin said running over to her. “ God Justin im so sorry, im so sorry” Jess said standing up and hugging Justin. “ Shh baby its okay dont cry, whats wrong?” he said sitting back down with her holding her. Benish walked over and sat next to Jc and watched the 2. “ Im sorry Justin i know how much u wanted to be a daddy, im so sorry” she said crying. “ What are u talking about?” he said looking at her. She look right into his eyes. “ I lost the baby Justin” she said looking at him. “Oh god” he said hugging her. “Im sorry “ she said crying. “ Baby look at me its not your fault, u didnt do anything wrong, its okay” he said holding her. Tears formed in his eyes just thinking about it they lost there baby. Jc and BEnish got up to leave the 2 alone. “Jess look at me” Justin said taking Jess’s face in his hands. “Its gonna be okay angel” he said giving her a kiss. “ IM sorry Justin for everything, i was being really stubborn” she said. “ Its okay i was a realy dick too, i love you” he said smiling. “ I love you too” she said giving him a long passionate kiss.

Jess and Justin walked into Jc’s house and saw that the guys and dani were there. They had just gotten back from going to the doctor. “ Hey everyone” Jess said coming in she was still pretty upset and so was Justin. Everyone said hey and they all sat down on the couch. “ So what did the docotor say?” Dani asked. “Well there wasnt alot he did say, he asked me if i was having alot of stress at the time and i told him yeah and thats what triggered it” Jess said looking down with her hands in her lap.

A week later they were back on tour. Jess was orderd bye the doctor to take it easy for a little while let her body get used to the fact that she wasnt pregnant any more. Justin and Jess were better then they were when it first happend. But you can tell that they were both taking it hard. There just glad that they were together again.

2 months later

They were back in New York practicing for the VMA’s EnVy and Nsync were performing and were up for a couple of awards. Both were up for Video of the year, Best Group video, Best Pop Video, And Viewers Choice. They thought it was funny being againt each other in all the catergorgies. Jess and Benish were watching the Guys perform. “ Be look at Chris hes talking to himself” Jess laughed. “ Be, Be?” Jess said turning to the seat next to her and Benish wasnt there. “ Great friend i have where the hell did she go?” Jess said looking around and she was talking to Nick Carter sitting by BSB . “ Yeah thanks be for leaving me” Jess said walking up to them .. “ Sorry Jess” she said and then went back to talking to nick. “ Umm okay.” Jess said walking away “ So your with JC right?” Nick asked. “ Yeah its been a year and 3 months” Benish said. “ Wow” Nick said. And benish smiled. “ Your really beautiful u know that?” Nick said smiling. “ Thank you” she said and giggled. “ Oh please VOMIT” Jess said walking by again. “ Shes with Justin right?” Nick asked. “ Yeah” she said.

“ Jessica do u mind doing a little interview with Bryan for trl?” a producer asked her. “ Oh sure no problem” Jess said and walked over to Bryan. “ Hey Bryan” Jess said giving her a hug. They were friends they met the first time the girls were on Trl and they always talked. “ Hey Jess you ” he said. “ Alright well be on in a few.” he said . They talked for a little while “ Alright were gonna check in with Bryan whos with some special guest” Carson said fromt eh tudions of TRL. “ Hey guy well im here iwth Jessica from Envy” he said motining to Jess. She was wearing a pair of Jeans and a tight pink tank top. and her hair was down. “ Hey “ she said smiling. “ So are u ready for tommorow night?” Brian asked. “ Umm no im really kinnda nervous but im sure everything is gonna go fine” she said. “ Yeah u guys are up for a couple awards right?” “ Yeah 4” “ Thats right all of them against nsync” he said and they both laughed. “ Yeah” she said smiling. “So the outcome should be interesting, Have u decided what your wearing” “ I have no clue, bebe knows but i dont i went shopping yesterday with Justin i drove him crazy im really picky when it comes to finding something to wear” she said and giggled. “I heared u guys got spotted shopping yesterday but some fans” “ Oh yeah it was funny well everything was going smoothly till we were in one store and a Brian Mknight song came on and Justin decided to start singing it and someone realzied it was him and we had to make a run for it” she said and they both laughed. “Well good luck with everything and back to you Carson” Brian said.

Jc and Justin jumped off stage and started walking to some seats. Jess ran and caught up to Justin and jumped on his back and kissed his neck. “ Hey” he said holding her legs. “ Hi, ready for more shopping” she said smiling. “ Uh-uh” he said putting her down. “ Oh yes come one were leaving” she said taking his hadn and walking to the exit. Jc sat down and looked over to find bebe and she was sitting talking to nick carter. It was simply conversation he can here what they were saying but he couldbt help but get jeeouls. She was smiling,giggling and he was too. “ Hey baby, ready?” He said walking over. “ OH hey umm yeah sure” she said getting up. “ Well ill talk to you later then i guess” Nick said getting up and giving her a kiss on the cheek. She smiled. “ Bye” she said walking away with JC. “ what was that all about?” Jc asked. “ WHat was what about?” she asked. “ You and nick?” he said. “ Nothing we were just talking calm down” Benish said. “ Whatever i dont like him stay away from him.” Jc said tking her hand. she snatched it away. “ Excuse me wh the hell are u to tell me who i can and cant talk to?” she said getting mad. “ Be please dont cause a scene there are ppl around” Jc said trying to calm her down. “ I really dont care, Jc” she said. “ Be i didnt mean it like that , its just i dont like him” Jc said. “ I hate when u get like this Jc god forbid some guy shows intrest in me or talks to me u flip out, u know i would never do anything to hurt you dont u trust me?” she said. Jc didnt say a word just looked down. “ I cant fucking beilve you” she said walking away. “God dammit, Be come back im sorry” he said chasing after her. “ Jc leave me alone” she said walking faster and ran into her dressing room and shut the door right before he can get in. “ Dammit” he said hitting the door and walking away.

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