Chapter 32

She looked at him in shock. “ H...How did u find out?” Jess said. “When i was bringing the folder to the nurse a paper felled out and i read it” Justin said. “ Ohhh” Jess said looking down. “ Ohh is all u have to say Jess i know for a fact we didnt sleep together until after christmas u got the abortion in October, and if u put 2 and 2 together it doesnt add up, u wanna tell me whos baby it was cause theres no way in hell it can be mine?” Justin said rasing his voice and he stood up. “Your right it wasnt yours” Jess said looking up at him. “ No shit sherlock, i cant Believe you cheated on me Jess and didnt even tell him" Justin said getting angrier. “ Justin please can we talk about this” Jess said trying to calm him down. “ Are u out of your fucking mind?! what the hell do u want me to say i forgive you, im sorry Jess but this is going to far i trusted you and i thought u loved me but obviousy u dont.” Justin said as he was walking away. “ Justin dont u dare walk away from me” Jess said getting mad. Justin tunred around. “ Whos baby was it Jess, huh tell me let me guess, was it that guy from the club” Justin yelled. “ Yeah it was matt but please Justin let me explaing everything, i was so hammered i didnt know anything” Justin said. “ Oh so thats your excuse i was drunk?!” Justin said. “ Its no an excuse its the truth and theres more to the story please let me talk to you” Jess pleaded. “ Save it for some one who cares u... u slut” Justin said and as soon as he said the he shut his mouth and looking at Jess’s face he knew he went to far. Jess walked over to him and slapped him across the face. “ Dont u ever, EVER call me a slut again” Jess said as teared streamed down her face. “Im sorry Jess i didnt mean it it just came out” Justin said rubbing his face. “ Justin i dont care that was totally uncalled for, i was called that all my life Justin i know my mom told u bout my past but she didnt tell u everything and im gonna tell u know and ur not gonna interupt me!” Jess yelled. He just stood there. “As my mom told u i didnt listen as a teenager i used to sneak out, cut school, but what she didnt tell u was this i used to run away all the time, i started smoking when i was 13 i did drugs, u name it i did it i hung out with guys that were way older then me , Justin i lost my virginty to some guy i dont know when i was 14..14 Justin i was so high i didnt know anything. I would go around having sex with random, guys why cause it made me feel wanted and cool but all those guys just gave me attention just cause i was easy, thats when everyone started calling me a slut i didnt wanna belive it till i was 16 and i got preganant god i was so scared i knew my dad would kill me he found out and flipped my mom stood by me but i had a miscarage i was so scared Justin so scared, after that i changed i didnt wanna be that little slut every guy had sex with i wanted to be different get a new life just be born again and do everyhting over.After that i vowed to myself i would never have sex with any guy until i knew i loved them and that i wanted to spend the rest of my life with that person and that person is you Justin” Jess said as she wipped away tears. Justin just stood there in shock she juts told him her whole life story and she was ashamed and didnt want anyone to know about it. Suck it up Justin she cheated on you dont give her this pity Justin thought to himself. “ And where the hell does this matt guy come in?” Jusitn said crossing his arms over his chest. “U wanna know fine.... when i went to go get my tounge percied he was there we were old freinds from highschool. he asked me to hang out and we all went to a part that night Jen and Misty came with me, it was the night that i met britney for dinner. Well i felt really uncomfertable cuz he was getting kinnda to close so i did what i thought would be a good idea and just drink to waist time and avoid coming in contact with him the last time i remember happend was i was dancing with Misty Jen and Matt and then Misty and Matt filled me in on the rest all i did was drink and they told me to stop and that i should go home so matt drove me home we got out of his car and we were standing outside while i was looking for my keys and britney stopped by in her limo came out opened her fucking mouth told him i was single and that earlier at dinner i was talking about him when i sware to you Justin i didnt even tell her about him. well she told him i wanted to hookup with him and yeah u get it” Jess said. “ That is so lame Jess that would never happen, Britney wouldnt do that” Justin said. “ What are u kidding me Justin shes so in love with you are u blind that u cant see it?! she would do anything to get you and thats what she did” jess said getting mad that he didnt beilve her. “Whatever i cant even look at you right now” Justin said turning around. “ You u know ur such a fucking asshole” Jess said grabbing her bag and walking out the door slamming it hard enough for him to hear he ran over to the door and opened it. “ Have u noticed its RAINING!” he yelled from the stoop. “ WELL THANK YOU CAPTIN OBVIOUS!” Jess yelled and continued walking in the rain. “ dammit” Justin said closing the door and sitting down on the couch. He rubbed his head and just sat there.

