Chapter 18

“OWWWWW” Misty yelled. Jen and Jess watched as she got her belly button percied. Jess and Jen looked away. “ Im going to sit in the waiting room” Jess said and walked away. She picked up a magazine and sat across from this guy in a black visor a black T-shirt and Kaki shorts. “ She grabbed a magazine and sat down. “ Jess?!?!” someone said. Jess looked up. “MATT?!” she said “ oh man whats up?!” he said standing up and hugging her. “ Oh my god! nothing what about u!” she said still surprised. Matt went to Jess’s high school he was 2 years older then her . When she was a freshman in high school she had the biggest crush on him and he was a junior she had a crush on him until he graduated. He knew but he had a girlfriend. He was medium height black spiky hair brown eyes and VERY HOT! “What are u doing here in Pittsburgh?!” Jess asked. “ Me,Tony, and Mike transferred to the university, what are u doing here?” he asked. “ Well I go to point park college and im living here with 2 friends” she said. “ Thats awsome.” he said as a tall black haired guy walked over to her and Matt. “Jess whats up?” Tony asked. “Nothing u” “Same” he said giving her a hug. “ So were’s mike?” Jess asked. “ Oh well hes sleeping he didn’t wanna come Tony wanted to his other ear percied so I came with him and im happy that I did” Matt said looking Jess up and down. “JESSSSS” Jen yelled. “ WHAT?!” Jess yelled back. “ Comon its ur turn” en said coming out. “ Oh alright well ive gotta go heres my number give me a call so we can chill” Jess said writing her number down on a piece of paper and handing it to Matt. “ OH dont worry I definitely will” Matt said walking out the door with Tony. Jess walked back in to the room.

The girls walked into there apartment. “ And they said getting ur tongue percied would hurt” Jess said putting her bag down on the counter. “Well ur lucky when my brother got his percied his hurt like hell but his girlfriend was fine” Misty said. “Oh man my mom will kill me if she ever finds out” Jen said lifting up her shirt looking at her new belly button ring. “Oh look we have messages” Misty said sitting on a stool by the phone and pressing the button. “ Hey Jess its Justin” “ Oh he sounds so sexy on the phone” Misty said. “ Hey you back off my man” Jess said and they all laughed. “Look now what u did I missed the whole thing” Jess said repeating the message “Hey Jess its Justin, well I have some good news were gonna be in Pittsburgh on Thursday so I cant wait to see you! call me on my cell when u get a chance I love you baby bye” “Awwww how cute” Misty said. “ Shut up misty!” Jess said. The girls all went back to unpacking there rooms when they were done they all sat around in the living room when the phone rang. “ I got it” Jen said reading over to the phone . “ Jess um yeah hold on shes here” Jen said giving the phone to Jess. “ Some guy named Matt” Jen said. “Hello yeah hey Matt whats up?” Jess said smiling. Jen and Misty looked at each other very confused. “Tonight no im not doing at ur friends house? yeah sure ill come......uh-huh ill bring some friends” Jess said. She wrote down the directions to the apartment. “Alright see yah later bye” she said hanging up the phone. “ Well, Well ladies it looks like were going to a party tonight around 9” Jess said. “ Cool I love parties” Jen said. “ Whoohoo PARTY!!!, hey are the guys hot?!” Misty said jumping around. “ Oh yeah” Jess said. “ Whoohoo”Misty said jumping up and down again just then the phone rang again. “ Hello?” Jess answered. “ Yeah hey is Jessica there?” a female voice said over the phone. “ Um yeah this is her whos speaking?” Jess said. “ Its Britney, Britney Spears” Britney said. “ Oh hey! yeah Justin told me u were gonna call.” Jess said trying to sound nice. “ Yeah well I wanted to know if u wanted to go out to dinner tonight yah know get to know each other?” Britney said. “ Um yeah sure that will be cool what time?” Jess asked. Misty and Jen once again looked at each other and then at Jess with confused looks on there faces. Jess couldn’t help but laugh. “Um I guess around 6 at Marinara is that good for u?” Britney said. “ Um yeah thats good I guess ill see u there bye” Jess said. “ Bye” britney said and they both hung up. Jess walked towards her room. Misty called to Jess “Who was that and were are u going?” “It was Britney Spears and im going to dinner dont worry ill be back around 8*30 for the party” Jess said walking into her room. “excuse me?” Misty said confused more then ever. But Jess was already in her room getting ready for her dinner with Britney Spears. Jess arrived at the restaurant at 6*05 she scanned the restaurant looking for britney when she spotted her she walked over to the table. “ Excuse me Britney hi its me Jess” Jess said putting her hand out for britney to shake. “ Oh hi” britney said shaking her hand and looking Jess over. Jess was wearing black knee length skirt and a black top with rhinestones on it her hair down and Britney had to admit she was a very attractive girl. Actually to attractive britney thought. “ So its nice to finally get to meet u Justin does nothing but talk about you” Britney said. “ Well I hope its good things” Jess said. Jess and Britney continued talking and ate there dinner. “Oh well I had very nice time thank you but I have a party to get too so I guess ill see u at your concert” Jess said getting up. “ Yeah alright I have to get going too.” Britney said grabbing her stuff. They headed outside and said there good-byes. Britney sat in her car. “ This girl is going down shes not gonna have my man and ill make sure of that” she said starting her car.

