Chapter 28


“Jess baby wake up u have to go to school” Justin said to her in bed. “ uhhhh” she said opening her eyes. “ Wake -up sleepy head” he said nudging her. “ Uh-uh” she said rolling over and wrapped her arms around him. “ Come on i gotta get up to the guys should be here soon we have all the promotional stuff for the tour coming up, i think we have a photo shoot today” he said playing with her hair. “ Fun” she said and laughed. “ Hey you’ll have to do it two soon” he said. She just smiled. “ Come on lets go in the shower” Justin said getting up and going to the other side to get Jess. “ You getting a little to used to us showering together” Jess said taking his hand and getting out of bed. “ Soo..” he said pulling her into the bathroom.

“ I got it” Benish said running to the front door. “ Hello” She said opening the door to let in Chris, Lance and Joey. “ Hey Bebe” they all said coming in. “ Damn its so cold outside” Lance said taking off his jacket “ Thats the city for yah” Benish said. “ Hey JC” Joey said as he came in from the kitchen. “ Hey guys” JC said as they all walked into the living room and sat down. “ Where’s Jess and Justin” Lance asked. “ Umm last time i checked they were in the shower” Benish said looking at her watch. “ Oh...wait together?!” Chris said. “ Yup” she nodded and like on cue Justin and Jess came down the stairs. “ Hey everyone” Jess said happily. “ Aww don’t we look cute” Joey said. Jess was wearing black leggings a black leotard and a red sweat shirt. “ Ehh haha so funny” Jess said putting her dance bag down. “ Today’s your first day right?” Chris asked. “ Yeah im a little nervous” Jess said putting her hair up in a bun. “ You’ll be fine” Justin said hugging her from behind. She smiled and turned around and kissed him. “ What time is it?” Jess asked putting some bobby pins in her hair. “ Umm a 8*30” Benish said checking her watch. “ Alright we better get going we have to be at the photo shoot at 9” Chris said getting up. “Yeah i have to be at class around then” Jess said putting her coat on and then her bag over her shoulders. “ Jess well drop you off its right by the opera house and we have to down that way” Lance said putting his coat on. “ Alright thanks” she said and they all left. “ Bebe i forgot to ask what are u doing?” Jess said as they walked to the limo that joey and the guys showed up in. “Im tagging along with JC and the guys” she said and they both laughed and got into the limo.

“Alright were here” Jess said as the limo stopped. “ Thanks guys” she said putting her gloves on. “ No prob baby, call my cell ill have it on the whole day” Justin getting out of the limo to get her bag in the back. “Alright ill call you” she said taking her bag and giving him a quick kiss. “ Jesssss” Misty said running up to her friend. “ Misty hey girl” Jess said giving her friend a hug. “ Justin u remember Misty” Jess said as they both smiled. “ Hey” he said. “ Justin come on we cant be late” Joey said sticking his head out of the door. “ Alright, Alright im coming” he said closing the trunk and giving Jess another quick kiss. “Bye” Jess said as Justin got in the limo he closed the door and rolled down the window. “ Bye guys see yah later” Jess said giving Justin another kiss. “ love you” he said. “ love you too” Jess said. “ Alright your making me sick come on” Misty said taking Jess away from the limo. “ Who was that with Jess” Joey asked watching the 2 walk away. “ Misty she meet her at school” Benish said. “ Ohh “ Joey said and they drove away.

( A couple hours later at the Photo Shoot)

JC was taking his solo pictures when Jess walked into the room where they were taking all the pictures. She saw Benish and everyone else sitting in some chairs talking. She walked over to them. “ Hey Jess “ Benish said as Jess came around and sat on Justin’s lap. “ Hallo hallo” Jess said then giving Justin a kiss. “ Hmm you smell good” Justin said kissing her neck. “ Yah its called a shower” Jess said and laughed. “ Funny” Justin said wrapped his arms around her waist. “ So how was it?” Lance asked. “ It was good,.... oh my god! guess what?!” Jess said getting all excited. “ What” Chris said. “ Well they wanted me in the lead for swan lake.. buuuttt Jonathan is letting only one of the BEST dancers Max choreograph a student ballet, it new and never before seen and everyone is talkin about it and Max was in class scouting for the roles and he asked me to do it” Jess said. “ Wow congrats” Benish said as JC walked over. And sat next to Benish. “ Justin is that your girlfriend” Roger said coming over. “ Yes it is, Jess i would like you to meet Roger the photographer for Seventeen” Justin said. “ Hello nice to meet you,” Jess said shaking his hand. “ So this is the other part of the new hot group ive been hearing about, Envy huh” Roger said. “ Well yes” Jess said and smiled. “ Well i was just talking to the some of the editors for the magazine and they want to put u guys in it and some pictures and some with the guys, if thats okay with your girls i know its short notice “ Roger said. “ Oh my god really, yes well do it” Benish said jumping out of her seat." I mean yeah sure i guess" she said sitting back down. “ Alright good, go down 3 doors and turn to the left and thell get u into your costumes” Roger said pointing down a hall. The girls walked down the hall into the dressing rooms. “ That was nice of you guys” JC told roger. “ Oh no problem at all when we heard about them a few days ago we wanted to get them for our next issue but one of the articles were doing backfired so were gonna put them in here with an interview, plus JC and Justin were doing a couple article do are u 2 interested?” Roger said. “ Yeah but we’ve got talk to the girls” Justin said. “ Alright well ive gotta go get some stuff when the girls come back were gonna do some group pictures with all of you” Roger said walking away.

