Chapter 30

May 21, 2001

“Hey there baby” JC said as he walked into the girls dressing room with a dozen roses. “ Hey Josh” Benish said turning around and gasped at the sight of the roses. “ Happy Anniversary baby” he said approaching her and handing her the flowers. “ Oh JC there beautiful” she said giving him a quick kiss. “ Just like you” he said hugging her. She giggled. “ So what do u wanna do for our one year anniversary?” JC asked kissing her neck. “ Ummm u” she said and smiled. He looked at his watch and walked over to the door and locked at and walked back over to Benish. “ Well i think i can arrange that” he said and started kissing her neck. “ JC but i have to go on in an hour” she said. “ So we have time” he said kissing her neck then up her jaw line and then her lips. She moaned and held him tight. “ So do u really want me to stop” he said kissing her over and over again. She nodded her head no. And he just smiled and continued kissing her.

“Guys i cant get in my room” Jess said coming in the guys play room. “ Why” Justin said as he was lifting weights and joey was spotting him in the corner. “ Cause its locked i think be and JC are in there, god all they do is have sex i swear!” she said plopping her self on the couch next to lance. “Is someone Jeleous is our Justin not good in bed” Chris said laughing. “ No im not Jelous i have sex, and MY Justin is just mighty fine in be thank u very much” Jess said and then smiled. “ Thanks baby” Justin said. “ No prob” she said and got up and walked over to where he was benching weights. He laid the weight back down. “ Alright J your done” Joey said walking away as Jess straddled her self over Justin. “ Hey there” he said and winked. “ Hey sexy” she said and smiled. “ Hey remember there are other ppl in the room” Chris said. “ OH shut-it old man” Jess said and smiled at Chris. “ Thats getting old Jess” Chris said laughing. “ Not as old as u” Jess said back. “ Oooo” All the guys said. “ Well umm yeah ill get back to you” Chris said turning back around.

Jess just laughed and then focused her attention back on Justin. She just smiled and started playing with her tongue ring. She felt him squirming underneath her. She knew what she was doing to him but she was having fun and having no intentions of stopping. She stuck it in and out of her mouth running it along her lips and Justin just shifted around. “ Umm Jess” he said . “ Yeah “ she said looking into his eyes and as continuing playing with her tongue ring. “ do u know what our doing to me by doing that” he said to her. “ Hmm well i have and idea”she said smiling and still playing with it. “ Jesus woman” he said grabbing her ass and lifting her up so she can get off him. She squeaked and laughed as he got up. He grabbed her hand and walked quickly towards the door. “ J baby where we going” she said giggling she new she was in for it for teasing him like that. “ somewhere so we can be alone!” he said as they walked out the room. He walked fast and Jess tried hard to keep as he held her hand. He opened his dressing room door and they both walked in he closed the door and locked it shut. “God woman do u know what you are doing to me, teasing me like that” he said grabbing her waist and pulling her towards him. She smiled. “ Why whatever do u mean Mr. Timberlake” she said smiling. He smiled at her and leaned down to kiss her. She kissed him back and wrapped her arms around his neck. He lead her over to the couch and gently laid her down. He stopped and looked in her eyes. “ What?” she said. “ I love you , u know that right” he said looking deep into her eyes. He looked as if he was searching for her answer there. And he saw it all he saw was the love that she had for him and he knew he had that in him too. “ Yes i do and u know i love you too” she said and kissed him passionately. She broke away from her and smiled. “ I just love that tongue ring” he said laughing . She laughed and kissed him again.

“Chris, Lance Joe where are the girls?” Tom and Shawn said walking in. “ Umm i dunno” Joey said looking away.” “ Where are JC and Justin” Shawn said getting suspicious. “ Probably with the girls” Chris said. “ Come on Tom well check there rooms” Shawn says as the two walked out. “ Uh-oh, those guys better be done with whatever there doing” Joey said as the three laughed. Shawn u go find Jess ill look for Bebe” Tom said knocking on the girls door. “ Alright ill check Justin’s room” he said walking over to the door. Tom knocked on the door again. Benish opened the door. “ Hey tom” she said smiling. “ Hey is everything okay?” he asked looking in and seeing JC reading a magazine in a chair. “ Yeah everything’s fine” she said smiling. “ Okay well u guys have a half and hour and ur on” he said looking away still not sure. “Alright bye” she said shutting the door. “Well ill let u get ready “ JC said walking over to Benish and giving her a kiss. “ Alright, bye” she said as he left.

