Chapter 24

2 Weeks later

Jess got out of the shower and changed into some dance clothes and looked over at Justin who was still sleeping. “Justin, baby..” she said sitting down on his side of the bed. “ hmmm” he said still asleep. “Im going to take a dance class ill be back in about 2 hours” Jess said to Justin. “Okay, my keys are on the counter down stairs” he said half awake. “Thanks” she said and gave him a quick kiss. “Ill call you” Jess said grabbing her bag and her cell phone. “ Bye baby, be careful. “I will bye” She said and walked downstairs. She grabbed the keys from the kitchen and left. Justin sleeped for awhile and then decided to go downstairs. He opened the refrigerator and took out the orange juice container and drank straight from it. Jess walked in the front door. “ Justin you up yet?” Jess said. putting her stuff down. “Yeah im in the kitchen” Justin said and then continued to drink from out of the carton. “Justin dont drink from the carton!” Jess said walking over to him and taking away the carton and pouring him a glass. “Here thats why the invented cups!” she said putting the orange juice away. “Ohhh i just though they were there for show. “ he joked. “ehhh haha” she said and stuck her tongue out at him . “Love the entire darling” he said looking her up and down. She said Black leggings on a black body suit and a short gray oversized sweat shirt. He can easily see her chest and her neck. He licked his lips. “And who’s one to be talking.” she said looking at him in a pair of boxers. He walked over to her and gave her a kiss. She returned the kiss . And he got more passionate. His hands roamed under her sweat shirt and rested on her back. Her hands were on his defined chest. She let her hands roam up to to his shoulders then around his neck. He picked her up. “Where we going...” she asked then continued to kiss his neck. “Upstairs” he said and carried her upstairs. He laid her gently in the bed and then climbed ontop of her and started kissing her neck. He removed her sweat shirt and started going for her leggings when The phone started ringing. “Why must someone always call when were busy” Justin said rolling over to pick up the phone. “ Hello, Umm yeah hold on she’s right here” Justin said handing the phone to Jess. “ Hello, Misty whats up girl” Jess said getting up and leaving the room. “She did not just get up and leave!” Justin said and sighed loudly and fell back down on the bed. Jess heard him and poked her head back in. “ Sorry” she mouthed. And he just laid there with his hands covering his head. She walked over to him still talking to Misty on the phone. She straddled herself over him . “ Uh-huh yeah so thats awsome me and u at ABA but why did Jen turn it down?!” Jess said to Misty on the phone. Justin just laid there hands still covering his face. She held up the phone against her ear with her sholder she removed his hands and looked at his face. “Sorry” she mouthed again this time he saw her. He just nodded. “ Ohhh....Misty hold on a sec” Jess said putting the phone down. She leaned over and kissed him on the lips. “ We can finish this later...okay?” she said and kissed him again. He just smiled. “ I promise, just me and u tonight alone okay?!” she said to him. His smile grew wider and leaned in to kiss her again. She smiled , picked up the phone and got off of Justin and left the room.

JC’s house

“ So when do u wanna go into the studio?” JC asked Benish who was looking through some stuff she had written. “ Whenever doesn’t matter” she said. “ Well we can talk to Jess and Justin and see whens good for then but for now let me see what u got here” JC said taking some songs and reading the lyrics. “There not that great” she said. “ Baby i really like this one” he said . he continued reading. “ There good they really are” JC said looking at her, “ Thanks” she smiled and blushed. “ Your so cute!” he said putting the papers down and sitting down next to her on the bed. “Cute is that all?!” she asked him. “ You know what i meant!” he said and leaned in to kiss her and she let out a small sigh. She kissed him back and then he leaned in harder to turn the kiss into a passionate one . She put her hand against his chest and he around her back . He gently leaded her to lay down on the bed. He looked at her and she smiled back. “ I love you you know that?!” JC said looking into her eyes. She smiled and said” i love you too” and with that he leaned down to kiss her again.

Justin’s house

Justin went down stairs to watch some t.v and Jess just got done talking on the phone with Misty. “ Hey sexy” she said cuddling up next to him. “ Hey” he said and just kissed her forehead. “ Im sorry bout before....” she started but was stopped by Justin’s finger. “ dont worry, tonight me and u alone ill make it extra special for you” he said with a smile. “But for now why don’t u and me go get lunch?” he said “ Okay comon lets go get changed. She said leading him up the stairs. They changed and went out to lunch. Jess put on Jeans and a gray wool hooded abercrombie sweater with her white Steve maddens. Justin wore blue jeans and a light blue j crew sweater. They went to eat lunch at a little diner near his house.

JC’s house

Bebe cuddled closer to JC’s body and draped her arm over his bare chest. “ I love you” she said replaying what just happened in her mind again and smiling. “ I love you too baby” he said holding her bare body closer under the covers and kissing her once on the lips. “ Another round?!” he said with grin. “ Don’t push it!” she said with a smile and they both laughed.

Jess and Justin left the diner. “ Justin can u stop at the store i wanna pick up stuff to make us dinner tonight” she said as they drove in the car. “ Alright what do u wanna make?” he asked glancing over to Jess. “ Whatever your little heart desires” she said with a smile. “ Well then since i get to choose then ill go for... spaghetti” he said. “ Good choice” she said as they pulled up tot he supermarket. 15 mins later Jess came out with all there ingredients to make dinner and then they left to go home.