Jess went home and picked up the girls and they headed to the party. The whole way there Jess of course told the girls everything that her and britney talked about. “Jess how do u know these guys?” Jen asked. “ Oh well we used to go to High School together and I had the hugguest crush on Matt” Jess said “Oh well are they hot?” Misty asked. “Oh yes...OH YES!” Jess said. “Alright this is it I guess” Jen said . “Lets go party!!” Misty yelled practically jumping out of the car. The girls walked to the front of the house and there were so many people there outside they walked inside Jen and Misty decided they were gonna mingle with the guys. “Im glad u can make it” Matt said coming up behind Jess . “Oh hey oh no problem” she said smiling Oh man he looks so hot! ive waited forever just to be with him!! NO I love Justin I cant do anything with Matt! Stop thinking about that nothing will happen got it?! Got it! GOOD GOD why am I talking to myself “ Jess u want a beer?” Matt asked. “ oh sorry um yeah” she said taking the beer from his hands. “This is a really hot party” Jess said looking around at everyone enjoying themselves. “ Yeah I guess remember the ones in high school those were good ones” He said. “ Yeah those were awsome everywhere u turned there were like people hooking up everywhere” She said taking another sip of her beer. “ Yeah I know it was crazy I still will never forget that time u walked by when me and gabby were making out u got so mad that u grabbed the closest guy to u and started making out with him” Matt said laughing. “ OH shut up I was like 15 and I was obsessed with u and when I saw that I was like why couldn’t that be me so then I was like fuck it so thats when I grabbed Anthony and started kissing him” Jess said. “Yeah I dunno why I didn’t realize then how beautiful u are” he said moving close to her and moving the hair out of her face. “ Umm yeah right, im gonna get another beer ill be right back”. Jess ran towards the keg and got another beer. She looked over at the counter and Misty was making out with Tony. “ Well she wastes no time” Jess said taking sips of her beer. “ Jess im so glad u mad me come to this party its so much fun” Jen said walking up to Jess with a really hot blond next to her. “ Oh sure no problem, no problem at all” Jess said finishing her 2nd beer and grabbing another and walked back over to Matt. “I thought u left” Matt said laughing. “ Oh not at all I was just getting another beer” she sipping it. “Oh okay well do u wanna go dance?” Matt asked putting down his beer. “Um yeah sure hold on let me finish this” Jess said chugging down her beer. She usually never drinks alot but she was getting nervous with Matt and she didn’t know what else to do. They walked to were everyone was dancing they danced for awhile but Jess stayed her distance from Matt. “Wow I need a drink “ Matt said leaving the room were every one was dancing. “Yeah me too” Jess said following him . They drank another beer and that was it for Jess she was off the wall she was so hyper and so DRUNK! “Jess were are you going?” Jen asked watching Matt and Jess head for the door. “ PARIS!! no wait Guam I always wanted to go there what about u Matt??” Jess said hanging on Matt. “Jen im taking her home u stay and enjoy your self ill drive her home” Matt said picking Jess up and walking towards the door. “Jess call me if u need me I have my phone” Jen said. “ Alrighty then! haha alrighty then that sounds so weird!! ha Alrighty then!!!” Jess said in Matt’s arms. “yeah sure Jess” Matt said walking out the door. Matt drove her home “Jess what block this one or the next one” Matt said driving. “ Ummm neither! HA” Jess said cracking up. “Jess comon seriously” Matt said “ Alright alright calm urself there pretty boy the next one” Jess said. Matt parked the car and helped Jess out of the car. “Watch your step there Jess” Matt said holding her hands. “JESS is that u?” Britney said from a car window. “Hey Brit wassssssssssssssssup?” Jess said hysterically laughing. “ Um Jess sweety are u okay?” Brit said trying to act concerned getting out of her limo. “Yeah im fine dont worry about it” Jess said almost falling but Matt caught her “Opps” Jess said. “Hi im Matt Jess’s friend nice to met u” Matt said shaking britney’s hand and also trying to keep Jess up. “Is she okay?” Britney asked. “Yeah just got a little drunk im gonna take her upstairs now “ Matt said. “Oh really well thats very sweet of u” Britney said. Only if Justin was here now to see what im seeing...oh man have I got a good idea . “U guys make such a cute couple yah know this afternoon Jess was telling me how much she wanted to get with you!” britney said smiling. “OH is that right” Matt said smiling. “Um yeah sure why not!” Jess said about to fall but she caught her balance. “Yeah she will kill me if I said this but she was like only if I can kiss him then ill be in heaven” “Well maybe I can make that happen” Matt said smiling at Jess. “Well then ill leave u two alone now, oh yea well Jess if u need me heres my cell # , maybe u should just bring her upstairs and lay her down” Britney said giving Matt a piece of paper with her # on it. “Yeah okay bye” he said . “ Bye britney see you at the concert!!!” Jess said falling again but Matt caught her. “Oops I did it again! HAHA thats funny..oops I did it again.....britney spears..gett it Matt??? HAHA” Jess said as britney got in her limo. Britney pulled out her camera from her bad. “James drop me off at the corner and wait there I need to do something” she said. Her driver dropped her off and she ran behind a tree so she can get some pictures of them. “So Jess was it true what britney said?” Matt asked looking at Jess. “Um I guess so if she said I said it then I guess” Jess said laughing. With that Matt kissed Jess. She couldn’t stop him or anything she was drunk and had no clue what was going on. Britney was behind the tree snapping pics of them kissing. “Oh Britney your a good!” she said to her self. Matt and Jess walked into her apartment and britney left in her limo.

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