3 hours went by

“ Where the hell is she” Justin said looking out the window. Hes called her cell numerous times and she never awnswerd. He decided to go over to Jc’s and see if she was there he wasnt gonna call cuz then she would leave if she knew.

“ He called you a slut?” JC said as Jess sat down crying on Bebe’s sholder. “ Shhh jess dont worry” Benish said rubbing her sholder. “ Yeah he called me slut so i smaked him” Jess said looking up. “ You smacked him?” JC said and started to laugh. “ Jc this isnt funny” Jess said getting up. “ Im sorry Jess its just i wish i could of seen it Jusitn never got slapped by a girl, the guys are gonna love this one” Jc said laughing. “ It actually was pretty funny in a way” Jess said and they all started laughing. “ Jess why dont go take a shower and change your gonna get sick with those clothes on, you can sta in the guest room some of my clothes are in there so go pick something out” BEnish said. “ALright, u guys sure u dont mind me staying here for awhile. “ No its fine” Jc said and smiled. “ Thanks guys a bunch” she said giving them both a hug and walking upstairs. A few minutes later the dorbell rang. “ I know its him Jc so u better get it cuz if i do you guys will only be sync!” BEnish said getting mad. JC laughed and kissed her quickly before opening the door. “ Hey come in Justin” Jc said as they walked into the living room where be was sitting. “ Hey bebe” he said sitting down. She just looked at him and then turned away. “ Im guessing uve talked to Jessica is she here?” Justin asked . “ If she was i wouldnt tell u” Benish said. “ BE why are u mad at me shes the one who cheated “ Justin said trying to stick up for himself. “ Justin please get over yourself what she told u was all true and i have something to prove it” Benish said getting up and running up stairs. She went into the guest room and was looking throuhg some jacket pockets when Jess walked in in a towel. “ Jesus be u scared me” Jess said laughing. “ OH sorry” she said in the closet. “What are u looking for?” Jess said. “ The pictures of u and matt u had them in a jacket pocket and i borrowed it and i wanna show Justin “ she said. “ He’s here?” Jess said. “ Yeah u dont have to come down if u want” she said. “ ah huh! found them ill be going now, oh Jess dont worry everything will be fine” she said laeving. “Uh.. bye” Jess said in confusion. “ Hey Timberlake take a look for your self” BEnish said handing Justin the envelope. He took out the belongings and the first couple of pics were of brit and some friends then of Jess and Matt making out in front of her aprtmant. “ Now well me mr. smart ass how can Jess be taking pictures of her and matt kissing and of britney and her friends and family” BEnish said crossing her arms over her chest. “Where’s Jess i want to speak to her” Justin said. Benish looked towards the stairs and Jess came down . “Shes right here” Jess said. “ Jess baby can we talk...” Justin said. “ Dont call me baby!, i dont wanna talk right now” Jess said looking away. “ Baby please im sorry for not listening to you we really need to talk about this”Justin said. “ Talk about what how ur pig headed,egotistical, hard headed asshole!” Jess yelled. “ Alright i admit i deserve that “ Justin said. “ O belive me u did and u should get more but i dont wanna waste my time “ Jess said running back upstairs. “ Women!” Justin said walking out the door and then u heared both Jess’s room and the front door slam at the same time. “ Umm hungry?” Jc said. “ Yeah lets order something” Benish said and they walked into the kitchen.

A week went by with the couple not talking. Justin would try to call Jess but she didnt want to speak to him she wasnt ready. He tried going to see her many times but she would lock herself in the room or leave. He sent her flowers, cards and everything but he knew how stubborn Jess was and that eventually shell come around. “ Lance i really miss her” Justin said as he sat down at the kitchen table of Lance’s house. “I know Justin all u do is talk about her” Lance said laughing. “ She knows im sorry shes just being stubborn” Justin said. “ Well shes been very weried ever since shes ben pregnant she went off on Joey yesterday and 2 seconds later she was talking to him very weried , dont worry man shell come through she loves you” Lance said and pat his friend on the back. Justin’s cell phone rang and he picked it up. “ Hello?” he said. “ Justin its bebe, get ur ass to my house right now” Benish said. “ Why whats wrong , is Jess okay.” Justin asked. “ No shes not, please she really needs u ill tell u everything when u get here” Benish said and hung up the phone. “ Lance i got to go somethings wrong with Jess” he said gettin his keys and leaving.

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