Shawn knocked on Justin’s door. “ Oh shhhiitt” Jess said putting her shirt back on. “ Who is it?” Justin asked putting his pants back on. “ Its Shawn, Justin is Jess in there with you. He looked over at her and she nodded her head no. “ Umm no Shawn shes not” Justin said butting her pants. “ Oh Alright well if u see her tell her that she has to go do her hair and make up” Shawn said. “ Oh okay” Justin said

“ Oh god that was so close” Jess said . “Yeah you better get out of here before he comes back” Justin said walking over to her handing her her skirt. She grabbed it from him and slipped it on and smiled. “ That was fun” he said kissing her lips. “ It was, well i better get going, bye sexy” she said walking past him and smacking his ass. “ lata hot stuff” he said as she walked out the door.

“Wheres Justin im gonna go on in 5 mins” Jess said backstage getting her mic put on. “I dunno he said he was coming” JC said . “ugh that child” Jess said. “EnVy 2 mins till show” “ If that boy does not get his skinny little white ass her RIGHT now im gonna hurt him so badd”Jess said. And Benish and JC laughed at her she can get really childish when shes mad. “Sorry im late” Justin said wrapping his arms around her waist from behind. “ Yeah whatever” she said looking away. “ Awww baby dont be mad” he said blowing in her ear. She squirmed and giggled. “ That tickles” she said turning around. He just smiled. She looked up at him and smiled back. “ S u forgive me??” he asked. “ Ugh your so god damn sexy how can i not” she said kissing him quickly . “Good luck” he said kissing her again. “ lata” she said running off to the stage.

After the girls performance they watched the guys perform and then went on there bus and went back to the hotel. They got off the bus and JC made his way to the girls bus to find Benish. “Be, baby come on” he said taking her hand and leading her off the bus and into the hotel. “ Where we going?” she asked. “Just come on” he said leading her into the elevator. “ JC please tell me” she said again. “nope sorry” he said as they stopped and lead her out the elevator. Jess and Justin were outside Justin’s door making out. “ You know u guys can do that inside” JC said walking by them. But they just ignored them. JC opened his door. “ Well let the fun begin” she said grabbing him inside. “ Those two at it again” Jess said laughing. “ Like always, u wanna go for another round?” he said smiling. “ sure why not” she said opening the door and Justin walked in behind her.

The next day

Jess woke up in Justin’s arms and just smiled remembering the things they did before going to sleep. She looked at the clock and it read 1:pm and she remembered they had the day off and that it was May22,2001 her and Justin’s one year anniversary. One year she couldn’t believe it, it was an amazing year she thought, alot had happened good and bad. “ Good morning baby” Justin said kissing her forehead. “ Hey” she said smiling. He moved on his side and put his arm around her and looked at her. “ Happy Anniversary” he said kissing her. She smiled. “ Happy anniversary to u too” she said . “I have something planned out tonight so u can do whatever u want but at 6 your mine” he said smiling. “ Hmm okay can u give me a hint how to dress cause ill go shopping” she said. “ Your just using this as and excuse to go shopping” Justin’s aid laughing. “ So...come one tell me” she said. “ Fine dress formal, very formal” he said. “ Alright well then lets get up ill call be and tell her to come shopping with me” Jess said. “ Alright” he said getting out of bed.

“ Be i need something nice, something that will make Justin go WOW” Jess said as they left the hotel and got into the limo followed my one of there body guards Ronnie. “Well find something” Benish said . The girls arrived at Estells Dresses and got out with Ronnie following close behind them. The girls removed there sun glasses upon entering the store. They looked around quietly not to cause attention to them selves. “Jess what about this” Benish said showing Jess a plain long tight black halter dress. “ Hmm ill try it on” she said finding her size and continued looking. “ OooO i like this one” Jess said holding up a 2 piece it was baby blue the top was a zipper tube top and the skirt just flowed down “wow i really like that but is it to dressy?!” Be asked. “ I dunno let me call Justin” She went through her bag and dialed his # and he picked up. “ Well i just wanted to know how formal for tonight?” Jess said. “ Umm formal” Justin said. “ Well thanks that helps!” Jess said laughing. “ Well im wearing a tux does that help?” Justin said. Jess smiled. “ Okay then i found something perfect ill be back soon bye love you” she said and clocked off on her phone. “ Comon let me try this on i really want it” she said taking it into the dressing room. She came out and showed Benish the dress. “ Well what do u think?” she asked. “ Jess that dress was made for u!” be said smiling. “ Really it doesn’t make my ass look to big?” Jess said looking in the mirror. “ No ur ass is just big like that” be said laughing. “ Shut up come on seriously should i get it?”jess said admiring herself in the mirror. She had to admit she thought she looked good in it. “ OH yeah ur getting it and when we get back to the hotel tell Delila to do ur hair and make up your should put it up and curl the ends “ Be said as Jess went back in to change. The girls paid for the dress and went to buy shoes and then went back to the hotel.