30 minutes later the girls came out. They were both wearing very low hip huggers and different color halters. Both wearing there hair down. “ Hey sexy” Justin said walking over to Jess. “ Hey” she said fixing her pants. “ Whats wrong” he said laughing. “ There umm really low!” she said. “ Well umm okay” he said and grabbed her hand as they walked over to Roger. “ Perfect Alright guys crowd around that step and girls sit in the middle” Roger said and everyone did as told. A few pose’s later the girls did some photos with the two of them and then by them selves. “ Alright thanks guys. “ The rest of you can leave we already took care of the interview, Girls , JC and Justin please stay” Roger said. “ Later guys” Chris said as they left. “ Bye” Jess waved. “ Alright well as i told you before were gonna do the whole couple thing are u willing to just get everything done or come back tomorrow. Well its 2 umm we can get u out of here by ill say 4” Roger said. “ Yeah thats fine” they all agreed. “ Alright well we have some sets set up there upstairs so you can go up there ” He said as he walked away. “ Alright come on” JC said taking Benish’s hand and Jess and Justin followed. “ This should be fun” Jess said. “ It will be” Justin said holding her hand.

Both couples entered and were immediately rushed to wardrobe. JC and Benish were assigned the living room they would be sitting watching a movie. Benish was wearing a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and had her hair down and a wavy and JC was wearing Jeans and a sweat shirt. Roger placed them on the couch and wanted them to look like they were just watching the movie. “ Your supposed to be watching the movie and not me” Benish said throwing a piece of popcorn at JC “ Click”. “ I like watching you” JC said and they both smiled. “ Click” “God guys just act normal play around , your doing great” Roger said taking pictures.

Jess and Justin were in wardrobe/hair and make-up while the did the interview. “So when did u guys meet” a woman asked. “ May 22” Jess said as one of the make-up artists was applying come make-up. “So its been 9 months”she said. “ Yup” Justin said. “ How did you guys meet?” “ Well my brother Shawn is there manager and i went on tour with them during the summer for a little while and thats how we meet” Jess said and smiled at Justin. “ Is it hard for you two to keep your relationship?” “ Well yeah i guess u can say that its hard cause we both have busy schedules, me with Nsync and Jess with her dancing and now EnNy, but we make it work “ Justin said and smiled at Jess. “ It’s hard because of the fans, reporters and all the publicity, we wanted to keep it under wraps but things got out, but its been good, the fans are happy so it good” Justin said. “ What are the things you first noticed about each other and be honest” “ Hmm well i noticed his eyes, he has beautiful blue eyes, then his lips there so soft” Jess said and giggled when Justin blew her a kiss and then winked. “ Justin?” “Lets see well were being honest here so ill have to say her overall, when i saw her i said wow she’s really attractive, she has a great body and beautiful face” Justin said and Jess blushed. “ Aww that was cute, but yeah after talking to him and stuff i realized he had a great personally and we had alot of things in common” Jess said. “ Yeah it was cool to sit down and talk to a girl and be normal and really connect like we did” Justin said

Jess and Justin finished there interview and went to go change. Justin was down before Jess he was in a pair of flannel PJ pants and a wifebeater, Jess came out a few minutes later in gray Pj pants and a tight white tank top with her hair half up and half down. “ Alright now i want you guys to just act normal get over there in the bed and umm that sounded weird,, just go” Roger said laughing. Jess and Justin walked onto the bedroom set and sat on the bed. “ Alright Justin pick up that book and i want you guys to cuddle” Roger said .They did as told. They were doing different poses and having alot of fun, they were joking around and laughing. “Oww your on my arm” Jess said moving away from Justin. “ Well sorry” he said and then laughed. “ Welll u should be “ Jess said and stuck her tounge out at him. “ Ohh im scared “ he said and began tickling her. “ Click” he ended up on top of her and they laid there for a few. “ Click” “ Be, baby look” JC said as they got out of the room were they had there interview. Jess walked over to see Justin laying ontop of Jess on the bed with everyone watching and Roger snapping pictures. “ Hmm do they realize that there about 30 people watching” Benish said and they both laughed. “ Click” Justin leaned down and kissed Jess. “ Click” “Click” “Alright that was great! thanks everyone its a wrap” Roger said as he gave his camera to his assistant. “ Justin u can get off me now” Jess said . “ OHh yeah sorry” he said and got off of her and helped her up. “ So umm lets go , im tired i wanna get out of here” Benish said walking up to the 2 with JC. “Alright well go change” Jess said and they left.

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