Chapter 16

They arrived at the airport and just sat and waited for there flights to arrive. “I don’t want u to go” Benish said sitting next to JC in his arms. “I know I don’t wanna go either” he said giving her a kiss on the head. “But look at it this way u have school to keep u occupied and ill promise ill call everyday I always do! he said. “I know” she said closing her eyes trying not to cry. “Flight 699 now boarding” rang through the airport. “That’s Jess’s flight comon lets go” Benish said standing up. They walked to were they saw Jess and Justin standing up from there seats. “Jess oh man girl im gonna miss you!” Benish said running up to Jess. “ I know but im only a phone call away ! u be good! “ Jess said giving her a hug. “Alright” bebe said. Jess walked over to JC. “Bye JC u be good to and u make sure u take care of my friend when your with her!” Jess said and laughed. “Alright don’t worry u be good too!” he said giving her a hug. Jess walked over to Justin slowly. He grabbed her by the waist. She hugged him and he held her in his arms. “Hmmm im gonna miss you so much baby” Justin said hugging her. “I know I am too I hate good bye’s” she said wiping the tears forming in her eyes. “ Baby don’t cry please” he said wiping the tears of her face with his thumb. His touch sent chills all through her body. He cupped her chin and made her eyes look into his. He leaned down and kissed her a kiss that would last for a couple of months till they saw each other. He kissed her and she parted her lips to let his warm tongue to enter her mouth. They explored each crevice of each others mouth. After a while Jess broke away. “Ive gotta go” she said. “I love you” he said. “ I love you too” she said tears starting to form in her eyes once more. She walked off and handed in her ticket she walked over to the hallway and turned around to look at Justin and everyone . She mouthed I love you and he did the same and with that she left. “Hey man are u okay?” asked JC walking up to Justin. “Yeah im okay its just hard yah know I wannabe with her all the time its just so hard!” he said walking off. “Yeah I know man just hang in there everything will work out” JC said following Justin. “Yeah I know” Justin said. “JC babe your flights boarding” Benish said. “Alright were coming” they both said. Justin said his good byes to Benish. “JC ill meet u on the plane” he said walking off. “Alright man ill be right there” JC said. “Im gonna miss u so much” he said hugging Benish. “I know me too” she said trying to hold back her tears but couldn’t. “Ill call u when I get to Orlando okay” he said wiping away her tears. She just nodded her head yes. He looked her in the eyes and leaned in for a kiss. He kept it short and simple but to Benish it felt like and eternity. “I love you” she said. “I love you too baby bye” he said and walked down the hallway . She stood there until she couldn’t see him any more. Benish left the airport and drove around for a while then finally went home. She walked up stairs and laid down on her bed. She noticed a a shirt laying by her pillow she picked it up and saw it was Jc’s. She sniffed the shirt and it still smelled like him. She laid down and after a while she feel asleep.

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