Chapter 20

The Next Day Jess had classes and didn’t get home till 4 and Justin caught up on lack of sleep he had from the tour. That night was the Britney concert and Jess didn’t wanna go cause she was afraid that Britney would tell Justin or that Jess would beat the shit out her. The whole car ride there was silent. “Baby whats wrong?” Justin asked with one hand on her thigh and the other on the wheel. “ Umm nothing just tired from classes and stuff” she said . “Are u sure?” he asked again. “ Yeah im fine don’t worry”. He knew something was upsetting her and made a note to talk to her when they got home, there wasn’t the right place to talk about whatever was bothering her he thought hopefully it was nothing serious. When they got there they parked and went behind stage they got noticed by a couple of fans but the couple kept walking . They walked towards her dressing room when they bumped into Britney’s mom. “Justin how are you?” Lynne said giving him a big hug. “Good, good how about you” he asked. “Im fine I actually just got off the phone with your mother” she said. “Really how was she?” he asked. “Oh she’s fine everything at home is going great” she said. “That’s good” he said stepping back besides Jess. “And who is your friend?” She asked looking Jess up and down. “Oh sorry, this is my girlfriend Jessica” he said. “Nice to meet you” Lynne said shaking Jess’s hand. “Likewise” Jess said. “Well if you excuse me I must be going, nice seeing u Justin and nice meeting you Jessica” Lynne said walking away. “Bye” Jess and Justin said at the same time. “Well that was nice” Justin said. “Yeah suuurreee” Jess said. “Jess!” Justin said. “What?!” “Nothing nothing lets go “ he said grabbing her hand as they walked towards Britney’s room. “Justin!!!” Britney screeched hugging Justin a little to tight . “Brit hey” Justin said as she still held him. “I misses u Justin” Brit said. “Uh-huh....Brit a little to tight can u umm let me go?” he said. “OH yeah sorry about that” she giggled. Right there and then Jess felt like slapping her right in the face for what she did the other night. “Hey Jess” Brit said taking her in to a hug and whispered in her ear. “So had fun the other night?” Jess backed away. “Can I use your bathroom?” Jess asked quickly. “Yeah its in there” Britney said smiling as she pointed to her dressing room and Jess ran to the bath room. “What was that all about?” Britney asked. “Um I dunno your a glad to see you guys can get along” Justin said. “Yeah” Brit said sarcastically. Jess shut the dressing room door and felt tears well up in her eyes. “I cant let her do this to me! im not gonna let her!” Jess said crying. After a few minutes Jess got up “Get a hold of your self girl he’s yours not hers don’t let her ruin any thing” she said walking to get a tissue when she saw and envelope which looked to have pictures in it she opened it up slowly and took out the pictures and started to flip threw them. “That little skank” Jess said looking at the pictures that showed Jess and Matt making out in front of Jess’s Apartment. “ I cant believe this!” she said sticking the pictures back into the envelope and into her purse Just as the door opened. “Jess are u okay sweetie?” Justin asked coming in. “Um yeah I just got something in my eye im fine come on lets go” she said grabbing his hand and leading him out the door. “Well britney good luck” Justin said walking past Brit . “Thanks” Brit said watching the 2 of them walk down the hall hand in hand. “In a matter of time Jess your man will be mine” Britney said softly to herself. After a couple of songs Jess couldn’t take it anymore. “Justin can we leave please?! this is so boring she sucks! she cant even sing!” Jess said. Justin just laughed. “You and Joey should have talks about her you guys think the same way about her” Justin said. “Yeah well thats nice......can leave please ?” Jess said moving to sit on Justin’s lap and wrapping her arms around his neck. “Jess come on thats so rude! u wouldn’t want someone doing that to u!” Justin said. “Well they wouldn’t because I wouldn’t yeah can we go!” Jess said . “Jessica!” Justin said trying not to laugh. “What?!” she said kissing his neck. “Nothing baby doll, nothing” he said holding her tightly. “ Well stay till its over and well say good bye and then go home okay?!” he said looking her in the eyes. Jess almost died and gone to heaven right there. His percing blue eyes made her wanna die. “Fine” she said kissing his cheek. “Good! enjoy