Chapter 27

The next 2 days the girls were in the studio, picking some songs for there album they still haven’t came up with a name for the group so they were sitting in the studio trying to figure it out. “ Umm how bout Cloud 9” Benish said. “ Umm how bout no!” Jess said and laughed. “ Ummmm i dunno” Bebe said swinging in her chair side to side. “ Me either” Jess said taping her pen. They continued that for about 5 mins. “ How bout Envy” Benish said. “ Envy, hmm i like it” Jess said and both girls smiled.

They finished there work that Friday and went home. “ Bebe my flight leaves tomorrow at 10*00, ill be back Sunday afternoon” Jess said. “ Alright your just going to get all your stuff right?” Bebe said as they walked into there apartment. “Yeah, guys were home” Jess said seeing JC and Justin on the couch watching T.V. “Hey” they both said not even looking up at them. “ Well yah thanks umm hi to u to , yeah everything’s fine, we did good today thanks for asking” Benish said sitting down next to JC. “ Sorry baby” he said and leaned over to give her a kiss and they ended up making out. Jess walked past them and just giggled. “ Hey there sexy” Justin said grabbing her by the waist and sitting her down on his lap. She put her arm around him. “ Hallo” she said and smiled. “ I missed you” he said and hugged her tight. “ Ive been gone for a few hours silly” she giggled. “So im not aloud to miss my girl?!” he said. “ I never said that” she said . He laughed and kissed her. “ Wanna go up stairs?!” She asked him. He didn’t even answer her he picked her up and carried her past the couch were Benish and JC were still making out. “ I guess thats a yes” she said as they entered her room.

Later that night

Jess and Justin came out of her room and walked into the kitchen holding hands. “ Hey where were u too?” Benish said with a smile. “ Upstairs” Justin said and held Jess in his arms. “ Ohhh i see, and u also im guessing took a shower together” JC said and laughed. “ Any way whats going on tonight im leaving tomorrow remember i have to back to the apartment to get my stuff cuz i start class on Monday” Jess said. “ Club?” Benish said. “ Yeah im in” Jess said. “ Alright lets get ready” Justin said as him and Jess walked upstairs. “ Bebe baby hold on a sec i need to ask u something” JC said sitting back down at the table. “ Sure whats wrong” she said. “ Well i dunno how to say this but i heard you Jess and Dani talking back at Justin’s the other day “ JC said. “ Ohh” Benish said. “ Yeah did she really sleep with another guy?” JC asked. “ JC its a long story come on ill fill you in while we get ready” Benish said leading him upstairs. “ Alright” he said following her.

An Hour Later Benish and JC went down stairs to see Jess and Justin making out on the couch. “ Umm didn’t you too get enough of that before?” Benish said walking in front of the couch. “ Umm no” Justin said and stood up and helped Jess up. Jess was wearing a short leather black skirt and a blue tube top. Justin was wearing black pants and a green shirt. “ Ohhh skanky Jess” Benish said and laughed. “ Look who’s talking “ Jess said pointing to Benish. She was wearing black leather pants and a red halter. JC was wearing dark jeans and a dark blue shirt. “ Alright we ready?” Jess said fixing her skirt. “Yah lets go” JC said and they walked out the door

The arrived at the club and entered in right away. They went and sat in a both in the back. They ordered drinks and were talking. A dark haired guy aprroched Jessica. “ You wanna dance?” he said and Jess didn’t even bother looking . “ Umm no thanks” she said and continued her conversation. “Oh i see how it is Jess” the guy said and laughed. Jess turned around and saw Matt there. “ This should be interesting” Benish said and nudged JC to look over at Jess and the . “ Who’s that” JC whispered. “ Ahh thats the one and only Matt” Benish said with a smile. “ Ohh.... ohhhhh” JC said and looked over. “ Matt oh hey sorry” Jess said and giggled. “ its Alright” he said and laughed. Justin just looked at Matt and held on to Jess. “ Oh Matt this is Justin my boyfriend, JC and u remember Bebe” Jess said. “ Yes i do whats up” he said and winked at Bebe. She rolled her eyes and looked the other way. “ So Justin do u mind if i borrow your girl for a few” Matt said. “ Umm its up to her. “ Justin said not too thrilled. “ Ill be back in a little” Jess said getting up. “ Hmm looking hot there sexy” Matt said and lead her to the Dance floor. Justin looked over and Benish and JC who were just staring at Justin. “ What?!” he said. “ Nothing,” they both said and looked away. Justin looked over to the dance floor to see Jess and Matt dancing. They were both laughing. He just frowned. “ Justin don’t worry there just friends” JC said trying to cheer up his friend. “I know, i know” Justin said and just stared at the 2 dancing.

“ So Jess did u tell him?!” Matt said while they were dancing. “ No i didn’t” she said and looked away. He picked up her chin to make her look at him. “Why didn’t you Jess, come on i got your pregnant” Matt said looking in her eyes. “ I know Matt, i just didn’t , its over and thats it” Jess said looking back at him. He just smiled at her . Joe’s i wanna know came out over the speakers. “ One more dance?” Matt asked Jess. She smiled and accepted. “I’ ve missed you” Matt said holding Jess while they danced. She just smiled. “What u didn’t miss me?” Matt said. “ No i did but i dunno i just feel weried” Jess said and smiled alittle. “ God your so beautiful you know that?!” he said and she just blushed. “Excuse me can i cut in?!” Justin said coming up behind and taping Matt on the shoulder. “ Sure” Matt said giving Jess to Justin. “ Thanks” Justin said and started dancing with Jess. “ Hi” he said holding her. “ Hey” she said putting her head against his chest and her arms around his neck. “ Baby whats wrong?!” he asked her. “ Im a little tired and i don’t feel that good” she said. “ Wanna go home?” he asked. “ She just nodded “ Alright come on baby well go tell JC and Bebe were leaving. They found the 2 dancing and told the they were leaving.

The next Day

Justin took Jess to the airport. “ Ill call you when i get there” Jess said giving him a hug. “ Alright i love you” he said holding her. “ If i get everything done i might come home tonight, but ill call you” She said looking up at him. “ Umm excuse me?!” a girls voice said from behind. “ Yes” Jess said turning around. “ Im sorry to bother you but im a big fan and i was wondering if i can get a few pictures of you to together your the cutest couple” The girl said. “ Sure no problem” Justin said smiling. The girl took the pictures. “ Thanks so much, bye” She said leaving. “ Jess just laughed. “ Alright ive gotta go bye” she said kissing him. “ Okay,Bye” he said and kissed her again. “ Bye” she said as she pulled him for another kiss. and she started walking but he pulled her back and kissed her again. She giggled against his lips. And he smiled. “ Alright bye” she said and kissed him again quickly and walked away. She gave the lady her ticket and turned around and blew him a kiss and he smiled back.

6*00 that night

“ Hello” Justin said picking up the phone. “ Hey sweet thang” Jess said and laughed. “ Hey baby whats up?” he said smiling. “ Umm on a plane back home can u be at the airport in an hour?” she said. “ sure thing” he said. “ Alright bye love you” she said. “ Love you too” he said and hung up the phone.

The whole weekend the girls were in the studio recording songs.

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