Chapter 19

Jess woke up and grabbed her head. “OH man such a headache!! how the hell did I get home?” Jess said and turned around in her bed when she heard someone breathing. “Oh man please dont tell me I did” She turned around and saw Matt sleeping. “HOLY MOTHER SHIT!!!” Jess yelled. “Wow wow what happened” Matt said waking up. “Oh man please tell me we didn’t do what I think we did last night!!!” Jess said. “Oh yeah well last night was amazing u really are something else Jess.” Matt said rubbing her arm. “Oh man Matt NO oh man im so stupid!!”Jess said getting out or bed and putting clothes on. “Jess whats wrong?” Matt said. “ Matt I have a boyfriend oh man Justin is gonna kill me!” Jess said. “You have a boyfriend....but .....but britney said u wanted.....”Matt said before getting cut off bye Jess. “Britney?!?!?! as in Britney Spears!!!??” Jess yelled. “Yeah britney spears by the way how do u know her?” Matt asked getting dressed. “Um through a friend actually my boyfriend” Jess said. “But thats not the point what did she tell you Matt I need to know!!!” “She said that u talked to her during the day and that u wanted to hook-up with me and I wanted to with u so.....well u get the picture”Matt said. “Yeah I know I think? ugh britney is DEAD wait till I get my hands on that girl I thought she was nice but I guess she just cant stand that me and Justin are together” Jess said sitting down on a chair. She ran her hands through her hair and tried to think what she was gonna tell Justin. “Wait Justin Timberlake.....Britney’s Justin?” Matt said. “Ummm yeah Justin Timberlake, but no my Justin as in my boyfriend” Jess said getting up. “Oh well I see I think I should be going now im really sorry Jess I shouldn’t of did anything” he said walking towards the front door. “No Matt its okay it wasn’t your fault it was it was that ...... ugh im not even gonna say her name!” Jess yelled. “Whats going on here?” Misty said coming out of her room with Tony right behind her. “Matt dude what are u doing here?” Tony asked putting his shirt on and then saw Jess bye the door. “OOhhh I see” he said laughing. “Yeah well whatever Tony comon lets go now” Matt said opening the door. Jess plopped her self down on the couch and sighed. “How can u be so stupid?!! Stupid, stupid stupid”She said smacking her forehead. “TONY lets go!!!” Matt said waiting by the door looking at Tony make out with Misty. “TONY!!” he yelled. “Alright alright im coming im coming bye misty ill call u lata” he said leaving. “Jess what happened why was Matt here?” Misty said sitting down next to her. “Misty I did something really stupid last night but I dont even remember anything cuz I was too drunk all I know is that the person to blame for this is non other then Ms. Britney Spears!” Jess said. “What what does she have to do with this?” Misty asked. Jess told Misty the whole story and when she finished Jen came out. “Jess Justin is on the phone” Jen said tossing the phone to Jess. “Good luck girl!” Misty said walking towards her room. Jess gave her a nasty look and Misty just laughed. “Hello?” Jess said sounding like a scared 5 year old. “Hey good morning baby” Justin said. “Hey whats up?” Jess said. “Nothing guess what?” he said all excited. “Umm I dunno?” she said walking around the room. “Well I have a suprise for u” he said. “What is it please dont tell me its another britney concert cuz the answer is NO!” Jess said and Justin just laughed. Jess heard a knock on the door. “Im not answering that go ahead tell me” she said. “Jess thats rude what I have to tell u can wait go answer the door” Justin said. “Oh good lord FINE!” she said walking towards the door she opened it and there he was leaning against the frame of the door. “Suprise!!” he said. “JUSTIN! oh my god!” she said hugging him. “Hey its good to see you too baby I missed u so much” he said kissing her quickly on the lips. “What are u doing here?” she asked. “Well we had a few days off so I came down to see you” Justin said sitting on the couch pulling Jess onto his lap. “Oh...hehe thetas nice” she said a little worried she wanted to tell him but she just couldn’t. “Listen let me go get changed and we can go get lunch” She said standing up. “Okay ill wait” he said turning the t.v on. Jess walked towards Misty’s room slowly she kept turning around to look at Justin. She got into Misty’s room and closed the door. “Have u ever heard of knocking?” Misty said brushing her wet hair. “Misty I got a problem!” Jess said sitting down on her bed still amazed that Justin came to see her . “Well yeah I know that how are u gonna tell him and when!?” Misty said. “I dunno but I better figure it out now cuz hes in the livingroom” Jess said. “What use got to be kidding me” Misty said getting excited. “Nope im no kidding go look for urself” She said pointing towards the door. Misty ran towards the door and opened it then closed it very quickly. “Oh Jess u are screwed and oh does he look hotter in person! ohh” Misty said putting on her lipgloss. “Yeah well thanks for the help there Misty” Jess said getting up of the bed. “Aww Jess well i dunno i wouldn’t tell him hell never find out dont worry about it” Misy said. “Yeah but....” Jess said. “Yeah but nothing” Misty said. Jess walked out of the room and towards her room as she got dressed she thought of what Misty was said. Misty was a person if she did cheat on a person she wouldnt tell them and she always got away with it. Hey if she can do it then i can...hopefully!!Plus its not like i meant to do it n e way i love Justin ill tell him maybe when the time is right! oh man i really screwed up this time!! Jess thought. She got dressed and then her and Justin left.