the rest of the show” he said. “Enj.....” Jess started but was interrupted by Justin covering her mouth with his hand and all u heard was Jess muffling into his hand. “EWWW” Justin said moving his hand away from her mouth hand she just laughed. “Why did u lick my hand that was nasty” he said wiping his hands on his jeans. “You know u like it” Jess said giggling. “STOP no more talking!” he said . “Fine!” she said getting of his lap and sitting in her chair. “Fine” “Fine!” “Fine” “Fine” “FINE” “Jessica! stop!” he said and she just laughed. The rest of the show went by so long for Jess. She just wanted to get out of there and spend time with Justin. “Alright this is her last song lets start heading backstage” Justin said grabbing her hand and walking. “Baby why are u walking so fast” Jess said trying to keep up. “Im sorry I just don’t want fans to notice that im here” he said. “Why does that matter?” she asked. “Cause then someone will say something to the press and it will get out of control and they will start linking me to britney again and say im cheating on you and everything will get out of control and I don’t want that I want everything to be normal for me and you I don’t want anything to happen to this relationship I love you” he said looking her in the eyes. Jess cursed herself for what she did the other night...wait it isn’t her fault its Britney’s . “Aww your so sweet baby” Jess said pulling Justin to her and kissed me passionately. Then they realized that fans were taking pictures. They both just blushed. “Well at least they know your not with her” Jess said laughing . “Yeah” he said leaning into kiss her again. “Come on lets get out of here” he said grabbing her hand. “Jessica! Jessica!” someone yelled. Jess turned around and noticed a group of girls she debated walking to see what they wanted and then she decided to . “Yes?” she asked approaching the girls. “Hi well we just wanna know if we can have a picture with u?” one of the girls asked they all looked to be about 16. “Yeah sure” Jess said posing with the girls. “Thanks alot” they all said . “Oh no problem” she said. “I think you and Justin make such a good couple I saw u guys before when u were sitting on his lap and u guys were talking and stuff you guys are made for each other!” she said. “Aww thanks...yeah he is really something.” Jess said. “Baby were have u been ive been looking for you don’t walk away like that I thought something happened to you, you had me scared. “Justin said hugging her. “Wow calm down there curly” Jess said. “Sorry I was just worried” he said kissing her forehead. “Awwwwww” all the girls said in unison. Justin looked up and had a look of shock on his face. Jess just laughed. “Come on baby lets go” she said. “Bye girls nice meeting you, im sure ill see you around if you live here” Jess said. “Yeah we do! bye Jess bye Justin” they said. “See yah” they waved. “Wow my first fan encounter I feel so special” she said happily. “Yeah well u wont be so happy when your all over the Internet, TV , radios, and magazines.” he said. “Thanks for ruining my moment there Hun” Jess said sarcastically. “Sorry” Justin said laughing. “So Guys how did u like the show?” Brit said running up to them still dressed I her stage costume. “It was absolutely hor............” Jess said before getting cut off my Justin “It was great Brit good job” he said. Jess just smiled . “Well we must be going now” Jess said pulling on Justin. “Yeah Brit ill talk to you soon thanks alot bye” Justin said taking Jess’s hand and waking towards the exit. “But...but...umm....bye” Brit said just standing there. “Well baby what do u wanna do now, I have to go back tomorrow”. He said in the car on there way home. “I know, why don’t we just go back to the hotel and just cuddle?” she said. “Okay sweetie” he said. The next morning at the airport wasn’t fun for them the next time they would be together was gonna be at Christmas cause she was gonna spend it down there in Florida with the Justin, his family and the guys. “Well I guess ill see yah at Christmas” he said wiping away a tear that fell from her eye. “Yeah, well u better get going I don’t wanna start a sobfest now” she said holding his hand. “Yeah, I love you baby don’t ever forget that” he said kissing her a kiss that would have to last them for a long time. “I know I love you too” she said as she watched him walk away. “OH good what have I done?!” she said to herself.

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