Chapter 21

“Home sweet home” Jess said walking into her house in New York. “BeBe!” Jess yelled and nobody answered. “Hmm her car is here, thats weired. Hey isnt that Jc’s Jacket, Hmm thats weried were supposed to go down and see them fr christmas in like 5 days why would he be here?!” Jess asked herself. “Listen to me im talking to my self” Jess said ans she walked into the Kitchen she opened the Fridge and pulled out a bottle of water and decided to bring her bags up to her room. She walked to the stairs and noticed a little note by the phone. “Hey Jess Welcom Home ! hehe well Just wanted to say i went out with Jc for Lunch we should be back soon! bye!” and then it was signed by benish. “Well i guess ill just go up stairs and take a little nap. Jess walked up towards her room and she could of swore she heared someone in her room. She opened the door slowly to see Justin cuddled up in her bed sound asleep. “Awww my baby looks so cute sleeping” Jess said putting her stuff down and walking towards her bed. She sat next to him and gently rubbed the side of his cheek he shifted and little and opened his eyes slowly. “ Hey there sweet thang” he said stretching. “Hey” she said just staing at him ugh hes still hot even when he just wakes up. “Ohh... come here baby i missed you” he said pulling her down to lay with him. She took of her shoes and was laying down facing him. “I missed you” he said rubbing her cheek and staring into her eyes. “I missed you too” And they kissed.It had been a while since they’ve seen each other the last time he saw her was in the beggining of September and now i was about 5 days before Christmas Eve were she would be spending it with Justin’s family. “Do you know how long ive waited for that ?!” he asked rubbing her leg. “I think i have an idea.” She said kissing him again. “Hey you two quit it your making me sick” Jc said standing at the door with one arm around benish. “Bebe!!” Jess said running up to her and giving her friend a hug. “Girl look at you..oh i missed you its been so lonley here with out you!” Benish said as they walked down to the living room . Justin go dresse dna so the men followed. “So hows everything like that classes and stuff?!” Jc asked sitting down next to benish. “Well there classes....well i dropped the acting class and im just foucising on dance and voice so thats it really.” Jess said . “Thats kool so im guessing you really like to sing and dance” Jc asked. “No i like to study the stars...DUH!” she said. “ Shut up...why dont u sing for us? Jc said. “Ummm how bout i dont and well just say i did!” Jess said. “Nice try hun but next time u sing something for school have them send it to ur apartment not here!” Benish said pulling out and envelope from behind the couch. “How the hell did u know it has to do with my singing” Jess said jumping up from the couch and trying to get it away from her. “Cuz it says so on the return address retard” Bebe said getting up and was about to run but Justin caught her. “Ill take that!” he said taking it from her hands. “Good now baby can i have that” Jess said sitting on the couch. “Nope” he said opening it and taking out the tape and walking towards the stereo. “Nooo comon please this isnt fare!” Jess said. “Why are u making a big deal about this you obviously have a good voice!?” Jc asked. “Alright fine listen to it!” Jess said and crossed her arms over her chest. They all laughed and Justin put in the tape and pressed play. Jessica’s voice filled the room and once i was over everyone was silent. “See i didnt want u guys to hear it it sucks right” Jess said taking out the tape and Justin turned her around. “Jess that was amazing!!” he said giving her a hug. “Yeah Jess i havent heared you sing like that for a while that was awsome!” Bebe said turning around on the couch to face her. “Yeah Jess that was really good u have a really amazing voice have you ever thought of becominga singer like yah know like us?!” JC asked. “YES!, i mean who hasnt?! i always wanted to its just i dunno?!” Jess said sitting down on the couch. “wHat do u mean you dont know?!” JC asked. “ I mean i dunno” jess said. “Hey why dont u ask Benish to sing she has a good voice!” Jess said trying to change he subject. “ We know she sang for us last night” Jc said. “You both should really think about going profesional with this u girls together would kick ass!” Justin said. “That would be kinnda cool, what do u think Jess we always wanted this to happen!” Benish said. “ I know” Jess said. “ Listen why dont we go down to Florida early and well take you to the recording studio and u can make a demo!?” JC asked. “Alright fine” Jess said. “Goodie!” Benish said. “ Alright then lets get packing” Jc said. “Dont have to i just got home today remember!” Jess said. “Oh yeah well then u can help me pack, plus we have got alot of catching up to do girl, lets go!” Benish said grabbing Jess’s hand. “See yah!” JC said as him and Justin watched the girls run up the stairs. “Damn man i missed her so much!” Justin said walking into the kitchen. “I know you only reminded me like every minute of everyday!” Jc said taking a beer out of the fridge. Just then Jess came running down he stairs