Chapter 3

There were so many girls in that club and they were all there for the guys. When they gotmto the club they guys were asked for autographs. They just couldnt say no so they gave in to about 1 hour of signing. “ Im really sorry Jess” Justin said “ O its okay we understand..if u want us to wait for u we will?” she asked “No no u guys go and have fun well find u guys when were done” Jc said “ Are u guys sure” Benish asked “Yeah were really sure go on and have fun” Justin said. “Alright see yah lata” They both said. As they walked off Justin and JC were just staring at them. “So justin u really liek jess dont yah?” Jc said signing an autograph. “Yeah she really cool, shes really pretty, shes sweet, nice and from what i knwo of her so far she has a wonderful personality.” He said wiht a smile. “Yeah Benish is the same way too yah know Justin i think this is gonna be a really good summer.” “U said it” Justin said. When the guys were done after an hour of signing they left to go find the girls. “Hey JC i think there on the dance floor” “alriht lets go check” . Sure enough the girls were on the dance floor dancing with random people. THe guys watched from a far for a while. “WOW Jess is a really good dancer” JC said “Yeah i know i think im gonna cut in” Justin said while walking over to Jess taped her on the sholder and asked he to dance and of course she accepted. JC followed Justin and danced wiht Benish. They must of danced for what seemed forever. Jc and Benich decided that it was time to take a rest and get a drink as the were walking off the couldnt help but notice the crowd of people on one corner of the dance floor . Something suddenly clicked in Benish Jess she thought.“Oh man Jc i have a felling this crowd has something to do wiht jess”. “why do u say that” he asked cuz “cuz evrtytime we go some where shes always doing something to get people’s attention..comon” she said as she walked ot the front of the crowd. JC was right behind her. “Oh my g-d”that was all Jc could say “JESSICA” “yeah she said looking up” Jess and Justin were dancing but she was all over him and he didnt even care. they just kept dancing. and then benish gave her an that what the hell are u doing face. They got off the dance floor and the girls decided to go to the bathroom...... “Girl what the fuck were u doing out there”Benish said checking her makeup. “Dancing why?” Jess said. “Girl we really need to find u some help we really do!” Benish said “Comon lets go” Jess said . they walked out of the bathroom to the table were the guys were siting. “Hey we tok the liberty in ordering u girls drinks is that okay?”Justin asked. “Yeah its fine” Benish said. The girls sat down and they just all started to talk. After awile Shawn came up to them and told them they had to get ready to leave . So they all left the club and headed towars the bus.

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