Chapter 17

Jess was the first at her apartment she was unpacking when she felt her beeper going off. “OoOoO im getting beeped” she said taking the beeper out of her pocket. She looked at it and it was Justin’s number. She went over to the phone and dialed the number. “Hello” “Hey sexy its me” Jess said and laughed. “hey baby how are u”? Justin asked. “Im fine waiting for my friends to come just unpacking” she said laying down on her bed. “ That’s cool baby” he said. “Yeah and then when they come im gonna go get my tongue percied!” she said. “That’s nice...... your WHAT?!” he asked. She giggled into the phone. “I said im gonna go get my tongue percied” she said again. “WHY” he said a little louder. “ Because I want to and there so cool.” Jess said. “Oh man what will your brother say?” Justin asked. “ I dunno and I don’t care its my tongue!” Jess said and Justin laughed. “ you are too cute” he said. “ I miss you” she said sadly. “I know I miss you too but guess what?” he said trying to change the subject he didn’t want to talk about that fact that they wouldn’t see each other for a long time. “ What?!?!” she said . “Well do u have plans for Friday night?” he asked. “ Um no why?” “ Well I was talking to britney before......” he said before he got cut off my Jess. “ Oh great.....” she said softly. “ What was that baby” he asked. “ Nothing oh nothing go ahead finish.” she said. “ Alright well she wants to meet you and she has a concert there in Pittsburg on friday night so I told her u would go, is that okay?” he asked. “ Yeah sure thats great” she said sarcastically. “Jess” he said. “ What?!” she said and laughed. “ Nothing forget it” he said. They talked a little longer when Jess heard someone walking down the hall. “ Jess???” she heard someone yell. “ yeah im in here” Jess said. “ JEN!” Jess said dropping the phone and running up to hug her friend. “ Jess!!! whats up?!” Jen said hugging Jess. Jen was about Jess’s height she had brown hair and brown hair about medium length and very pretty. “ Hey girls have no fear Misty is here!” Misty said coming threw the door. “ MISTY!” Jen and Jess screamed and ran to hug her. Misty had long golden blond hair and also very attractive. “ Oh man girls look we have our own apartment!” misty said when they broke away from there hug. “ I know isn’t it exciting?!” Jen said. “ Yeah we can have so many parties!!” Jess said dancing around. “ You just wanna have a party so u can get some ass from a hot guy” Misty said. “ uh-uh! I have a man thank u very much” Jess said. “ You mean our little Jessie has finally settled down.” Jen said in a little baby voice. “ Why yes...... OH man I left him on the phone!” Jess yelled and ran to the phone. “ She is to much” Jen said sitting down on jess’s bed. “ Hey baby im Sooooo sorry I completely forgot u were here im sorry the girls came in” Jess said. “ Its alright yeah I know I heard yah” Justin said. “ oh we were that loud?” she asked . Misty was looking around at jess’s closet to see what she unpacked and what she can borrow when it comes time. “Well im gonna go now baby I wanna talk with the girls and finish up here” Jess said. “ Alright call me tonight when u can the guys are coming over to chill so ill be home.” Justin said. “ Okay I love you”she said. “ love you too, bye” Justin said. “Bye” she said and hung up. “ Awww how cute!!!” Misty said laying on the bed reading a magazine. “ Oh shut it you!” Jess said picking up the magazine and slapping her with it. “Oww” misty said. “ So any way Jess whats his name, does he look like, were does he live, what does he do... comon comon I want details!!” Jen said “ His name is Justin, he has blondish brownish curly hair, blur eyes, tall, ugh hes gorgeous, he lives well hes from Tennessee but he lives Orlando most of the time, ummm hes a musician” she said. “ WOW” he sounds hot Jen said. “ Jess u know who u just described?” Misty asked. “Who?” Jess asked. “ HIM!” Misty said picking up the magazine and pointing to a picture of Justin Timberlake. Jess laughed. “ Well maybe cuz that is him” she said. “ Yeah right!” misty said. “ no misty im serious look..” she said and reached in a duffel bag and pulled out a picture of her and Justin before she left the tour she walked back to the bed and gave it to Misty. “ Oh my god girl u ain’t lying!” Jen said looking at the picture “ I told u” Jess said. The girls talked a little more about what they did during the summer and about there love lives. “ Alright whos coming with me im going to get my tongue percied!” Jess said coming out of her room. “MEEE!!” Jen said. “ I wanna get my belly button percied” she said. “ oh yeah me too” Misty said . “ Alright lets go” Jess said and with that they left.

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