Chapter 23

Day before Christmas eve

“ Jess me and JC have to run to the mall for a little while Alright?” Justin said walking done the stairs and into the living room where Jess was reading a magazine and Benish was watching TV. “ Oh Alright do u want any company?!” Jess asked looking up from the magazine. “ No its okay we just have to pick up something well be right back” Justin said kissing her on the lips. “okay” she said “ bye” he said walking out the door. “ So what did u get Justin?” Benish asked . “ Comon ill show you” Jess said running up the stairs.

“ Girls were back” Justin said as he and JC walked into the house. “ Girls we got food!!!” JC yelled. The girls came running down the stairs and ran right past the guys into the kitchen. “Well hello?!” JC said as he watched the girls get there Chinese food out of the bag. “Hungry girls?!” Justin asked. “ Oh just a little” Jess answered.

(Christmas eve)

Jess and Justin showed up at Lynn’s house and everyone was there all the guys decided to spend Christmas together so everyone’s families were there. It was present time. “ Benish here” JC said as he have her and envelope and a small Tiffany’s bag. She took what was in his hands and read the card she looked up at JC and smiled when she finished. She opened the box and there were a pair of beautiful diamond earrings and a silver bracelet with little diamonds all around out of. “Oh my god” Benish said shocked and covered her mouth. JC just had to laugh a little at her expression. “Here let me put it on” JC said taking the bracelet and placing it around her wrist. “ Oh JC its beautiful” Benish said kissing him once then admiring the bracelet. “Not as beautiful as you though” he whispered i her ear and she just blushed. “ There’s still more” he said. “ Now here’s yours its nothing really big but ill make up for it later” she said to him with a smile and a wink. She handed him a Box and a envelope he opened that first and it was a gift certificate to Structure. And in the Box was a Gray Armani Sweater. “ Aww its the Sweater i wanted, thank you baby” he said kissing her.

“Here im giving you ,yours first “ Jess said handing him a box” he opened it and there was an envelope above the tissue paper. He opened that first it was a gift certificate to Abercromie. He looked up and smiled at her. She motioned for him to open it. He pushed away the tissue paper and looked at what was in the box. He looked back up at Jess with a huge smile. He took out the contents of the box to show everyone. It was a black leather jacket. It was the one he wanted. “Omg thank you baby its just what i wanted” he said giving her a hug and then trying it on. “Perfect fit” she said standing up and smoothing out the back. “ Thank you so much” Justin said pulling her in for a kiss. She looked in his eyes and whispered. “Justin your family is right there!” Jess said. “ So..” he said and captured her lips with his. “ Alright, Alright...break it up u too” JC said. And everyone laughed. “ Alright here’s your present” Justin said taking the Tiffanys bag from behind the couch.

*Flash Back*

The day before Jess got home from college> “ Benish will you come me to go look for Jess’s Christmas present?” Justin asked Benish sitting in the living room. “ Sure let me get my coat” She said and the left. “So did u have n e thing in mind?” Benish asked . “ No thats why your hear” Justin said and smiled. “Do you know of anything Jess wants?” Justin asked. “ Well umm yeah EVERYTHING!” Benish said and laughed. “ Thanks that helps alot!” Justin said. “ Sorry well how much are u willing to spend and like what?” Benish asked. “ Price doesn’t matter and i was thinking Jewlery.” he said. “ Well we did go to Tiffanys awile ago when she was hear for thanksgiving and she liked a few things...well alot of things..” Benish said. “ Alright then well go there” Justin said .The arrived at tiffanys. “ Justin are you sure this stuff its expensive” Benish said looking around. “ Yes im positive, okay show me what she liked” Justin said eagerly. “ Okay, okay well she thought alot of things were nice but she feel in love this bracelet and a ring” Benish said looking for one of the two. “ Yeah here is the bracelet” Benish said pointing to a white gold bracelets withs x and o’s all around the bracelet the O’s were diamonds. “Excuse me can i please see that bracelet?” Justin asked the lady behind the counter. The lady took out the bracelet. “ This is the Six section bracelet from tiffany signature collection, its eighteen karat white gold, 24 white round diamonds” the lady said. “ Cuz i cared” Benish wisperherd and Justin laughed handing it back. “ I like that its really pretty” Justin said. “ How much?” Benish asked looking over at the tag. “ Phsst right your not buying that for Jess thats like as much as you cost” Benish said. “ Very funny, show me the ring you were talking about” Justin said. “ Thats it” Benish said pointing to a silver ring with X’s and O’s around it. “ Can we see that ring please” Justin asked. “ and you wanna tell us EVERYTHING about it while your at it” Benish wiephered. “ Be shut up” Justin laughed. “This ring is sterling silver its caller the Love and Kisses ring” the woman said. “ is that it?” Benish asked with a smile. “Yeah “ the woman said and saw the 2 laughed and and just looked away. “ How much is this one?” Benish asked looking at the price. “ Ehh not bad but the bracelet that was ridiculous! how could one person buy that bracelet ! thats insane..... $5000 for a bracelet please, you could find that at like target onsite for like 24.99...” Benish went on thinking Justin was with her. “ Alright Justin what yah gonna get” Benish said turning around to see her by herself and people staring at her. “ Nut Job” a man said as he walked by. “ Hey i heard that!” Benish said and saw Justin by the register. “ So you getting the ring?” Benish asked. “ Yup and the bracelet” Justin said and thanked the lady and started walking. “ WHAT boy your crazy!” Benish said. “ No im just in love” Justin smiled walking out the door. “ Awwwwwww how cute” Benish said in a baby voice. “ Hey “ Nut Job” be quiet!” Justin laughed. “ Shut up” Benish said

*End of Flash back*

“ OoOoO” Jess said removing the tissue paper. She looked inside and saw two boxs. She grabbed the biggest off the two and took it out of the bag. She looked at Justin and smiled and he smiled back. She opened the box and saw the xo bracelet. “Justin....” was all she could say. “Yeah...” he said. “I...i...omg i dunno” She said and giggled. “There’s more yah know” Justin said looking at the bag. She reached in and saw a small box. She opened it and saw the matching xo ring. “ Justin thank you so much baby, you didn’t have to do this” Jess said taking out the ring and putting it on. “But i wanted too” he said putting the bracelet around her wrist. “I love you” She said giving him a hug. “I love you too baby” he said kissing her. The rest of the night went by fast. It was time for everyone to start heading home. The next day on Christmas Justin and Jessica spent the say with Justin’s Family and Benish and JC spend it with JC’s family.

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