Justin knocked on Jess’s door. “ Come in” Jess said sitting on her bed. Justin opened the door. “ So how did u make out?”Justin asked sitting on the edge of the bed. “ Good i found something perfect” Jess said smiling. “Can i see?” Justin asked. “ Nope not till tonight” Jess said. “ But thats in 2 hours” Justin said complaing. “ DO u wanna see it at all ?!” Jess said looking at him sternly. “ Well i would rather see it on the floor of my hotel room.” Justin said and grinned. “ Ughh men, now get out Delila should be coming soon to do my hair and make up u better be here 6 to pick me up” she said getting up and taking his hand and leading him to the door. “ Okay fine but can i get a kiss first?” he asked putting his arms around her waist. “ Fine” Jess said and he leaned in to give her a kiss. She kissed him back and the Kiss started getting very passionate and they made there way over to the bed Justin climbed on top of her and kissed her again and down her neck. Jess just moaned in pleasure. He worked his way up and slipped his hands under her shirt onto her warm tan stomach. The phone began to ring. “ Let it ring” Jess said tugging at the bottom of Justin’s shirt. “ Answer it” Justin said looking up. “ Uh-uh ignore it” Jess said and it kept ringing. Justin continued kissing her. “Ring” “ Jess” Justin said. “ No if its important they will call back” Jess said. The ringing stopped. Justin removed her shirt and placed wet kisses all over her chest he kissed her down her stomach and began to play with the hook on her bra when the phone starts ringing again. “ GOOD GOD” Jess said rolling over and picking it up. “ WHAT!” she said into the phone. “ Jesus sis whats wrong?” Shawn asked into the phone. “ Shawn what do u want im kinnda busy right now” she said. “ Well i was just calling to see how the doctor appointment went” he said. “ Oh yeah sorry i forgot to call u and tell you, umm well i really cant talk now ill call u later bye” she said and hung up the phone. “ Alright where were we” she said and began to kiss him and he fell into the kiss at first but then backed away. “ Who was that?” Justin asked, “OH it was Shawn” Jess said. “What he want” Justin asked again. “ Uh he wanted to know how my doctors appointment went” she said. “Justin i have to tell u something but i rather tell u tonight okay?” she said “ Alright whatever u want baby as long as your okay?” he said. “ Im fine” she said and smiled. “Well then I better go we should save this for tonight plus u gotta get ready” he said getting up. “ yeah good idea” she said walking him to the door. Justin opened it and turned around. “ So ill see u later” he said kissing her again. “ Okay love u” she said smiling. “ Do u always awnser your door in your bra” Joey said walking by. “ shut up Joey” Jess said covering her self up. “ Love u too” Justin said leaving, Just then delila came down the hall past Justin. “ Hey hun, why are u in your bra?” she asked. “ Oh i was hot” Jess said. “ Riiiight get inside gurlie weve got to get u ready” Delila said


“ JC are u sure i look okay?”Justin asked for the 20th time looking him self over in the mirror he was wearing a black tux and looked really good. “ Justin u look fine stop asking me” JC said looking uo from the magazine he was looking at. “Alright well i gotta go get Jess ill see yah lata” he said leaving. “ Bye” JC yelled. Justin walked down the hall to Jess;s room and bumped into delila. “ Hey curly watch were ur going” she said smiling. “ Oh sorry D” he said laughing. “ Its okay, well ur lady awaits” she said motioning towards the door. “ How does she look” Justin asked. “ Beautiful Justin, she really does but ill let u decide for urself, have fun” she said leaving. “ Lata D” he said smiling and knocked on Jess’s door. “ Come in” she said. He opened the door and looked around the room and spotted her infront on the mirror putting on her Jewelry. She turned around and Justin gasped, She looked drop dead gorgeous. Her hair was all up with curls hanging down and two pieces hanging down from her face. Her make-up very natural he always told her she didn’t need any she was naturally beautiful her dress was baby blue and two pieces the tube top came right above her belly button and her stomach had glitter on it and her arms so they sparkled as she moved and her skirt flowed down to her feet and she wore silver strappy sandals. “ Justin?” she said. “ Oh sorry” he said snapping back to reality. “ god u look amazing her said walking up to her and handing her a rose. “ Why thank you your look good too” she said kissing him on the cheek. “ Shall we go?” he said taking her arm. “ Lets go” she said as the walked out the door.

