Chapter 2

Chapter 2 When she got home she didn’t know what to do first.....should she start packing...pick out something to wear tonight...she knew she had to look good for Justin.. “WOW wait a minute” she thought “did I just say I wanted to look good for Justin? whats getting over me? do I like can u not he’s was just so Hot...his blue eyes just thinking bout them made her melt. She shruged it off and decided to pack. When she was done she decided to call her friend Benish. “Hey Girl” “Hey OH MY GOD! I cant believe were going on tour with Nsync! this is gonna be great!” “WOW girl clam down” “anyway u’ve got to be ready ill pick u up around 10 and we will met them backstage by the bus and we will leave from there” “That’s awsome well ive got to go and figure out what to wear I got to look good for the guys....omg im so happy” “Hehehe your so off!” Well ive got to go to ill see yah at 10” “see yah at 10 bye” “bye”. Jess then went in the shower then she must of spent an hour trying to find out what to wear . She decided on these black leather pants and this red halter top. Next she did her make up and then her hair she put it down . she went down staris put her stuff into the trunk and was on her way to her friends house. When she got there she found her friend wearing a blue tube top and a black knee length skirt. They pilled everything in the car and were on there way. When they got there they headed back towards the bus the driver took all there stuff and put it on the bus. The girls decided to chill on the bus till the guys got there. “So what time are the girls coming” Justin said eagerly “ Justin oh my god for the 589564 millionth time im not sure! Jess said she would met us by the bus” Shawn said pissed “Alright i was just asking” “Well Justin u have been asking all night” said Lance The guys were just walking towards the bus Shawn stepped away for a second.... “Okay Justin what gives” Chris said grabing his arm “ Nothing man” “Justin I know u why have u been asking like every 5 minutes what time the girls are coming” “ I was just wondering thats all” they guys just dropped the subject cuz they just werent in the mood to start with Justin. The guys headed onto the bus and found the girls siting and talking “ Hey” Justin said with a big smile. He just started acting so much happier. The guys knew instantly what was up with Justin he had a crush on there managers sister. “Hey u guys whats up?” “ nm....notin really” they all replied. JC cleared his throat “And who’s ur friend?” “OoOoO this is my friend Benish..................” “hello u can call me BeBe” she said cutting jess off. “Nice to met u” Jc said as he kissed the top of Bebe’s hand. She blushed. “Well guys so where do we go now” Jess said. Justin was checking her out she looked so good in those pants. “Were going to the club for the after party!” Joey said “Yes im so in the mood to go clubing” Jess said with excitment. “Yeah me too.” Benish said. “Alright well we better get going then”. JC said leading Benish of the bus. “hey dont u want to wait for the rest of the group?” she asked. “Yeah we will dont worry we will meet them at the limo dont worry bout it i dont bite yah know!” he said They both just laughed and walked towards the limo. “So u ready to go clubbin”Jusitn said. “Im always ready” jess said. Jess followed the rest of the guys off the bus and Justin was behind her. They walked over to the limo. On the way walking to the limo Justin and Jessica Began talking. “So jess u go to college right” “Yeah i go to a performing arts school yah know dance,voice,acting. I study all three” “Wow thats kool very impressive. U’ll have to sing for me sometime!” “Maybe” she said with a smile . Justin just chuckled she looked so cute when she did that. Thy all pilled into the limo and were on there way to the after party. In the limo JC and Benish were really seeming to hit it off they were both majorly flirting. “U can only have a peice of gum if u give me a kiss” “Ugh no comon Jc please??” she asked “Nope i need a kiss in order to give u this gum” “Fine then i dont want ur gum” JC looked at her he thought to himself awww she looks so cute when shes trying to act mad at u! “Oooohh fine here yah go”he said as he handed her the gum. She smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Jess and Justin talked the whole way there. Justin really stared to like her and the same wiht Jess she really started to like him.

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