Chapter 31

The next morning

“ JC, Bebe have u seen Justin and Jess?” Shawn said walking up to the two eating breakfast downstairs in the restaurant. “No haven’t seen them since they went out lastnight, there probably in Justin’s room” JC said. “Alright cuz i need to talk to Jess” he said sitting down. “ Why is something wrong.” Benish said. “ Well she went to the doctor the other day and i wanted to know how everything went, be do u know?” Shawn said. “ No Shawn i sont i didnt even know she went to the doctor” Benish said. “ OHh” shawn said sitting back. “ Come one lets go find them.” Benish said getting up and they all followed. They reached the 17th floor and stepped out the elevator and saw Jess and Justin standing outside Justin’s door. “ Hey love birds” Jc said as they approched the two. “ Oh hey” Jess said turning around to see benish .jc and shawn. “ Jess how come you didnt tell me u went to the doctor the other day” Benish said. “ I see u talked to my brother can i not trust u with anything” she said and laughed. “ Sorry i thought she knew” Shawn said. “Its okay” Jess said. “ Well why did u go to the doctor are u sick whats wrong?” Be said. “ Well umm “ she said bitting her lip. “ Were gonna have a baby” Justin blurted out. “ Yeah what he said” Jess said and they both smiled. They looked at everyone just stand there all shooked. “ Your...your...your gonna what” Shawn said. “ Im preganant” Jess said happliy. “ Oh my god Jess” Benish said giving Jess a big hug. “ Congrats man” Jc said giving his friend a hug. “ Shawn are u okay” Jess said walking over to him. “ Yeah i just wow im gonna be an uncle” he said smiling. Jess gave him a big hug. “ Well when are u due...?” Jc asked. “Februrary” Jess said.

(A week later)

“ I cant go through with this i cant tell my parents” Jess said as her and Justin were driving to the resturant where they were meeting both there parents. They were down in Orlando for a 3 week break. “ Jess dont worry we can do it just stay calm.” Justin said putting his hand on her thigh. She took in a deep breath. “ Remember after lunch we have to go to my doctor” she said. “ Oh yeah i almost forgot” he said as they pulled into the parking lot. “ Do u plan on getting out?!”Justin said opening his door. “Uh-uh” she nodded her head no. “ Jess come on its not that bad” Justin said getting out of the car and walking over to her side. “ Baby come on lets go” he said taking her hand. “ She stepped out of the car and fixed her dress. They walked hand and hand towards the door when Jess stopped suddenly. “Whats wrong now?” Justin asked looking over at her. “ I just remembered our parents never met” Jess said looking worried. “ Jessica calm down everything is gonna be fine” he said taking her hand and leading her into the resturant. He spotted all four parents sitting at the table talking and laughing. “ See look there getting along fine” Justin wisphered to Jess as she squeezed his hand harder. “I think im gonna be sick” Jess said and was about to run away. “ Uh-uh hunny ur just trying to get out of this lets go” he said taking her over to the table. “ Is that my baby girl?” Jess’s mom Liz saidd. ‘ Hey mom” she said giving her a hug. “ Hey daddy” Jess said giving her dad Ryan a hug. “ Justin did the same to his parents and then to Jess’s and same with Jess. So shall we be seated. Paul said and they all saw down. On one side Jess was her parents and on the next Justin then followed by Justins parents sitting all around a round table. “ So are u two enjoying your time off?” Lynn asked. “ Yeah its nice to rest” Justin said and smiled. They all ordered there lunch and ate with just casual small talk when they were all done and sitting around Jess’s Mom spoke up. “ Jessica your being very quite whats wrong darling?” she asked her daughter. Jess just smiled “ Nothing mom im fine just a little tired” Jess said. “ Well on to what we came here for u two both have something u need to tell us?” Paul asked. Justin cleared his throat and found Jess’s hand under the table and held it tight. “ Do u wanna go or should i?” Justin asked looking at her. “ Ill do it” Jess said not looking up. “ U sure?” he said. “ Yeah” she said and looked up and smiled at her parents and Justins’s. She took a deep breath. “ Well guys im gonna try to make this as simple and understandable as possible..... were gonna have a baby” Jess said. Ryan dropped his fork. “Daddy u okay?” Jess said. Ryan just got up and walked out. “ See Justin this is why i didnt want to do this” Jess said and ran to the bath room. Liz followed Ryan. “ Im gonna go see Jess” Justin said. When lynn pulled him back down “Justin dont get involved let them work it out “she said. “ Im sorry bout that, its Just theres some history u need to know about those two” Liz said coming back in and sitting down. “ Do u mind telling?” Justin said. “ Well ever since she was little she always though the her father favored shawn over her cuz he was the boy and that her father didnt care but he did he loved her. As she got older she decided that to get the attention shawn got from ryan she should do something to get it, and she did she started sneacking out at night, cutting class, and alot of other stuff but im not going into that now. Well Ryan told her to straighten up her act or she was out by then she was 16 it wasnt cuz he didnt love her its just that she was out of contol she didnt wanna listen so she left, she ran away from home. We didnt know where she was for a month till she called and we found out she was staying with a friend a couple months went by and she came home it wasnt till she left to college that they got to talking again. “ Liz said. “ I didnt know that” Justin said . “Its not something Jess is proud of or wants to talk about, the only reason ryan got up and left like that is beacuse to him Jess is still a baby she may be 19 but still in his eyes thats too young to be a mother personally ill think shell make a wonderful mother but Ryan is just having trouble right now accepting that shes not a baby anymore and they shes grew up awhile ago” Liz said. Jess came back and sat down. “ Im sorry everyone” she said smiling. “ Its okay baby” Justin said giving her a hug and kissng her forehead. Lynn, Paul, and and Liz just smiled at the two they all knew how much in love they both were and that eveything would work out fine. “ Congratulations, im gonna be a grandmother!” Lynn said as they all got up to and gave them a hug. “ Yeah congratulations you know were gonna be here for u too “ Paul said giving Justin and Jess a hug. “ Mom are u okay?” Jess asked Liz. “ Im fine i just cant belive my baby is gonna have a baby” she said giving Jess a hug. “ Oh mom “ Jess said and everyone laughed. “ They walked out and saw Ryan sitting outside on a bench. Jess walked over to her dad. “ Daddy?” Jess said stting down next to him. He just looked at her. “ Im sorry i acted like that princess, im happy for you its just i was a little suprised i didnt mean to upset you “ he said giving her a hug. “ Its okay daddy “ Jess said and they got up and joinged everyone else they said there good byes and JEss and Justin got into there car. And were off to the doctor.