and into the kitchen. “ Well hello there boys am i intrupting something?!” she asked grabbing a water and a pepsi out of the fridge. “ No, its okay we were only talking about you” Jc said. “ Good things i hope!” Jess said leaving the kitchen. “Oh yeah boys we wanna go to dinner tonight so does 6ish sound good?!” she asked turning around. “Yeah thats fine” Jc asked. “Okay” she said walking back up the stairs. “ So girl anything interesting happen over ther that u didnt tell me!?” Benish said taking a sip of her coke. “Yeah kinnda i couldnt tell u over he phone” Jess said sitting on the bed. “Well what is it?!” Benish asked getting very interested in this conversation. “ Well remember Matt from High School?!” Jess said. “Oh yeah that concited flamer that thought he can get anybody!?!?!” Benish said. “Yes him” Jess said and laughed. “Well ummm i kinnda slept with him” Jess said mainly to herself. “What?!” Benish said. “I.... umm... slept with him “ Jess said. “ YOU DID WHAT?!?!” Benish yelled. “ Be please calm down Justins right down stairs” Jess pleaded. “Sorry, Jess did u tell him??” Benish asked. “No i didnt but its not my fault....” Jess said before Justin and Jc came running into the room. “ What happened?” Justin asked. “ Yeah we heard Benish yell you did what?!” Jc said walking over to Benish. “Yeah...ohh...ummm...i told her about my tounge ring! yeah!” Jess said. “Oh kool you got one?!” Jc asked. “Yup and its nice i might add!” Justin said. “Ugh! Men!” Jess said smacking justin in the arm. “Alright boys out were talking about girls stuff!” Benish said pushing them out the door. “ Go down stairs well be down in a few” Jess said. “Alright” they said walking down the stairs. “Women!” Jc said as him and Justin walked down he stairs. Jess closed the door and leaned up against it. “ Everytime i see him i wanna tell him so bad but i dont wann lose him Benish he means so much to me, I... i love him” Jess said sitting on the floor. “ I know Jess, i know” Benish said. Jess got up and ran to her room and came back with and envelope. “ Whats this a love letter?!” Benish asked taking the letter. “ No i wish!” Jess said sitting back down on the bed. Benish took out what was in the envelope. “ Oh Jess.......” Benish said looking at the pictures. “I know!” Jess said. “ Wait a minute?! how did u take pictures?!” Benish asked. “ Thats just it i didnt, yah se Justin set up this whole thing for me and Britney to meet and become freinds..........” Jess went on telling Benish the whole story. “ That dirty skank!” Benish said. “ Yeah belevie me i know” Jess said lying down on the bed looking at the celing. “ So let me get this straight she told matt u didnt have a boyfriend and that you wanted to hook up with him!?” Benish asked. “ Yup!” Jess said. “ Alright well figure this out later , lets go down stairs before the guys get woried” Benish said getting up and walking out the door. Jess went into her room and hid the pictures in a box in her closet knowing they would be safe there. Later on around 5 “ Alright im gonna go get ready” Benish said going upstairs with Jc following. “ Comon baby lets go get ready” Jess said grabbing Justin’s hand and walking up the stairs. “What should i wear”Jess said looking through some clothes she had in her closet. “ Umm nothing is fine with me” Justin said getting a turtle kneck sweater out of his suitcase. “ Keep dreaming there buddy!” Jess said. “ OOoOooO this top would look awsome with those new leather pants i bought, oh and i have those shoes and that black bag!” Jess said running around her room trying to find all those things. Justin just stood there and laughed. “ No those shoes wont look good with the pants” she said trowing her shoes back in the closet. “Ben.... oh shes busy... umm Justin here hold this camera” Jess said handing him a polorid camera she put the halter top againt her chest and held the pants against her. “ Alright now take a picture!” Jess said. “ Umm okay, why?!” Justin asked taking the picture. “ Because, i dont rely on mirrors so i take poliriods!” Jess said putting up another oulfit against herself and Justin took another picture this went on for about 5 more olfits. “ Thanks babe” Jess sad taking the pictures and giving him a quick kiss. “ Bebe” she said running towards her room. “ Yeah!” Benish said opening the door. “ Which one Jess said holding out the pictures. “ Umm i like that dress “ Benish said . “ What yah doing Jc said looking at te pictures and looking right back up at Jess. “ Girl you are such a loser, u seriously belong in like Beverly Hills, yah know clueless thats like your life!” Jc said. “ I know!” Jess said running into her room. “ Alright im wearing this” she said putting the rest of the clothes away. “ She spent about 20 minutes in her bathroom. “ Babe are you done! comon there wating for us down stairs. “ Justin said. “Yeah coming” she said opening the door. “ Oh lala dont we look hot tonight!” He said licking his lips. “ Thanks! aint looking to bad ur self!!” she said waking past him to get her bag and then they both went down stairs. “Ready, lets go “ Jc said as they walked out the door.

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