Chapter 29

The Next 3weeks were crazy for the girls. They were recording like crazy cause Jive wanted them out there as soon as possible and when the pictures and articles came out alot of people were interested in the new group EnVy. The guys were back in Orlando rehearsing for there tour. And the girls were in New York.

Jess walked in the door to her apartment and Benish was in the kitchen on the phone. “ Uh-huh yeah baby” Benish said as she waved to Jess. Jess smiled and put her stuff down. “ Jess we need to be in the studio in 2 hours.” Benish said. “Alright” Jess said as she sat down and turned the radio on low. “Here’s a something new for everyone out there i just heard this song today and im telling u know its gonna be big, heres EnVy with “ This is Me”

Jess looked up as soon as she heard them say EnVy. Benish’s eyes widned. “ Omg omg omg omg JC our song is on the radio” Benish said getting ll happy. Jess just smiled as she heard the beats in the begging of the song and then them singing. “ Baby , omg cant believe this” Benish said flipping out. She ran over to Jess and gave her a hug. “ JC ill call u back, love you bye” she said and hung up the phone. “ OMG i cant believe this its insane” Jess said. “ I know, i know” Benish said as they hugged again. The phone rang. “ Tom hey, yes were listing to it now! i can believe this!” Jess said getting all excited. “ Alright, okay. yah Alright see u later” Jess said and hung up the phone. “ Tom said he wants us there and hour early were gonna talk about the video” Jess said as she got her stuff and headed up stairs to shower.

1 month later

The Benish and Jess were in the TRL studios “ Everyone we have EnVy here today, i know the guys are happy” Carson said and laughed. “These girls are coming up fast and doing very well, The CD is looking to be coming out Late May but u can buy the single now” Carson said as the crowd cheered. “ Here’s EnvY” Carson said as the girls walked out and the crowd cheered. “ Hello girls” Carson said and shook there hands. “ Hey there” Jess said and smiled. “Wow i feel short” Benish said and laughed. “ Its okay” Carson said and laughed. “Well how is it been for you guys with everything that has happened so far, all your success” he asked. “ Wow , well its been amazing its all happening to fast but its so much fin were doing what we wanna do and having a blast doing it” Benish said and smiled. “ Thats good, every where i look now a days all i see are u girls, on magazines, Internet, everywhere” Carson said. “ Yeah its kinnda weird like this morning i went out to get something at the store and this lady comes up to me with a copy of cosmogirl in her hand is like , thats you! and i was like umm yeah hi, its weird but i guess u just get used to it” Jess said and laughed. “ Yeah, it takes awhile but u guys live here in the city right?” he asked. “ Yes we do, which is really good cuz everything thing we need is here and i have school” Jess said and smiled. “ And what are u in school for” Carson asked. “ Umm im a Dancer and the American Ballet Academy” Jess said. “ Ohh a ballerina” he said and they all laughed. “ Well we have a few questions from the audience” Carson said. “ Ray is down stairs with some of your fans” Carson said. “ Hello, ray who do u have for us?” “ Well first off i wanna say hi to the girls!” “ Hey Ray” they both said. “ Okay im happy now” he said and laughed. The girls couldn’t help but laugh his laugh was hysterical. “Well we’ve got Mike here and he’s got a question for you Jess” Ray said handing the guy the mic. “ Alright go ahead” she said, “ Hey Jess , Alright first of all i wanna say that your really hot and i love you, and well to my question... can i come u and meet you?” he asked. “Oohh he just slipped that in there” Benish said and laughed. “well umm sure is it Alright” Jess asked Carson. “ Yeah umm come on mike come on up” Carson said. “ Alright you guys wanna introduce your video its at # 4 today” Carson said. “ Alright well here we are EnVy at #4 with “ This is Me” Both girls said and they cut to the video. “ Wow its really nice to finally meet you two” Carson said. they both smiled. “ So how are ur guys?” he asked. “ Umm good there in Orlando, doing the tuff for the tour” Jess said fixing her shirt. “ Alright were back in 5...4...3...2...1”

“ Alright that was EnVy with This is Me” Carson said and everyone cheered. “ I think we have your fans up here” Carson said and the 4 guys from downstairs came into the studio and on to the stage. “ Hey” they all said and stood by Carson opposite the girls. The girls smile and laughed. “ Can i get a hug?” one of them asked. “ Sure “ Jess said giving them hugs and Benish did as well. “ So guys happy now?” Carson said and laughed. “ Yeah were good, it would be better if they weren’t taken” another said. “Yeah well u guys can sit over there” Carson said as the boss sat on the over side by the rest of the audience. “ Well i hear you’ve got some news for us” Carson said.. “ Yeah, well we found out yesterday that were going to be touring with Nsync for the summer tour. so everyone can come check us out” Benish said. “ Thats awsome, get time with your boyfriends” he said and smiled they both laughed. “ Well thanks girls for taking time to come down here, your welcome back anytime” Carson said giving them hug. “ Bye everyone” the girls said and they cut to commercial. “ Nice meeting u Carson” Jess said. “ Same here” he said and the girls left.

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