They were sitting in the room and were waiting for the doctor. Jess was sitting on the examine table. “Whats this” Justin said showing Jess something from the tray of tools . “Umm i dont think u wanna know” Jess said looking up from the paperwork she was filling out. “Ill take your word for it” he said and put it down and wiped his hands and she just giggled. “Baby can u do me a fover and give these to the nurse outside?” Jess said.. “Sure” he said taking the clipboard and walking out of the room. When he came back they waited 5 more minutes till the doctor came. “ Jessica its good to see you again.” Her doctor said. Jess just smiled. “So im guessing this is the father” he said shaking Justin’s hand. he nodded. “ Justin” he said . “ Dr. Stein” he said . Isnt he too young to be a doctor Justin thought to himself. “ Well ive looked over all your paper work and everything seems to be normal if u lay down well do an ultrasound and ull get your first pictures of your baby” he said. “Where is it?” Justin said looking at the moniter. “IT very small since shes only 9 weeks pregnant but its right there” he said pointing to the screan. “Aww” Jess said and Justin kissed Jess on the forhead. “Alright lets get you cleaned up and ull be on your way. “ Justin be a good daddy and on your way out give these to the nurse” the doctor said leaving. “ Alright daddy to be..out let me change” Jess said sitting up. “ Come on ive seen your naked before how do u think you got pregnant” Justin said grinning. “ I dont care out!” she said and he just laughed and walked out the door with the files in hand. “As he was walking a paper feel out of the folder he bent down to pic them up and read the paper. He looked up in suprise. She had an aportion?!he thought to himself. He looked back down to see the date it was October 20,2000. But we didnt sleep together till after christmas. “ Justin, ready?” Jess said coming up behind him. “ Justin!”she said again. “Oh sorry, umm yeah come on lets go home” he said handing the nurse the folder and walked out to the car. The whole ride home was quite. They walked in the door of Justins house and Jess plopped herself on the couch. and so did Justin. “Baby are u okay uve been quiet ever since we left the doctor” Jess said looking at him in concern. He turned to face her. “ Why didnt you tell me u had an aportion?” he said bluntly.

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