They got into the Limo and drove off. “ J where we going” she said holding his hand. “ Well were going somewhere really fancy for dinner and then back to the hotel to have some fun” he said grinning. “ Oh and what thinks were getting any tonight Mr. Timberlake?!” Jess said giggling. Justin just smiled. The limo stopped. “ Well that was fast” Jess said as Justin scooted out and opened the door. He turned around and helped Jess out. “ Shit how did they find out we were gonna be here?” Justin said looking over at the photographers standing off at the door. “ Come on its okay” Jess said as she started walking towards the door. Jess smiled as the photographers took pictures of the couple. “So we here its your one year anniversary what do u have to say” some one yelled out. “ Well yes it is and well we would really appreciate it if u let us enjoy our night with out having to worry if everything were gonna do is gonna be all over the news and papers in the morning” Jess said sweetly. They all smiled took a few pictures and started leaving. “ did u do that?” Justin asked. Jess just laughed and smiled and grabbed his hand and walked into the Restaurant. “ Umm J how come theres no one here?” Jess said confused. “ Because baby i wanted it to be just u and me tonight” he said. “ Justin that so sweet” Jess said kissing his cheek. “Good Evening, please follow me” the waiter said walking to the table.

Justin pulled out Jess’s chair and she sat down. Justin sat across from her. “ May i get you something to drink” the waiter asked. “ Well have wine please....” Justin said but Jess cut him off. “ He’ll have wine ill just have a glass of water please” she said sweetly. “ Why dont u want some wine baby” Justin asked. She took his hands in hers and breathed deeply. “ Justin remember i told u earlier that i had something to tell u?” Jess said. “yeah go ahead baby tell me” he said looking at her. “Well...whew this is harder then i though, well yesterday i went to the doctor and Justin” Jess said. “ Yeah?” he said waiting to here what she had to say. “ Im pregnant” she said and looked to see what his response was. “Pregnant?!” he said confused. She just nodded. Justin let go of Jess’s hand and Jess looked down in confusion. Justin stood up and took Jess’s hand and helped her up. she got up but continued looking down he cupped her chin with his hand and brought her to look at him. A tear escaped from her eye. “ Baby why are u crying?” he asked. “ Im sorry Justin i know u dont need this right now im sorry” Jess said. Justin put his finger against her lips to stop her from rambling she did that alot when she was nervous. “Dont be sorry and i do want this” he said smiling. “Do u mean it?” Jess said wiping her face. “I do Jess, i cant believe it, were gonna have a baby” he said smiling. She smiled back. “When are u due?” he asked. “ Well im 2 months pregnant today so February” Jess said. Justin smiled. “ This is the best gift i can ever get” he said giving her a kiss and she just smiled. They both sat down and enjoyed the rest of there dinner. They left the restaurant.

They arrived at the hotel hand and hand and went up to his room. They walked in and Justin took off his jacket and Jess laid down on the bed. He turned around and smiled. “What?” she said giggling. “Nothing i just cant believe were gonna have a baby” he said sitting down next to her. She smiled a little and looked down. “ Baby whats wrong?” he said laying down next to her and holding her. “Im scared Justin” she said as she started to cry. “Why are u so scared” he said wiping away tears that escaped her eyes. “Justin what am i gonna do im only 19, i have this career now , what am i gonna tell my parents, the media is gonna eat this up Justin, were on 19 and 20 there gonna make a big deal out of this and i dont know if i can handle that Justin im so scared, what if .....what if were not together by February or after that Justin i cant do this by myself i need u”Jess said crying. Justin let out a little laugh. “Why are u laughing at a time like this im serious” Jess said getting frustrated. “IM sorry baby its just your so cute when u ramble” he said moving a piece of hair from her face. She just smiled . “ Baby dont he scared, well get through this we dont have to tell the media for a while until u start to show, your parents and mine well deal with, we might be young Jess but well get through it together i would never leave you Jess i promise you that well be together forever and ever i love you so much baby, i dot know what i would do if i wasn’t with you, i wouldn’t be able to live your my missing piece in life with out u i would die i need you baby ” He said as tears formed in his eyes. “ I love you Justin” she said and held him. “ I love you too” he said . They both laid there and eventually fell asleep.