Jess was in the kitchen cooking dinner when the phone rang. “Hello?” she said. “Hey its me” Be said into the phone. “ whats up hun?” Jess said stiring the sauce. “Nothing really just relaxing what about you?” she said cheerfully. “ Making dinner for me and Justin we have a date just tonight the 2 of us” she said and laughed. “ And why are we so happy” Jess said. “ Umm i dunno” Benish laughed. “You did it didn’t you!” Jess said . “ did what?!” Benish said . “ You slept with JC, and dont u lie to me!” Jess said as Justin walked into the kitchen . “Who u talking too?” he asked. “ Bennie” she said as she was cutting the lettuce for the salad. “Ohh” he just said walking over to the opposite end of the island (counter) . “So what if i did” Benish said. “Yeah be!” Jess said and laughed and Justin stared at her confusingly. She just laughed. The talked a little while more. “Alright well ive got finish cooking so ill call u tomorrow and well do something” Jess said. “ Alright bye hun” and they hung up the phone. “ So what was that all about?” Justin said reaching over to taste the sauce and she smacked his hand away. “Nothing of your concern just girls stuff.” Jess said. “ Comon and tell me” he said putting his hands around her waist. “ Nope!” she said and looked the other way. “ pleasseee..” he said . “ Uh-uh now let me finish dinner” she said

During dinner they just had small talk going on. and kept looking at each other. “ Come with me i have a surprise” he said getting up and taking her hand. “ Justin ...but ive got to clean up” she said putting her napkin down and following him. “ Comon dont worry bout that now” he said leading her up the stairs to the bed room. “ Alright now close your eyes” he said holding bother her hands as they were standing outside the door. “Okay” she said and did exactly as told. “Don’t peak...” he said opening the door and leading her into the room. “ i wont” she said holding on to him and then she heard the door being shut and locked. “ Justin?” she asked. “ Im right here baby doll don’t worry “ he said taking her hand into his. “ Alright open your eyes” he said. When she opened her eyes she gasped. “ Justin..” she started as she looked around there was candles lit around the room and rose petals all over the floor and on the bed. He hugged her from behind. “ Baby this is so sweet of you, oh my its beautiful” she said still in shock. “Just like you he said coming up in front of her. He kissed her on the lips then looked in her eyes. “I love you Jessica” he said. “ I love u with all my heart and i will forever and ever” he said. she smiled as a tear streamed down her cheek. “baby whats wrong?” he asked wiping away the tear with his thumb. She shook her head and kissed him once. “ I love you too Justin” she said as the kissed again but with more passion.

Justin woke up the next morning . He went to turn around and find Jess there but nothing. He heard the shower running. He just laid there and replayed what they shared last night. “Hey sleepy head” Jess said walking around in a towel. “ Why are u up so early?” Justin said. “ I have a dance class” Jess said trying to change and hold her towel up at the same time. “ Oh okay” he said. “Sorry baby ill be back soon” she said putting her wet hair into a quick braid. “Alright” he said laying back down. She walked over to him and gave him a quick kiss. “I had fun last night, thank you so much” she said. “No problem baby, i love you “ he said. “ Love you too “ she said and kissed him again. “ Oh yeah Justin Misty is supposed to be sending me a big envelope with all my mail.” she said grabbing her cell. “ okay bye baby” he said and she left. “ Is she not on vacation?! why is she always dancing” he said and turned the t.v on.

2 hours later Justin took a shower and got dressed. He went down stairs and went to check the mail. Just like Jess said there was a big envelope there. Just then the phone rang. “Hello” Justin said. “ Hey sexy” Jess said while driving. “ hey baby where are you?” Justin said. sitting on the couch. “Umm well im just leaving the class and i was gonna ask you if u wanted me to pick up some lunch?” she said. “ Yeah whatever doesn’t matter” he said. “alrighty then” she laughed. “Oh yah Jess that envelope came that you were talking about” Justin said holding it. “ Oh it did do me a favor ive been waiting for something from ABA can u open the envelope and find the ABA one in there for me and open it.” she said . “ You sure its your mail, u can wait till u get home.” he said. “ No don’t worry just open that one” she said. “ Alright “ he said he opened the envelope and took out all the letters “ Geez woman can u get any more mail” he said looking at the first two which were junk then came across the ABA one. He opened the letter “ Alright it says

Dear Jessica,

We are glad to tell you that you’ve been accepted to the American Ballet Academy. We are looking forward to having you as a student....”

Justin said before he got cut off my Jess. “ Yah yah , blah blah all bs umm does it say n e where what ballet there putting me in for the student workshop” she said. “ Umm yah at the bottom... you got the lead ” he said smiling. “ OMG are u kidding me” all excited. “ No joke hun congrats!” he said. “ Omg yes... Alright ill be home soon bye love you!” she said all happy. “ Bye baby” he said and hung up the phone. He put the letter back into the envelope and was putting all her mail back into the big envelope when he came across one that look interesting. He read where it was from. “An abortion clinic?” he said. He leaned back on the couch. His mind started racing. All these thoughts ran into his head. “ Justin why are u jumping to conclusions its probably nothing... probably a new clinic sending out letter to tell women” he said. “ Yeah thats it” he said trying to convince him self. When Jess walked in the door. He quickly put everything back into the envelope. “ Hey “ she said kissing him then sitting next to him on the couch. “ hey “ he said. “ Whats wrong?” she said looking threw the envelope. “ Nothing just tired” he said and forced a smile. She went threw her mail and came across the abortion clinic one. She stopped didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t of seen that he only look at the ABA one. oh god i hope so. he cant find out cuz then we would find out about the whole Matt thing. i really fucked up she thought. Justin saw her holding the envelope. “ Pssht junk mail “ she said and quickly shoved everything in to the envelope. Justin just smiled . He was right all along . Or so he thought.