Jess and Justin sat in the Resturant eating. “So when do you start classes?” Justin asked. “Tommorow” she said picking at her food. “Jess why are u so quite whats wrong u can tell me baby” he said with a very concerned face. It hurt Jess so much to see how much he cared about her and she had to go do something stupid like she did. “No really im fine im just nervous for school starting and all” she said he knew that wasnt the problem but he let it go. “Alright but if u need me im here for u” he said “ Yeah i know, hey can we get out of here?” she asked. “Yeah lets go” he said paying for the check and they were on the way. “Were do u wanna go?” he asked pulling out of the parking lot. “Um can we go back to your hotel i dont really feel like going back to my house” she said. “Sure babe no problem” he said rubbing her thigh. When he touched her she felt all warm and tingly inside she loved when that happened. She kept thinking of what happened last night well what she remeber and that wasnt much. She decided not to think about it and injoy the time she had with him that hes here. “Justin how long are u here for?” Jess said getting out of his car and walking towards the hotel. “Till Saturday morning then im flying to New York for 3 concert’s there” he said walking into the elevator. “Oh okay did Jc go to Visit Benish?” Jess asked. “Yeah he wanted to Suprise her too, have u talked to her latley?” “Yeah i talked to her yesterday right before i got my tounge percied” she said as he opened his hotel door. “Oh yeah how was it?”he said closing the door. “It wasnt that bad it hurts a little but its okay.” she said sitting down on he bed. “Yeah well ill be the judge of that” he said pulling her up against his body and leaned down and kissed her. “I like it! i like it ALOT!” he said and Jess just laughed. They spent most of the time just talking catching up on things . “What time is it?” Jess said. “Umm it think its around 7 im hungry what about you?” he said standing up. “Yeah wanna go get something to eat?” she said getting up off the bed. “Yeah well eat at the hotel and then come back and watch a movie okay with u?” Justin said Stretching. “Whatever as long as im with you i dont care what we do” she said as justin pulled her in for a hug and a kiss. They walked down stairs people did stare because they knew who he was but they didnt bother him the public already knew he had a girlfriend. They ate dinner and went back upstairs. “ Hmm lets see we have U’ve got mail” Jusitn said looking at what movies they could order. “ Hmmm no” Jess said laying on the bed. “Umm Cruel Intentions?” “Hmmm no we didnt end up on good terms watching the movie” she said putting her hair in a messy bun. “Oh yeah right i remember” he said. “ OoO look Step Mom i love that movie” Jess said. “Alright fine” he said ordering the movie. Half way through the movie Jess turned to look at Justin. “Umm yes may i help u?” she asked. “Hmm i think u can “ he said turning her onto her back laying on top of her looking into her eyes. She looked into his eyes and grabbed his face and started kissing him she opened her mouth a little for him to start exploring her mouth. After a while things started getting hot and heavy. “Justin......Justin wait stop” she said a little out of breath. “Yeah baby whats wrong?” he asked. “I wanna stop” she said putting her shirt back on. “Oh alright im sorry” he said grabbing his shirt. “ No its not your fault its just its getting late and im gonna get going i still have alot of unpacking to do. “What your gonna leave?” He asked suprised. “Umm yeah u can come if u want?” she said geting her bag. “Okay let me get some stuff.” he said grabbing clothes and throwing them into a little carryone bag. “Alright lets go” he said by the door. “Vamos!” Jess said . “What?”he said turning around. “Nothing just go” she said.

When they got to Jess’s apartment Misty and Jen were there. “ Nice of u to call us WOMAN!!” Misty said getting up from the couch as Jess and Justin walked in. “Well sorry WOMAN!” Jess said and they just laughed. “Justin this is Misty and Jen” Jess said introducing them to each other. “Well hi there nice to meet you” Misty said looking at him up and down and nodding at Jess with approval. “Same” . After they said there hellos Jess and Justin went into Jess’s room. “So what do u wanna do? Justin said as he sat on the bed. “Ummm un pack my stuff?!!” Jess said sarcasticly. “No shit woman” he said throwing a pillow at her head. “Ugh!!! dont call me Woman!!!” she said throwing it back it him but he caught it instead. “Aww im sorry baby” he said walking over to her. “Yeah yeah whatever just help me unpack.” They unpacked the rest of the stuff and then feel asleep in each others arms watching T.V.

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