Chapter 22

Note:Alright in the nexr few chapters you might get a feeling uve heared this before im using some stuff from Center Stage best movie EVER! if u havent seen it RENT IT! well umm thats it enjoy please send me feedback!!!

“Ugh why couldn’t we get a later flight?” Jess said as they walked into the airport at 7 am. “ Cuz then we have a meeting at 12*00 and plus this was the only flight we can get today” JC said. “Whatever” Justin said. “ Well I didn’t tell u guys to stay out till 4 in the morning now did I?” JC said as they found there way to the gate and sat in some empty seats waiting for there flight. “Im to tired to answer that so ill just let that be for now.” Jess said. “Flight 451 to Orlando Florida now boarding”. “ GOOD GOD! did I just not sit down!” Jess said getting up. “ Lets go” Justin grabbing her hand and walking towards the Sturtist. “ Man they are the same look at them moping” Benish said. “ Yeah I know. comon lets go” JC said taking Benish’s hand and following Jess and Justin. The whole plane ride there Jess and Justin slept and Benish and JC talked. “ Jess wake up” Benish said shaking her friend gently. “Yeah...what?” Jess said waking up. “ Wake up were gonna land” Benish said sitting back in her seat “ Oh okay” Jess said sitting up. “ Baby, wake up” she said tapping him. “ Huh” he said opening his eyes half asleep. “Were getting ready to land wake up.” Jess said. “ Alright” Justin said sitting up. “ So how are we getting to ur house?” Jess asked Justin. “ Limo” Justin said getting there bags. They all pilled into the limo. “ The ride there was mostly silent. “ Alright guys well see yah lata” JC said as they pulled up to his house in Orlando. “ Bye, Be call me lata!” Jess said as she got Benish got out. “ Alright” Benish said walking to the door with JC. “ God this house is gorgeous!” she said. “ Not as gorgeous as you” He said kissing her. “ Were gonna stop at my mom’s first cuz shes got my Benz” Justin said . “ Oh okay...yay I get to meet your mom...oh man is she gonna like me?!” Jess said freaking out as they got out of the limo and started walking towards the front door. “ Baby don’t worry shell love you!” Justin said wrapping his arms around Jess and giving her a kiss. “ Alright” Jess said as the door flew open. “ Justin, welcome home” His mom said. “ Mom, ive missed you” he said giving her a hug. “ Come in come in” Lynn said motioning for them to come in. “Mom this is Jess, Jess this is my mom Lynn” Justin said introducing the two ladies. “Nice to meet you Ms. Harless” Jess said “ None of that Mrs. Harless call me Lynn” Lynn said and Jess smiled. “ Do you want anything to drink, dear?” Lynn asked. “Um yeah soda!” Justin yelled. “ Not you! u ca get it ur self I was talking to Jessica” Lynn said and Jess laughed at him Justin acted like a child. “Jess, honey would you like something to drink?” Lynn asked again as they walked into the kitchen. “Um a glass of water would be fine thank you” Jess said sitting at the table and Justin sat next to her. “ Here yah go” Lynn said handing Jess a glass of water and sitting opposite the table of the couple. “So Jess ive heard alot of things about you” Lynn said. “ Good things I hope” Jess said taking a sip of her water. They talked awhile longer and then decided it was time to get home “It was nice meeting you Jessica” Lynn said. “ you too” Jess said giving Lynn a hug and then got in Justin’s car. “Bye mom” Justin said giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “ Ill call you tomorrow” Lynn said and Justin started walking towards the car. “Oh Justin....” Lynn called out. “Yeah mom?!” he said turning around. “I really like her Justin, shes a keeper!” Lynn said. Justin laughed and got in the car. Jess and Justin went to Justin’s house. “ Baby this house is amazing!” Jess said coming out of Justin’s room she had just finished un packing. “Yeah I guess I haven’t had alot of time to fix it up and stuff” he said walking down the stairs. “It still looks good” Jess said when the door bell rang. “Its probably the gang” Justin said opening the door. “Hey there Curly” Joey said coming in followed but Chris and a girl and Lance. “Hey guys” Justin said letting them in and they walked into the living room. “Hey Jess” Lance said giving her a hug. “Hey there” Jess said back. “Hey Jessica” Joey said looking her up and down. “Joey!” Justin said after he saw what Joey did. Everyone laughed. “Sorry J but shes just so...ill shut up now” Joey said sitting on the couch. “Hey Chris” Jess said. “Hey girl......Jess this is my girlfriend Dani” Chris said pointing to the blond next to him. “Nice to meet you” Dani said to Jess “ Yeah same here” Jess said they all sat on the couch and started talking. “Jess you have a tongue ring?!” Dani asked. “Oh yeah got it back in September” she said. “Did it hurt?!” Lance asked. “No not really” Jess said as the door bell rang. “I got it” Jess said walking towards the door. “Bebe whats up girl?!” Jess said letting JC and her in. “Hey everyone” JC said sitting on the couch. “Hey guys...dani girl whats up?!” Benish said giving dani a hug. “ Nuthin” Dani said sitting back down. They all caught up and talked for awhile “So what now?!” Joey asked. “ Umm well we ordered pizza and I guess well decide after.” Justin said. *Ring*ring* “ Some ones cell phone and its not mine” JC said checking his phone. “ Not mine....nope..” Rang threw the room. “Its mine” Jess said getting her phone from the kitchen. “Justin you did good im proud of you I really like her!!!” Dani said. “ Thanks Dan” Justin said laughing. “ OMG!” Jess screamed. Justin ran into the kitchen followed by everyone else. “Jess whats wrong..” Justin said but Jess paid no attention she was still on the phone.. “ Omg are u kidding me?! Jonathan this is not really the time to joke with me!....omg I cant believe this!...yeah Uh-huh it starts in spring ....right..yeah...yeah im definitely in! omg I cant believe this!...Uh-huh! thanks so much Jonathan... Uh-huh... yeah call me on my cell..alright ill talk to you later..uh-huh..Merry Christmas to you too! bye” Jess said hanging up the phone, setting on the counter and turning around. “ Jess are u okay” Benish asked. “ YES OMG! IM GREAT!” Jess said happily. “ Baby whos Jonathan and why will you be seeing him in the spring?!” Justin asked. “ Well to make things short... I got into ABA!” Jess screeched. “ OMG JESS thats awsome you wanted that since like EVER!” Benish said hugging her friend . “ I know I know! im so happy!” Jess said. “ Umm can someone fill us in whats aba?!” Lance asked. “ ABA whats aba omg! its the best ballet academy like in the world!” Jess said walking past the guys back into the living room and sitting down everyone followed. “ Wow congrats” Dani said. “ Thanks Hun!....omg I cant believe this... the academy feeds right into the company!!” Jess said. “ Baby im really proud of you but what about the whole recording thing?!” Justin asked sitting next to her. “Oh..well I still wanna do it but its not definite right?!! yah dancing career is like starting! im in aba..i can do both and then I guess ill just have to choose later on “ Jess said. “But...” Justin started but was stopped my Jess’s finger over his mouth. “ Justin please don’t start all this well talk about it later i still wanna sing but i wann dance too” she said. “ PIZZA’S HERE” Joey said they all ate there pizza watched some t.v and called it a night.